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Service FAQs

Do you service systems that were not installed by TerraFirma?

No. Our service and maintenance technicians are skilled and trained to service and maintain TerraFirma-specific systems.  

How do I change the battery in my sump pump alarm?

It’s important to keep charged batteries in your alarm so that it works when you need it. There are two small Phillips head screws on the face plate of the alarm.  Unscrew and swap out the 9v battery located inside. 

How do I know if my system is working?

If you have a waterproofing system, there should be a red water-watch alarm “puck." This alarm will sound off like a smoke alarm if the sump pump fails and the water level rises to touch the alarm. If you ever hear an alarm coming from your sump pump, please call our service department right away. It is critical to have your drainage system inspected by a professional annually to ensure it is operating properly.  

How long will my battery back-up last in a power outage?

If you have a TripleSafe system, your backup battery-powered pump protects from flooding during power outages. This battery-powered sump pump automatically turns on if your primary pump is not capable of operating due to a power outage, mechanical failure, or overwhelmed pump. A fully charged battery can remove up to 12,000 gallons of water and depending on use, back up-batteries can last approx. 72 hours.

Is there a warranty for the repairs made to waterproof my basement walls?

At TerraFirma we pride ourselves on providing permanent solutions and stand behind our work using industry-leading equipment. All our work includes a fully transferable warranty and company guarantee. Most foundation stabilization work includes a 75-year warranty, most basement waterproofing work includes a “lifetime” warranty and most crawlspace work includes a 25-year warranty.  Some exclusions apply.  

What do I do when the power is out, and my sump pump is making noise, or my alarm won't shut off?

If you hear a continuous and loud alarm, this is likely the Water Watch alarm. 

If your system is installed in a basement or is easily accessible, simply remove the Water Watch alarm (clearly labeled) from the sump lid, call to schedule a Service Tech visit. 

If your system is installed in a crawl space or is difficult to access.  Push and hold the Reset button on the remote (blue box) for 3 seconds to mute the alarm for 24hrs and call to schedule a Service Tech visit. 

If you hear a beep that is not continuous, this is likely your Ultrasump Battery Backup System: The alarm is alerting you that the backup pump is running and will silence when power is restored.   If the beep continues to cycle after the power is restored, please call to schedule a Service Tech visit.

What kind of maintenance is required for a sump pump?

Sump pump systems require regular maintenance. They are mechanical devices that have moving parts that can fail if not cleaned and inspected. As part of the maintenance on your system, we plan on flood-testing the sump and discharge line(s) to test the system's performance and to watch for leaks. For an entire list of work performed during a service appointment, please review the Extended Service Plan information here.

What kind of maintenance is required to make sure my basement waterproofing is still functioning properly?

Regular maintenance of your system can greatly reduce the need for service calls, ensure your system performs efficiently and increase the life of the repair. TerraFirma offers an annual maintenance program. Every annual maintenance includes a full inspection and a complimentary basement protection evaluation.

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