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Testimonials for TerraFirma

In a word excellent. Nina at the call center was very polite and was able to answer my initial questions and schedule a time for Ryan to come out for an estimate. TerraFirma was able to provide the services that I need and Ryan was able to explain things in ways I could understand. The price seemed reasonable for the quality of service I needed and I felt that Ryan didn't need to do anything more to gain my trust or feel more comfortable. Ryan went above and beyond my expectations. We will be getting our service done through TerraFirma because they are the best in town.
Patsy Q. of Redmond, OR
Friday, June 7th
The team was very helpful and did a great cleaning job.
Glenda R. of White Salmon, WA
Wednesday, April 9th
Ryan is the perfect employee. He is personable, projects a very sincere persona and is very committed to his products. Our only initial hang up was financing the project so we just had to get things squared away with that before we moved forward. Ryan presented many different options for us on that front. We had already trusted his motive, so we were very comfortable with the financing options. We thought the call center was very polite and was able to schedule an appointment at my convenience. Ryan was punctual and I already expressed how we felt about his overall performance. 
Ron & Shirley L. of Bend, OR
Thursday, June 27th
Our initial call was handled with courtesy and efficiency. Our system design specialist Kecvin knew his stuff and was promptly on time. We were able to come upon an agreement of which solution would be best for this particular issue and also worked within our budget. We liked working with your company because we received an estimate on the day of inspection and they were quick to help finance and schedule a date of installation. We have nothing but positive things to say about the company. 
Logan S. of Welches, OR
Tuesday, June 18th
We are verry happy with the results from Terra Firma. The guys are great and they did an amazing job.
Susan and Mark H. of Washougal, WA
Monday, August 29th
I though my project was going to be much bigger and much more expensive. I was budgeting to pay double of what the project ended up costing me. Adam said that my project was more simple than I thought and he could take care of the bulk repairs with their helical pile system. The second part of the project was to patch up the crumbling cement. This is not a service that TerraFirma typically does, according to Adam but, Adam and TerraFirma went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with every aspect of the project. We were very happy with the professionalism and class of everyone we were in contact with throughout the project and are happy we chose to go with TerraFirma. 
Ron H. of Sandy, OR
Thursday, June 20th
The call center handled my call well. They found a time and date that made sense with my schedule for someone to inspect my home. The proposal options were given and made sense considering the condition of the foundation, and the price was reasonable too. Kevin was very helpful, and he took the time to walk around and answer all my questions. I hope to get to work with him again. Nina took my initial call and made sure that the inspection would fit into the inspection period of our purchase. She was very easy to talk to and I felt like she asked all the questions needed to prepare the inspector. 
Troy G. of Sandy , OR
Tuesday, December 31st
First off I wanted to thank you (Bree) and Josh and his crew for all your hard work. I’m very pleased with how the project turned out. Josh and his crew were very polite and professional.    Thank you again for all your help. We will definitely be in touch in the future if and when we have further needs. 
Albert H. of Tacoma, WA
Tuesday, January 14th
Our overall experience with TerraFirma was good. Your business was EXCELLENT! Josh is an amazing guy. He was very informative and a real down to Earth person. We really appreciated his honestly. The solution that he drew up to stabilize our foundation definitely worked. This is a larger project so we wanted to make sure that we were getting it done right and by the right company. Thanks TerraFirma for stabilizing my home and giving us the piece of mind we won't be sliding down the hillside anymore.
Steve & Sara B. of Boring, OR
Thursday, June 13th
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was having Moe and his crew here. They worked continuously and never wasting time, it was impressive to watch. Moe is a great guy and happy to have met him. Please pass along how pleased we are and how much we appreciate you and TerraFirma.
Earl R. of Yacolt, WA
Friday, December 4th
The crew started early and finished early. The crew was professional and courteous and did a tremendous job... We are Super Happy:)
Rich S. of Camas, WA
Wednesday, June 13th
I appreciated receiving the booklets on foundations and crawl space.  They made me very confident that TERRAFIRMA was the best company to meet my crawl space needs. All the office staff very courteous, positive and helpful.  Angie, for example helped me with a question on billing. I went under the house with Josh and he showed me roots that had invaded under the foundation and posts that had sunk. He is very knowledgeable and his sales presentation was detailed and clear. He is a very friendly person and a superb representative of the company. Nate (foreman), Nick and Justin were as hard working a crew as I've ever seen.  Nate explained what he was doing at every step of the way and welcomed my many questions. The reason we chose TerraFirma was because of the ratings Angie's List and reading the description of what the company does.
Norman E. of Camas, WA
Friday, March 28th
This is a larger project. Before meeting with TerraFirma it was hard to visualize, even with all of your tools on Patrick's comp, but they helped tremendously. It will be better when I see how it all comes together. Patrick explained things great and was clearly knowledgeable with piering systems. We are so happy to have called. All I know is I'm glad I'm not the one doing this project. The production team was amazing and really exceeded my expectation. TerraFirma is an great company. Everyone I spoke with was polite and education. I felt comfortable with the project from day 1. 
Christine B. of Klamath Falls, OR
Wednesday, June 12th
What a great company, and Patrick was a treat to work with! Your company as a whole  is all around great and we wouldn't have worked with anyone else. The call center was friendly, Patrick was professional and knowledgeable and the production crew was some of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure to work with. Patrick's comprehensive assessment of our foundation was complete. Our project was larger so we wanted to make sure everything was to the T. TerraFirma are the experts in foundation repair.
Deven C. of Klamath Falls, OR
Thursday, June 20th
Significant settling on these two lots. There must have been some underground spring or pipe burst here because only these two lots on our whole property were seeing the settling and sinking. I first noticed the problem after a tenant moved out and we were preparing for another family to move in. There were cracks in the wall that I had not noticed before. I check the neighboring lots and could only see cracks in the two lots. Jason Klein came out to take measurements and give an estimate. The foundations on both houses had sunk nearly two inches. Being an owner of many properties, these things need to be taken care of immediately or they just keep getting worse and the price keeps going up to repair. Jason's diagnosis was complete and comprehensive to both properties and he was able to schedule a quick date to get things taken care of. I was most impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of Jason and his crew. He is a jack of the trade. 
Lyle H. of Klamath Falls, OR
Wednesday, July 3rd
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