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Expert Crawl Space & Wet Basement Repair in Gresham, OR

I chose Terrafirma over other companies because of the price and timing. They did an excellent job and cleaned up...
Happy Customers Surrounding Gresham, OR
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Reviews From Gresham
Testimonials From Gresham
Not only was the crew on time, they were actually early!
Testimonial by Carolyn R. from Greshan, OR
Brian did a great job explaining everything. He made things very clear and understandable
Testimonial by Jay M. from Gresham, OR
The installation crew was courteous and arrived on time.
Testimonial by CArol & Les H. from Gresham, OR

Home improvement services, including foundation, wet basement, & crawl space repairs

TerraFirma has been your trusted Gresham, OR foundation repair, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, concrete repair, and earthquake retrofitting specialists since 2005. We have provided excellent customer service, superior products, and skilled craftsmanship to residents for over 10 years, producing long-lasting repairs and happy customers!

Wet basement walls, settling foundations, sinking concrete patios, and humid crawl spaces are no match for the experts at TerraFirma. With warrantied products and solutions, we can restore your home and guard against future damages.

Call 1-844-311-8051 or click below to schedule a FREE home inspection & service estimate for any of our home repair solutions in Gresham, OR!

Foundation repairs with warrantied solutions

Bowing foundation walls, settling soils, foundation floor cracks, and other signs of structural damage should be addressed because, no matter how small, they can worsen and cause more expensive and complicated issues in the future. We at TerraFirma appreciate how foundation repairs can be stressful, which is why we offer reliable Supportworks products and solutions that restore your Gresham, OR home and guard it against further structural damage.

We want you to fully understand your repairs, which is why you can contact us to schedule a free foundation inspection and work estimate with one our system design specialists, who will not only assess your foundation and recommend services but will also guide you through the entire repair process.

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Pier systems
  • Structural repair services
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Spray concrete
  • Concrete repair
  • And more!

CleanSpace crawl space repairs & sealing solutions

Whether you have humidity issues, pooling water, mold growth, rotting floor joists, or other crawl space damage, TerraFirma has these solutions and more. We use warrantied CleanSpace and Basement Systems products and methods that are designed to restore crawl spaces and create a dry, healthy, and secure below-grade space.

Instead of just fixing crawl space damage, TerraFirma wants to assure they never happen again. Our crawl space encapsulation system guards against further damage by sealing your below-grade space from the outdoors and also providing you with added storage space!

Our crawl space repair & encapsulation services include:

  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space access wells
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Basement waterproofing solutions

A wet basement causes more issues than for the overall performance and value of your home. These wet walls, pooling water issues, rusted appliances, mold growth, and other wet basement symptoms can also cause health issues for your family and lead to further structural damage. This is why we at TerraFirma provide warrantied Basement Systems products and solutions, proven to not only restore your below-grade space but will also continue to protect it from further water infiltration.

All our basement waterproofing solutions, including interior drainage systems, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and more, are designed to keep your basement healthy, dry, and secure. Contact us today to schedule a free basement waterproofing service estimate in Gresham, OR!

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • Waterproof wall products
  • Water heater protection
  • Basement dehumidifier
  • Basement sump pump
  • Interior drainage solutions
  • Window well drains
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Innovative concrete repair solutions

Are cracked, settled, and unprotected driveways, garage floors, steps, walkways, patios, and other concrete structures making your Gresham, OR home appear disheveled and unkempt? That may be the least of your problems, as these slabs can also cause a serious liability issue since they are a falling hazard. For these reasons, homeowners are often anxious to repair their concrete but want to avoid standard mudjacking or slabjacking solutions, that are often disruptive and break down after completion.

TerraFirma understands all this and offers innovative, quick-curing, quick-drying concrete leveling and concrete crack repair solutions, providing long-lasting, durable results that won't wash or fade away!

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete leveling
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • Concrete sidewalk repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Concrete pool deck repair
  • Concrete patio repair
  • Mudjacking alternatives
  • And more!

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair & other home repair solutions

Do you have leaking basement floor cracks, tilting foundation walls, crawl space humidity issues, or sinking concrete structures? TerraFirma has been providing long-lasting, durable repairs for these issues and more since 2005. Our years of experience can guarantee an attentive customer experience, with superior products, and skilled craftsmanship.

Call 1-844-311-8051 or click below to schedule a FREE, no-pressure service estimate for any of our foundation repair, crawl space repair, concrete repair, earthquake retrofitting services and more in Gresham, OR!

Job Stories From Gresham, OR
Qualified Crawl Space Installer Gresham, OR

    Not all solutions are created equal, and some installers are more qualified than others. TerraFirma Foundation System Employees are Professional Installers. Tom D. of Gresham, OR has an existing sump pump and vapor barrier that continue to fail year after year. He was fed up with it and began searching the internet for a professional installer. He found called TerraFirma for a free inspection to solve his crawl space crisis.

