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Before and After Pictures from Medford
Concrete Repair in Medford, OR

Concrete Repair in Medford, OR

Before After
Concrete Repair in Medford, OR Concrete Repair in Medford, OR

This back patio concrete in Medford, Oregon, started cracking and sinking, causing a potential tripping hazard for the homeowner and their family. Worried about trips, falls, and further damage caused to the home, the homeowner called TerraFirma. 

Our System Design Specialist inspected the area and recommended TerraFirma Concrete Leveling, which includes polyurethane foam and Nexus Pro.

TerraFirma went to work, lifting and stabilizing the back patio within one day!

Medford OR's Trusted Basement & Crawl Space Contractor

TerraFirma is proud to provide Medford homeowners with basement waterproofing, concrete repair, crawl space repair, foundation services & more. Call or complete the provided form to schedule your FREE estimate!

They did a wonderful job, plus were careful to get our input in order to deliver excellent work....
Happy Customers Surrounding Medford, OR

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Reviews From Medford
Testimonials From Medford
They have a reputation for fixing difficult soil and foundation problems.
Testimonial by Ron & Cynthia M. from Medford, OR
We were very impressed with the professional & thorough process you follow from first contact through...
Testimonial by Jim & Melissa K. from Medford, OR
The representative who came out was Casey Moore and he was courteous, knowledgeable and new his business. I...
Testimonial by Gerald S. from Medford, OR

Medford waterproofing, foundation, concrete & crawl space repair experts

TerraFirma has been your trusted foundation, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and encapsulation and concrete repair contractor since 2005. We are proud to provide Medford homeowners with our selection of proven products, expert technicians and the necessary resources to add safety, comfort and value to your property.

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Are you in need of foundation, concrete, crawl space repair and more in Medford? If you answered yes, call TerraFirma today for a no cost, no obligation FREE estimate by a friendly member of our team. We look forward to helping your Medford home look and feel its' best!

Foundation repair services in Medford

A solid foundation is the key to any sound, stable structure, and at TerraFirma, we know how to diagnose and repair foundation issues before they further decrease the safety of your home. We offer a wide array of foundation repair products to fix foundation problems in your Medford home.

We fix common signs of foundation damage:

  • Structural settlement
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Cracks floors
  • Sloping, uneven floors
  • And more!

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TerraFirma fixes your home's foundation problems quickly and professionally. Our foundation services include the installation of helical, slab and push piers, support floor joists, wall anchors, reinforcers and more! Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate for any of our repair services in Medford. TerraFirma looks forward to helping you!

Experts in basement waterproofing

Is your Medford home basement in need of waterproofing? A leaky, flooded basement severely decreases the value of your home and the quality of air that your family is exposed to. Wet basements can contribute to damp carpeting, rusty appliances, mineral build-up on basement walls and the generation of mold spores, contributing to potentially dangerous allergens in your home.

TerraFirma waterproofing services include:

  • Interior & drainage installation
  • Sump pump installation
  • Waterproof wall products
  • Downspout extensions
  • Dehumidifier installation
  • And more!

You can trust TerraFirma. We've been seamlessly waterproofing basements since 2005 and we're happy to stop by, evaluate your property and offer a free, no obligation estimate for our waterproofing services. Don't wait to give your family a better quality of life with a clean dry basement- contact us today!

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Crawl space repair & encapsulation

TerraFirma offers proven, expert crawl space repair services to homeowners in Medford. Our services include:

  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space access wells
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Crawl space repair improves the energy efficiency and air quality of your home, plus crawl space encapsulation can add valuable extra storage space on your property. If your Medford crawl space is damaged, this can spread to other parts of your home. Call TerraFirma today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate for crawl space encapsulation and repair!

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Concrete repair & concrete leveling

If your Medford home is showing signs of damaged concrete, then you may have tripping hazards and other potential dangers on your property. Uneven, sinking concrete garage floors, sidewalks, pool decks or driveways can be fixed quickly and efficiently, using our proven TerraFirma concrete leveling solution. The polyurethane formula is injected directly underneath sinking concrete slabs, to raise and correct concrete sinking.

TerraFirma provides no cost, no obligation estimates for our innovative polyurethane concrete leveling injections on your Medford property. NexusPro cracked concrete repair is available to all homeowners as well. Call us today or complete the attached form to learn more about our concrete repair services.

