Work Requests in Medford

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Learn more about TerraFirma Foundation Systems' recent work requests in Medford, OR
Vicinity of in Medford
Uneven flooring in corners and crumbing foundation in sections
Vicinity of Far West Avenue in Medford
Walls and ceiling cracking throughout our home.
Vicinity of Perrydale Ave in Medford
Purchasing a house and the crawlspace has no vapor barrier. It has sagging/settled joists and foundation. No insulation on ducts in crawlspace. Curious about options, cost, and what to do to make the area safe, dry, and efficient.
Vicinity of in Medford
Just thinking of upgrading the current plastic sheeting vapor barrier
Vicinity of Mae St. Medford, OR in Medford
There is a crack on the corner of the foundation.
Vicinity of Corona Ave in Medford
Foundation is settling in one corner of the house.
Vicinity of Mallard Lane in Medford
I have several spots where concrete outside my house has settled and needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of Beekman Ave in Medford
Standing water in crawl space
Vicinity of in Medford
We think our roof and the side of our house is shifting or sinking
Vicinity of Inglewood Drive in Medford
I would like to meet some one this Friday morning to look at and give me a quote on the crawl space encapsulation. Thank you
Vicinity of Brookhurst St in Medford
Flooded crawl space.
Vicinity of Minnesota Ave in Medford
Slight cracking in plaster, doors not level...1923 home
Vicinity of Hill Way in Medford
My driveway is poured in several sections with wood between them and they are all sinking/rising at different levels and have cracks as well. My sidewalk and back patio are having similar problems.
Vicinity of Ross Ct in Medford
Leaky basement
Vicinity of N Phoenix Rd in Medford
Wondering if our 1976 house needs earthquake retrofitting, and whether the crawlspace can be made rodent proof.
Vicinity of S Central in Medford
Need inspection of crawl space and estimate for vapor barrier and insulating floor.
Vicinity of SYCAMORE WAY in Medford
I have noticed that I have a couple of doors that are no longer closing correctly. It is evident that the house has settled. I did a visual inspection under the house and noticed that at least two of the concrete footings have heaved upwards. I would like an expert opinion on the cause and cost to repair.
Vicinity of Sherry Ave in Medford
Part of our dining floor is wavy and uneven. We're concerned about the foundations condition before we invest in redoing the flooring in the house.
Vicinity of Havana Avenue in Medford
Crawl space under original home floor plan has dirt, some plastic and I have a rat problem.
Vicinity of Mcgloughlin Dr in Medford
Looking into a home that is for sale that the foundation is shifted. Would like an estimate how much it would cost to fix this.
Vicinity of Vancouver Ave in Medford
Concrete pylons I'm crawl space not level and access to crawl space is not great.
Vicinity of Anglecrest Dr in Medford
Would like to have the foundation inspected and advised. Also there is a front porch that is pulling away from the main house
Vicinity of N. Wexford Circle in Medford
City of Medford says I have to repair or replace sidewalk in front of my address house. It's teeter-totter in a little and sticking up
Vicinity of Fairfield Dr in Medford
I need crawl vapor barrier repair. Maybe moldacide as well.
Vicinity of Kerrisdale Ridge in Medford
I have a cement pool deck that has two sections that have sunk at one end leaving a tripping hazard. Ive been told you can inject something under the failure point and level the cement? If not I need another solution. Thanks!
Vicinity of Pleasant St in Medford
I am looking at buying a new house that seems to have foundation problems. The house has settled a lot and left some cracking and a unlevel kitchen. I was hoping to have somebody come check it out and give me a bid for the repair.
Vicinity of Pioneer Rd in Medford
Interior wall cracks, sticking doors.
Vicinity of Carrington Ave in Medford
I need a foundation inspection
Vicinity of Pleasant St. in Medford
Kitchen floor sinking
Vicinity of Kerrisdale Ridge Dr. in Medford
Selling my house and garage slab cracked and settled came up as an issue. Want to know about mud jacking costs. Thanks,
Vicinity of Gene Cameron Way in Medford
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Darrell Dr in Medford
Im a General Contractor hired by the homeowner to do some work on their home. One big issue they have is some foundation movement. Cracked tile floors, crakes in the walls and ceiling and doors are not closing. I would like an inspection and an estimate to repair the foundation.
