Work Requests in Klamath Falls

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Learn more about TerraFirma Foundation Systems' recent work requests in Klamath Falls, OR
Vicinity of Melrose St. in Klamath Falls
Email preferred - called after 4pm. Outer chimney separating from upper portion at 2 foot from ground. Now a 1 inch wide crack across the length.
Vicinity of Bartlett Ave in Klamath Falls
Looking for estimate to encapsulate my crawl space.
Vicinity of N Laguna Street in Klamath Falls
I am having an issue in my basement (also part of the house foundation), where a corner appears to be sinking. The wall and floor now has cracks in them. I believe that corner of the house may need lifted/leveled to prevent further damage. Can someone possibly look at this to provide an estimate? Thanks! Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Hope Street in Klamath Falls
I have cracks in the 1st floor ceiling in the kitchen of my home. I am not sure if they are a sign of foundation issues. I need an inspection to see what is going on.
Vicinity of Anchor Way in Klamath Falls
I have a water issue in my crawl space and the previous owner applied a partial solution.
Vicinity of Round Lake Rd in Klamath Falls
I have a house set in a hill with downstairs in the hill and the rest of the house on the hill. The garage has many cement cracks and water floods the garage and bedroom located next to garage. There appears to be a large gap in a wall that was added at time of setting up house. All of downstairs is lower than the ground outside! I think you can see marks on outside wall where cement originally started and is now a good (bad, really) 3-4" lower. May I please schedule a free estimate? Thank you.
Vicinity of Shasta Way in Klamath Falls
I need my crawl space vents sealed, and I may be interested in a barrier system.
Vicinity of DELAWARE in Klamath Falls
Standing water on top of plastic liner in crawl space. after moderate rain and in summer after watering lawn.
Vicinity of Sequoia St in Klamath Falls
Hi - I would like a quote on foundation repair on my house.
Vicinity of Primrose Ln in Klamath Falls
We have a concrete patio that has a large area that has sunk. Leaving about a 3 or 4 inch raised part. Also steps in the same part of the patio by the glass sliding door have sunk about 6 to 8 inches. This house was built in 2009. We thought it would have settled by now but other areas of the patio are starting to shift. So we would like to get an estimate of cost to repair. Also if it were repaired would it last? Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of Round Lake Road in Klamath Falls
We're interested in Airtight Crawl Space Vent Covers. Are they legal in Oregon? Would it be a mistake to cover the crawl space during this damp time of year or wait until summer arid conditions? If the covers meet code in Oregon, could you please provide a quote and a suggested timeline? Thank you.
Vicinity of Holabird Ave. in Klamath Falls
I need a inspection because I have cracks in my houses foundation.
Vicinity of Pleasant Ave in Klamath Falls
Block foundation is bowed. Front step is out of level with house. water accumulates near foundation. Floors are not level.