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TerraFirma' CarbonArmor is used to strengthen your foundation's weakened or bowing walls. This system is installed on the interior of your foundation wall and helps eliminate wall cracks, shifts and bowing - giving your foundation the added strength to combat the stress created by settlement.

The unique carbon fiber strip was designed by a team of professional engineers to resist stretching while being able to absorb the hydrostatic pressure pressing inward on your foundation.

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Can Be Installed in Tight Places The Carbon Armor System by TerraFirma is a suitable repair option if the wall is bowing in the middle and hasn't started to slide in at the bottom or lean in at the top. Because Carbon Armor installation does not require any excavation of the soil on the exterior of the foundation or large equipment on the interior of the home, this is a great option for homes with limited access inside the basement or on the exterior of the home. Carbon Armor's low-profile design allows for installation in tight spaces as well as behind obstacles on the wall such as plumbing lines and electrical conduit.

Easy, Low-Mess Installation Other laminate systems and grid systems require the use of thick, gooey epoxy resins that has the consistency of peanut butter. This epoxy is not only messy but it also cannot penetrate deeply into the pores of the concrete like CarbonArmor can, drastically reducing the bond strength. It is also impossible to visually observe the bond that is happening between the strap and the wall with other systems - which is critical to the quality control process. With CarbonArmor, not only is the strap fully saturated with epoxy during installation, the epoxy is a syrup-like consistency which allows for deeper penetration in the pores of the concrete wall.

Uniquely Integrable Design Another unique and exclusive feature of the CarbonArmor system is that it can be installed in conjunction with the TerraFirma ArmorLock anchorage system to effectively stop inward movement at the top of the wall. This is a very important feature as most other carbon fiber systems do not resist tipping movement effectively and therefore are not a comprehensive foundation repair solution. The ArmorLock system is a revolutionary engineered system that provides tipping resistance when installed with the CarbonArmor system, making it the strongest system available in the industry.

Why Carbon Armor?

Designed to Code.

The Carbon Armor system is the only fabric carbon fiber product on the market that is built to code ACI 440.7R-10 (American Concrete Institute). This is code specific to Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) on masonry walls. ACI is the world's leading authority on concrete technology.


Carbon Armor is 10x stronger than steel, is substantially stronger than concrete, and is specifically designed for use on basement walls. Strength testing has proven that Carbon Armor is so strong, the concrete behind the wall would break apart before the system would peel away from the wall! Also, unlike other fabric products on the market, Carbon Armor is only 7 inches wide - the narrowest product in the industry, all while maintaining the equivalent strength of laminate products.

Superior Design.

Carbon Armor's low-profile design allows installation in tight spaces as well as behind obstacles in your basement space - such as plumbing and electrical. The system's unique flexible design means that it can contour tightly against basement walls for ultimate adhesion and coverage. This is ideal for walls in poor condition - slightly bowed, significantly bowed or cracked in several places, as Carbon Armor is able to "hug" the wall tightly. The system's low-profile design also allows easy concealment with paint or drywall for a nice clean finish.

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