Vicinity of East Main St. in Medford
We have a large patio type area that has several uneven areas. The old redwood joints are deteriorated and are creating a trip zone.
Vicinity of Harbrooke Rd. in Medford
Recent rain has brought out a mold/mildew and wet plywood smell inside our house. Concerned about standing water under house.
Vicinity of Eastwood Dr in Medford
Hello There are some cracks on the wall between my kitchen and the garage and I would like to get the foundation checked and if any problems repair it. Thank you
Vicinity of Forelle Ave in Medford
Concrete around pool sinking in areas.
Vicinity of David Lane in Medford
House is settling on one side of the house. door jams are tight and sheetrock is cracking.
Vicinity of in Medford
I have like three 5 by 8 pieces of concrete that need to be leveled
Vicinity of Roberts Rd in Medford
We have cracks in several areas around our house and also near our pool. We are concerned they may be growing.
Vicinity of Poplar Drive in Medford
We are in the process of buying a house with known foundation movement. We would like to know the cost of repairs prior to the close of sale. We would need a quite quickly.
Vicinity of S Keene Way Dr in Medford
Encapsulate crawl space
Vicinity of JASPER in Medford
I have a crawl space that needs to be cleaned from rat feces, and small mold from water leak . the leak has been repaired just curios of the cost to clean up the feces and take down the old insulation.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Rd in Medford
Rainwater leaking into unfinished basement during heavy rains. House is on a hill. Need the water to drain out, and/or stop the leak. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Basementd
Vicinity of Beatty St in Medford
Very old house with a good amount of settling and uneven floors. Recently battling some termite damage in the wood beams in the crawlspace. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Saling Ave in Medford
I'm looking at purchasing a new home in Medford with foundation issues. Not the address listed above. That is my current home. I need an estimate and thorough investigation of the damage, so I know exactly what I am getting myself into. Thanks. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Appleton Circle in Medford
Flooring has separated in various places throughout the home. I suspect foundation settling? Flooring installer wasn't able to repair, though he did try.
Vicinity of Murryhill Terrace in Medford
Saw ad on television to modify existing unfinished crawl space, insulate and make usable for storage. Interested in quote. Please call 602.670.7417 Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Glen Oak Court in Medford
We would like to anchor our house to its' foundation to help in the event of an earthquake, and we would like a cost estimate. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Camina Dr in Medford
Bulge in floor due to improperly braced foundation pillar. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Other
Vicinity of S Ivy Circle in Medford
Crack going down hallway, cracks/shifting in garage, cracks in ceiling, chimney beginning to separate from home. The home had previous foundation work before we bought it. Could you check the address and see if it was you guys? Or is there a way to find who did it? If you did it, is there a warranty? It would have been done in the last 7 years I believe. Either way we should probably have someone take a look at it. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Heritage Way in Medford
I have standing water in the crawl space Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Maaike Dr in Medford
Need concrete leveled. also would like crawl space and foundation checked Additional information: Main Area of Concern: PolyLevel
Vicinity of Hybiscus St in Medford
Water accumulation in crawl space. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Gardendale Ave. in Medford
Concrete near front of house appears to have sunk and water is pooling towards the foundation. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: PolyLevel
Vicinity of Tahitian in Medford
Are you able to replace a section of a concrete pool deck?
Vicinity of Court St in Medford
I am a REALTOR with a listing that has foundation issues. I have a full home inspection report and I need to know an estimated cost for repairs. Please contact me for your free estimate. Thanks, Jen Kastrava Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Dakota Ave in Medford
Would like info/assessment of repair to current concrete driveway and patio.