Foundation, waterproofing, crawl space, concrete repair & more

TerraFirma is a team of repair contractors, expertly trained with proven products to increase the comfort, value and safety of your Medford home. We are experienced in foundation repair, basement waterproofing and much more in Oregon and Washington. Call today to schedule your FREE estimate.

Job Stories From Medford, OR
Settling Daylight Basement Medford, OR

    The foundation of this daylight basement in Medford, OR has been re-poured, and since then has settled. Homeowner Bruce C.'s ultimate goal is to lift the home back to it's original position, all the while permanently stabilizing the foundation from settling any further. In order the perform this service, the back deck will have to be temporarily stabilized with deck piers to ensure it's safety while the house is being adjusted. After speaking with a friend about their foundation issues, Bruce was recommended TerraFirma and called for his free estimate. 

    Through the use of 4 helical piles and 9 hydraulic piers, System design Specialist Patrick Dunn's system was going to permanently stabilize the foundation and lift back to it's original position. After driving the hydraulic piers into the ground, mechanically screwing the piles and transferring the weight of the home onto the system, Bruce's home now is resting on solid ground.

Finished Basement Preparation Medford, OR

    This happy new Medford, OR home owner is looking forward to the rewards and happiness of owning a home. With the intention of finishing his basement, Cliff R. wanted to ensure the health and condition of the area was ready for finishing. Specifically referring to water and moisture management. After searching the internet for a reputable waterproofing company, Cliff called TerraFirma for a free inspection. 

    After inspection by Patrick Dunn, it appeared that the foundation walls had eroded over the years and became quite porous allowing water to seep through cold cracks via exterior hydrostatic pressure during rains. To properly collect and remove all water entering the home, Cleanspace wall liner was installed along with Waterguard around the perimeter of the basement. These solutions collected water around the perimeter of the foundation, which drained to a sump pump for removal. 

    After waterproofing the basement the right way, Cliff is ready to finish his basement worry free of any future water issues.

Interior and Foundation Settlement Medford, OR

    Medford, OR resident Matt N. is experiencing settlement issues around the foundation and throughout the middle of the home. After noticing windows and doors that didn't open or close properly, dry wall cracks and sagging interior floors, he was concerned the problem was getting worse. Foundation settlement does not fix itself. In fact, it only gets worse over time and more expensive to fix. Matt searched YELP for a reputable, reliable foundation company and called TerraFirma for a free estimate. 

    Upon inspection, it was confirmed that not only was there foundation settlement issues, but interior sagging had occurred as well. This "all around" settlement gives you an idea of what the soil quality was like. 9 push piers were installed to permanently stabilize the perimeter foundation. This system ensured to eliminate any chance of further settlement. 2 smart jacks were placed under the main load beam, directly under where the sagging floors were. These Smart Jacks provided extra support and lift to the load beams to stabilize the interior sagging floors.

    These two systems will work in unison to permanently stabilize the interior and exterior foundation and prevent any future settlement. 

Sinking Pool Slab Leveled Medford, Oregon

    After heavy rains this winter and spring, sinking cements slabs have been showing their face more frequent. When water flows downhill, it takes some soil with it creating voids under the foundation, patio, driveway and in this case, around the pool. Two large slabs had visibly sunk around Karen D.'s pool area and she wanted to get things fixed and looking good for the summer fun. After searching through the local phone book, Karen found TerraFirma and called for a free estimate.

    Upon inspection by Patrick Dunn, both the 27' by 3' and a 22' by 5' slab had sunk as much as 2 inches in some areas. instead of the costly and time consuming solution of replacing the slab completely, Patrick proposed she use polyurethane foam to lift and stabilize her sinking slabs. The concrete leveling solution is injected through a hole in the slab to expand and fill the void underneath. TerraFirma Concrete Leveling adds support to the slab, leveling and closing up cracks, while not adding any extra weight to the soils below due to it's lightweight composition.

    Karen is ready for summer with a beautifully re-finished pool. Kids can play and be safe now that there are no trip hazards around the area either.

