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Hillsboro, OR Wet Basement & Crawl Space Repair Contractors

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Reviews From Hillsboro
Testimonials From Hillsboro
We heard about TerraFirma from news paper ads.
Testimonial by Richard C. from Hillsboro, OR
Deryl's presentation and friendliness made my decision easy.
Testimonial by Howard E. from Hillsboro, OR
I would recommend them and say they are good.
Testimonial by Ginger M. from Hillsboro, OR

Contractors with foundation, crawl space, wet basement, & concrete repair solutions

Since 2005, TerraFirma has provided durable home improvement solutions with excellent customer service, high-quality products, and expert craftsmanship, restoring hundreds of homes and leaving homeowners fully satisfied.

Does your Hillsboro, OR home have leaky basement windows, bowing foundation walls, cracked concrete walkways, or rotting crawl space joists? We have these solutions and more! Our foundation repair, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete repair services go beyond repairing the issue, also providing further protection from damage for years to come.

Call 1-866-486-7196 or click below to schedule a FREE home inspection & service estimate for superior home repair services in Hillsboro, OR!

Proven basement waterproofing services

Wet basements do more than lower the overall security, image, and value of your Hillsboro, OR home. This damage can also worsen and spread to weaken the rest of your home's structure and lead to increased health issues for you and your family.

We specialize in restoring wet basements by providing warrantied Basement Systems solutions and products that resolve water infiltration issues and protect your below-grade space for years to come.

Wet basement walls, pooling water, rusted appliances, and other wet basement issues are no match for the basement waterproofing experts at TerraFirma. Contact us today to schedule your free basement waterproofing estimate!

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • Waterproof wall products
  • Basement crack repair
  • Basement dehumidifier
  • Basement sump pump
  • Interior drainage solutions
  • Window well drains
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Crawl space repair & sealing contractors

Crawl space humidity, mold growth, wood rot, and other damage can worsen and spread through the rest of your Hillsboro, OR home. TerraFirma specializes in crawl space repair and uses certified CleanSpace products and solutions, including their vapor barrier system, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and more, to restore below-grade spaces and assure they are structurally sound, safe, and dry.

After your crawl space is secure, we can seal it from the elements and create a dry storage area by encapsulating it. With crawl space encapsulation services, your below-grade space will be protected from mold, water infiltration, humidity, and more!

Our crawl space repair & encapsulation services include:

  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space access wells
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Warrantied Supportworks foundation repair solutions

Does your foundation have tilting or bowing walls, sagging floors, or other signs of damage? Your structure plays a significant role in the overall security, image, and value of your Hillsboro, OR home, so regardless of how small the damage, repairs are necessary to stop the spread.

With warrantied Supportworks products and solutions, like pier systems, wall reinforcing systems, concrete repair solutions, and more, we not only restore your home's structure but also protect the foundation from future damages.

Contact us to schedule a free inspection and work estimate with one of our expert system design specialists, where they will come to your home and provide a free foundation inspection, along with a quote for whatever services are needed. To assure you understand the entire foundation repair process, this specialist will also continue to support you throughout the entire project!

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Pier systems
  • Structural repair services
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Concrete repair
  • And more!

Mess-free, stress-free concrete repair services

Do your sinking, cracked, and unprotected steps, walkways, driveways, pool decks, and other concrete structures drag down the curb appeal and value of your Hillsboro, OR home? TerraFirma can help.

We understand how industry concrete repair solutions, like the standard mudjacking or slabjacking, aren't really solutions at all, causing more stress with disruptive repairs and failing soon after completion. That is why we offer TerraFirma concrete leveling and NexusPro cracked concrete repair.

Our concrete repair solutions apply quickly and produce durable results that won't wash or fade away!

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete leveling
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • Concrete sidewalk repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Concrete pool deck repair
  • Concrete patio repair
  • Mudjacking alternatives
  • And more!

Structural repairs, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, & more

Why hire a contractor you don't know? At TerraFirma we have been restoring our Hillsboro, OR friends' and neighbors' homes for over 10 years, applying the same great customer service, high-quality products, and expert craftsmanship to produce repairs that are lasting and durable. 