Vicinity of Kala Renee in Medford
Need vapor barrier put down under existing mobile home
Vicinity of Michael Park Dr. in Medford
My wife and I placed an offer on a house on the Southeast side of Medford. The inspection discovered standing water in one corner of the crawl space. We would like to get an estimate of what it would take to fix it. Thanks
Vicinity of Lyman Ave in Medford
Water damage. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Basement
Vicinity of Ryan Drive in Medford
Wet crawlspace
Vicinity of Newtown St. in Medford
Cracks and bowing foundation Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Michael Park Dr in Medford
Standing water under house we just bought Additional information: Best Time To Call: Any Time Best Day To Call: Any Day
Vicinity of View Place in Medford
I have a segment of sidewalk around my inground pool that has sunken from a leaky pool. I had the pool fixed now id like an estimate on raising the sidewalk. I can send a pic if needed. Additional information: Best Time To Call: 3:00 pm Best Day To Call: Any Day
Vicinity of Brentcrest Dr in Medford
I had to adjust my doors latching hole on the doors frame in order for the door to fasten when closed.
Vicinity of Dove Ln. in Medford
I have a sump pump that has stopped and I need it fixed because I now have standing water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Richmond Ave in Medford
Est. for Sinking Foundation Repair.
Vicinity of Ruby Dr in Medford
Water under home don't know for sure reason just ideas
Vicinity of Hayden Place in Medford
Recently noticed new crack in hallway above interior door. House is 36 years old.
Vicinity of Pebble Beach Ct in Medford
Front walk next to front step leading to front door has broken away from the front step area leaving a gap. I am afraid it is going to get worse and cause other problems.
Vicinity of Purdue Lane in Medford
Need an estimate for crawl space sump pump installation
Vicinity of MISTY LN. in Medford
Vicinity of Archer Drive in Medford
I moved into a single level, 1500 sq ft house about a year ago and I'd like to get a quote for a vapor barrier installation. Also, I'm wondering if you also install insulation as there's none under our floors, or any on the pipes under our house. Thanks!
Vicinity of Johnson St in Medford
I have a some walls with cracks. I have not noticed foundation cracks. I have a patio that slopes toward my house.
Vicinity of Georgia St in Medford
Ineffective vapor barrier in crawl space. Falling/damaged floor insulation. Seasonal water intrusion. Stale smell in some rooms of home. It's a mess down there...
Vicinity of Freedom Way in Medford
Dining room floor slants slightly downward towards sliding door which leads to deck. Don't know if it's a subfloor problem or foundation/pier problem.
Vicinity of Barclay Road in Medford
Sagging floors in the center of our 2 story house. Doors won't close upstairs around the affected area. Pantry doors can't be hung due to un-level floors. The upstairs doors seem to be worse in the summer when the ground is dry. When looking at the chimney in the crawl space, it looks like the chimney foundation needs repaired. The perimeter foundation on the outside of the house is in good condition however and doesn't fluctuate with the seasons or sag like the center of the h
Vicinity of Rose Avenue in Medford
I wanted to see about getting my crawl space cleaned up for energy reasons (alot of energy loss during the winter)and also a good insulation to keep the bugs, mostly ants, from coming up through the floor boards.
Vicinity of Vick Lane in Medford
Standing water in crawl space. Need estimates for sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Fijian Way in Medford
Uneven floor due to twsted Joist.
Vicinity of Candice Cir in Medford
We are looking to have a repair on a deteriorating wooden skirting on a manufactured home that we would like to purchase. The home inspection shows it needs repair, but we need an estimate to move forward. Thanks
Vicinity of Princeton Way in Medford
Several cracks in drywall. Concrete steps movement and concrete floor in gararge seems to be separating more each year. Plus driveway cracks after being repaved only a few years ago.
Vicinity of Southport Way in Medford
My house has cracks. I believe the back side of my house is sagging.
Vicinity of Hathaway Drive in Medford
I want to build anew house. 2500 (2100 SF first floor are and 400 SF second floor) with a crawl space underneath. I want to know about your products to do it right the first time. Please give me a quote to create an unvented crawl space.
Vicinity of Hawaiian Ave in Medford
Garage floor slab cracked because of foundation to relevel?
Vicinity of Greenbrook Dr in Medford
It appears that my foundation is VERY slowly setteling on the southwest end of my home. As a result I have cracked walls above a door frame that is about 1 inch out of square now. I would like to discuss the possibility of using crawl space jacks to correct the problem.