Push Piers Stabilize Southern Oregon Home

If the soils under your home were settling and your foundation was failing, would you know? How can you tell? These were the questions from a Medford, Or homeowner that wasn't sure if and the severity of her foundation settlement. That's where we can help. Usual signs of foundation settlement include windows and doors that are stuck open, stuck shut, or just don't sit square in their frames. Cracks in the drywall or in the cement foundation itself are usually great indicators.

An older home in Medford developed small cracks around the frame corners of doors and windows that extended to the ceiling. These cracks widened over the years and become more prominent throughout the home. Upon inspection by Casey Moore the home had settled 1" on the east side and was literally falling off from the rest of the house. By installing 4 piers along the east side of the home, we were able to permanently stabilize the house supporting it on load bearing bed rock below the house. Another house saved and another happy neighbor. 


Mittendorf Foundation Repair Medford, Or

Brand matters. Different companies and brands stand for different values and have different standards. Who would you want working on your house? The Mittendorf's in Medford, Oregon had another foundation repair specialist come out to repair their foundation 4 years ago. After many days and dollars, the Mittendorf's didn't achieve the goals for their home. Originally the foundation was simply stabilized. That's all. Their existing piers began to slip and the stabilization system lost most of its strength. By calling TerraFirma, The Mittendorf's were able to not only trust that the system would permanently stabilize their foundation, but also achieve lift and re-level the foundation and floors.

The home was completely warped and at any given point, from center of the room to corner, there was nearly 2 1/2" of settlement. Through Patrick Dunn's inspection and Wes Johnson and team's installation, by unhooking the previous piercing system, attaching our patented brackets and driving our patented steel, we were able to achieve the Mittendorf's home goals. 39 push piers were installed around the perimeter of the home and we were able to lift the house 2 1/2" back to level. If you are going to do something, do it right the first time so your don't have to do, wait and pay for the same job twice.

Cleanspace Solves Muddy Mess in Medford, Or

Picture walking into your crawl space and seeing standing pools of water, loose hanging insulation from the ceiling and a humid musky smell hitting you in the face. Now grasp the concept that the air you and your family breath inside the home is coming from the crawl space. The reality is, unconditioned crawl spaces are the usual suspect in energy inefficiency, spiked heating and cooling bills and musky odors throughout the home. This house in Medford, Or was experiencing some serious issues and it was affecting the health of the home owners and the value of the home itself.

The best way to reverse and cure these negative effects is to encapsulate the crawl space area and condition the air The best product on the market to accomplish these goals is Cleanspace. After installing a drainage system coupled to a sump pump for water collecting and removal, Cleanspace liner is installed to create a separation between the cold, wet dirt ground and the crawl space air. By closing off vents and installing a dehumidifying unit, home owners, like the Settles in this case, can control and condition the air quality under the home creating a healthier environment for them and their family in the home.

The Settles are happy to have the family breathing healthier air and their home restoring its true value. It is now dry and will stay dry, ealthy and will stay healthy. 

WaterGuard Protects Garage from Water Damage in Medford

    Paul M of Medford, OR saw that his garage was having water leak into it. He did not want this to become a big problem so he started asking around about a company that could help him. One of his friends had work done by TerraFirma Foundation Systems and suggested that he give them a call.

    Soon after contacting the office Paul met with Ryan Thomas. He came out to the property and did a full inspection. Ryan recommended that they install the WaterGuard Interior Drainage System. This is a channel that is installed along the perimeter of the basement to catch incoming water seepage and direct it towards the Super Sump pump which would pump any water that enters the basin out of the garage and away from the foundation.

    Paul can now use his garage the way he wants and does not have to think about any water that will be coming into it.

Leaning Home in Medford Saved by Push Piers

    Medford, OR homeowner Ruthann D knew that something was not right in her home. She felt as if her floors were starting to become uneven and the doors were starting to swing open. She noticed that her home was leaning to one side. While at a local home show she came across a booth for TerraFirma Foundation Systems. She decided that she would fill out information and have them call her to set up an appointment. 

    The office sent out their sale rep Ryan Thomas to look over the foundation and see what was going on. He determined that the foundation was in fact leaning to one side. He suggested that they install Push Piers. These piers are installed on the wall that is sinking and driven into the ground until the proper depth is reached. They would prevent further sinking and also, with time, lift the foundation back to its original position.

    Ruthann is now very satisfied that her home is safe from any further sinking and damage.

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