Whether you need foundation repair, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, or earthquake retrofitting services, we have the adaptable solutions that will not only restore your home but will also provide sound protection.

Call 1-866-486-7196 or click below to schedule a FREE, no-pressure service estimate for any of our services in Hillsboro, OR!

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Trusted Radon mitigation experts

TerraFirma provides in-home consultations to assist you in education, radon mitigation, and radon removal from your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Radon is a dangerous gas that can’t be sensed by human senses that can also lead to potential issues such as lung cancer and more.

Our radon mitigation services include:

  • Radon mitigation systems
  • Radon testing
  • Indoor air quality services
  • Radon mitigation inspection
  • Radon and real estate
  • And more!

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Job Stories From Hillsboro, OR
Proper Crawl Space Systems Restore Health and Value to You and Your Home

During times in the northwest when it just doesn't seem to stop raining (which is somewhere between 8 and 9 months of the year), do you every worry that your crawl space or basement is improperly waterproofed and water is seeping into your home? A little water won't hurt, but a lot can be detrimental to you, your family and your home's overall health.

Chris A. from Hillsboro, Oregon was experiencing some leakage in the crawl space and is concerned about the long term affects it might have. As this trend continues, you get standing water in the crawl space, which can lead to high levels of humidity and temperature. This will not only rot away at the wooden beams under your home, but can also lead to mold development which become airborne and breathed in by you and your family. 

Chris did the right thing and didn't hesitate to call us for help. By installing an effective drainage system leading to a sump pump for removal and a new 10ml vapor barrier, Chris can now be worry free that he is keeping the family healthy and restoring the value and health to the home.

Work Requests From Hillsboro, OR
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Water in crawl space
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
We recently purchased a 1938 house and want to have an estimate to sort out the crawl space.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Just bought a new house in May 2022. We possibly need a french drain on the west side of the house to mitigate water coming into the basement.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
I have some cracks near fireplace, externally on chimney and on some walls.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Wet crawl space due to slow hot water pipe leak. Pipe is fixed. Need inspection and cost estimate for clean out
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
I'm looking to get a quote please. Crawlspace has standing water, vapor barrier needs to be replaced, install vent wells etc. thanks
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
We had a rodent problem that ate our vapor barrier and some of our insulation along with water that was mitigated. We have taken care of both of these issues, and now want to redo our vapor barrier and insulation to get rid of the oder. In addition, we need to make an additional vent.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Estimate for crawl space barrier
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Moved into new home- home inspection noted some issues- and there are a few cracks that need to be looked at.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
My front walkway is sinking where it meets the driveway and where it meets the front landing by about an inch in both places. There is also a crack about mid-way that is causing a tripping hazard. James Merritt is my contractor and referred me to you to see if you would handle a job this small. If so, I would like to get an estimate. If not, we will move to plan B. Thanks so much!
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Originally sidewalk and apron had spalling and cracking. Had CAP concrete coatings repair it but it are unhappy with the look and want a more natural concrete repair.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Foundation repair. Crumbly spots and a couple small cracks.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
We have a home built in 1917. The foundation and basement were afterthoughts. An addition was added in the 70s. There are cracks in in the foundation of both plus small cracks in in our walls in various locations throughout the house.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Foundation cracks & undermining, standing water, vapor barrier gaps, construction debris, floor sagging, missing bracket, missing or loose post/pier, & squeaky subflooring were found by our home inspection. We need help determining what we can do ourselves to prevent standing water. We had to buy the home that we were renting this month and don't have much to spend. However, we want to prevent new damage. We wonder if a French drain system would help.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Sidewalk outside our residential home has a trip hazard and needs to be fixed.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Looking to get a quote to see if we have foundation issues and how much it would be to fix.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Walks need level and repair of carport concrete.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Front porch area is settling too much.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
Standing water in crawl space. Needs to be possibly pumped. Looking for estimates. Please reach me through my email.
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR
We discovered a cat had broken through one of the vent screens under the house. Now, we are concerned it has been under the home and done damage. We would like an inspection under the home to evaluate the condition, determine if there are any needed repairs, waterproofing, etc., and someone to repair/replace the damaged vent screens.
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