    Upon inspection, it was impossible to step foot in the crawl space due to four inches of standing water. How could this be with a vapor barrier and sump pump already installed? It makes you think about who installed it. One thing was for sure, a new drainage system was needed and a more powerful sump pump. After pumping out the four inches of standing water, drain tile was installed around the perimeter of the basement to aid in collecting water and draining to a sump pump. The sump pump installed is called Triple Safe. With three separate pumps all-in-one, at it's highest level, Triplesafe will pump 11,500 gallons of water of a fully charged battery.

    A moisture free crawl space or basement means NO MOLD. Mold is every home owners biggest fear. Just because you have a system in place doesn't mean it will work when you need it to most. Make sure you find a qualified installer for all crawl space and basement projects. 

Efficient Drainage Line For Waterproofing Gresham, OR

    Waterproofing any space is boiled down to two main tasks: Collect and remove the water. In some conditions we have seen throughout the years, water collection is performing just fine. Water removal is another story. If moisture is not properly relocated, it tends to collect around the foundation seeping back into your home. Gresham, OR home owner Mary C. noticed water building up around her foundation during heavy rain and was concerned about what negative effects it might have on her foundation. After hearing a waterproofing ad on the radio for TerraFirma, she called to schedule her free inspection.

    By installing drain tile and a sump pump in her crawl space we were sure that all excess water was being collected and removed. The question now was where to relocate the water. By hooking up the discharge line from the sump pump and gutter downspouts to a lawn drainage line 40 feet away from the foundation, water had no chance to recollect near the foundation and re-enter the home.

    Pooling water can have many negative effects. increased humidity in the crawl space, mold development, and in extreme cases, aid in foundation failure. With a simple waterproofing system and drain line from TerraFirma, all these problems can be avoided. 

Work Requests From Gresham, OR
Vicinity of SE Gabbert Rd in Gresham
The south west foundation has 3 vertical cracks, a section of the floor in the middle of the home has a bump, and the garage on the north east side has some larger cracks with height differences between the sides.
Vicinity of in Gresham
I have a single concrete slab that is in need of leveling, the slab is slightly raised on one end. I was wondering if I could get a free estimate.
Vicinity of SE Laura PL in Gresham
I would like an estimate of cement front stair lifting and leveling.
Vicinity of NW Sleret Ave in Gresham
Just bought a house: Inspector recommended some fixes: Proper drainage Moisture intrusion in crawl Correct vent wells Restore vent screens Provide access in SW Corner Vapor barrier Remove debris Fallen insulation: remove and replace
Vicinity of in Gresham
Foundation cracks. Doors jamming. Wall cracks.
Vicinity of in Gresham
I am the listing agent for the property, I need a bid for the concrete stairs to the front door that have been detached from the foundation.
Vicinity of SE Myrtlewood Place in Gresham
Musty odor coming from crawl space
Vicinity of SW Brixton Ave in Gresham
We are getting some water in our crawl space in several locations. Also water is pooling in the yard near one corner (northwest) of the house when it rains and is seeping into the crawl space below the foundation.
Vicinity of in Gresham
Crawlspace of house smells awful we just bought this house and crawlspace is not insulated.
Vicinity of in Gresham
Cracks in foundation
Vicinity of NE Country Club Ave in Gresham
Corner of my house feels like it is slanting. We have a huge drainage issue on that end of the home that is being repaired within next week. We would like to have that corner looked at and decide what next approach should be.
Vicinity of in Gresham
Crawlspace looks like a "before" picture on your website. In the process of selling house.
Vicinity of SW Phyllis Avenue in Gresham
I have cracked drive way that need a lifting.
Vicinity of SW Nancy Ct in Gresham
Hi, I would like to get my driveway concrete leveled. The concrete is in good shape, but part of it needs to be lifted up. Please contact me. Thanks.
Vicinity of NW Chastain Ct. in Gresham
Low spot in floor, sinking footing?
Vicinity of NE Linden Ave in Gresham
My wife and I recently purchased an older home (1923). At some point, it seems an addition was built but unfortunately instead of building a proper foundation for it, it was built on top of the deck. Naturally, its seems to be sinking more and more every day, so I am interested in getting a quote to jack the house up and have a proper foundation installed.
Vicinity of in Gresham
Slab at entryway of house has sunk a few inches on one side/corner
Vicinity of E Powell Blvd in Gresham
Office basement built in 1922 is very wet in winder. Has sump pump. Approximately 800sf
Vicinity of SE Linden Ave in Gresham
I have buyers purchasing this home and there is a sloped through the kitchen area to the front door The house is 797 Sq feet
Vicinity of in Gresham
Concrete leveling
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