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Before and After Pictures from Multnomah County
Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

Before After
Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

The basement of this 1905 Portland, Oregon, house had multiple cracks in its foundation. The back right corner, which connected to an add-on of the home, was also failing, leaving the basement at risk for possible water intrusion! The homeowner contacted TerraFirma, concerned about this potential risk. 

Upon evaluation of the basement, our System Design Specialist recommended installing the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System to repair and stabilize the wall.

TerraFirma quickly went to work, completing the installation in two days!

Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

Before After
Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR Everbrace Wall Stabilization in Portland, OR

The homeowner of a 1908 Portland garage faced several issues, including a vertical crack in one of the walls, efflorescence, and water leakage through the cold joints in the concrete. They contacted TerraFirma to help strengthen the garage walls and stop the water from seeping in.

After a thorough evaluation, our System Design Specialist recommended the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System, which would permanently stabilize and restore the structure.

With a well-planned strategy, the TerraFirma team installed the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System within a day!

Concrete Repair in Portland, OR

Concrete Repair in Portland, OR

Before After
Concrete Repair in Portland, OR Concrete Repair in Portland, OR

The homeowner of this Portland, Oregon, home grew concerned over the cracked and sinking concrete by the front door of their home. To quickly fix the tripping hazard, they reached out to TerraFirma!

Our System Design Specialist evaluated the home and recommended lifting and repairing the concrete with TerraFirma Concrete Leveling, including polyurethane foam and Nexus Pro. 

Within one day, TerraFirma completed the concrete repair!

TerraFirma serving Multnomah, OR

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Reviews From Multnomah County
Testimonials From Multnomah County
TerraFirma representative was excellent!
Testimonial by Gingrich R. from Portland, OR
they did a great job from the first day to the last and I would recommend them to anyone.
Testimonial by Trish M. from Portland, OR
Jason was friendly and professional. He was the reason we went with TerraFirma.
Testimonial by Dan D. from Portland, OR

Structural repair, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, & more

Have wet basement walls, a cracked foundation, crawl space humidity, sinking concrete slabs, or other issues with your Multnomah County, OR home? TerraFirma provides expert foundation repair, crawl space repair, concrete repair, and basement waterproofing solutions that restore the home's performance and image, and value overall.

We specialize in customizable solutions adaptable for all Multnomah County, OR homes! Call 1-866-486-7196 or click below to schedule a free, no-obligation service estimate today!

Foundation repair solutions in Multnomah County, OR

Even the smallest of structural issues can worsen to cause damage to the rest of your Multnomah County, OR home. TerraFirma has reliable Supportworks products and solutions that not only restore your foundation but prevent ongoing damage in the future.

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Pier systems
  • Structural repair services
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Concrete repair
  • And more!

Have you noticed structural settlement? Cracks within the foundation? A tilted Chimney? We have solutions for these issues and more!

Call or email us today to schedule a free consultation with a system design specialist, who will provide an initial foundation assessment and walk you through the entire repair process.

Restore & encapsulate your crawl space

Interested in crawl space solutions that fix water build-up, humidity, mold growth, and structural issues and provide added storage space and protection? The crawl space repair system from TerraFirma is the solution! Not only does TerraFirma restore your Multnomah County, OR crawl space, they also seal the below-grade space to protect it from the elements and for added storage space!

Our crawl space repair & encapsulation services include:

  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space access wells
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Wet basement repair products & solutions

A wet basement can cause serious issues with the overall structure of your Multnomah County, OR home. We specialize in basement waterproofing solutions that repair damaged below-grade spaces and provide added water protection.

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • Waterproof wall products
  • Basement crack repair
  • Basement dehumidifier
  • Basement sump pump
  • Interior drainage solutions
  • Window well drains
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Interested in patented Basement Systems products and services that do more than provide temporary fixes? Our warrantied solutions are just what you need for long-term solutions!

Concrete repair contractors

Sinking, cracked, and weak concrete looks as unappealing as dangerous, as they are a serious falling hazard. TerraFirma isn't interested in providing services that will make your Multnomah County, OR home messy and end up costing you more. That is why we offer our polyurethane concrete solution, NexusPro, cracked concrete repair. This innovative concrete repair solution applies quickly to produce durable, long-lasting results without the mess and stress.

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete leveling
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • Concrete sidewalk repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Concrete pool deck repair
  • Concrete patio repair
  • Mudjacking alternatives
  • And more!

Wet basement, crawl space, foundation repairs & more

Since 2005, TerraFirma has offered reliable foundation repair, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, concrete repair, earthquake retrofitting services that restore Multnomah County, OR homes and provide lasting protection.

Call 1-866-486-7196 or click below to schedule a FREE, no-pressure service estimate for any of our services in Multnomah County, OR!

Job Stories From Multnomah County, OR
Water Intrusion in Portland, OR Home

    Lee W of Portland, OR was not happy when he discovered that there was water leaking into the basement. He knew that this had to be fixed in order to accomplish anything with it. Lee starting looking around the internet for an office that could come out to his home and help him with the issues that he had. He eventually came across an ad for TerraFirma Foundation Systems and decided to get in contact with them.

    Within a week Lee met with Jason Klein to discuss what would need to be done. After looking at the basement closely Jason decided a couple products could help his situation. The Super Sump and WaterGuard would be a great fit for his basement. The Super Sump is equipped with a 1/3 horsepower sump pump that will pump 2,500 gallons of water per hour from the basement. The WaterGuard is a drainage channel that is installed along the perimeter around the basement and drains the water to the sump pump.

    With the basement now protect from further damage, Lee can do what he would like to it and not worry about any damage.

Concrete Leveling Prevents Patio from Sinking Further in Portland, OR Company

    Jim C owns a commercial building in Portland, OR. There was a patio attached to the building that was starting to sink. Jim realized that this could be a hazardous situation eventually so he took to the internet to look for an office. While searching around he came across an ad for TerraFirma Foundation Systems and decided to call them and set an appointment.

    Only days later, the office sent out Vince Mast to look at the situation. He recommended that they do a polyurethane foam injection on the patio to raise it back to its original position. This injection consists of two separate liquids that are combined in the injection nozzle to trigger a chemical reaction. The blended liquids would turn into expanding, high-density foam and will lift the settled concrete.

    Now that the patio is lifted back to its original position using our concrete leveling solution, Jim can have people in his facility and not have to worry about anyone getting hurt because it is unlevel.

Cavallero Foundation Stabilization Portland, OR

The buyers inspection of this older Portland, OR home showed settlement issues throughout the entire foundation. To repair the home based on this assessment, a lot of time and money would need to be invested in order to stabilize the foundation, replace the floor slab and repair the dead walls in the basement. Luckily for the home owners and potential buyers, Josh Anderson was able to give a second opinion and pin point the actual issue. In turn, he found and more cost effective and permanent solution.

Josh's inspection found that only one corner of the house had settled and it was in a crawlspace addition part of the home. We will be installing Push Piers around the corner to stabilize the foundation. After a four pier installation, supporting and lifting the sagging corner, the new home owners can be confident that the house is permanently supported and won't have to worry about further soil settlement. 

Everybody wins! The current home owners are happy they could sell the home at the highest value, the new home owners are delighted with a permanent foundation stabilization system that will stand the test of time, and we at TerraFirma are more than happy we could help.



Cleanspace Regulates Moisture and Temperature Levels in Portland, OR Home

The entry way to the crawl space was muddy with large areas of standing water. This elevated level of humidity caused the crawl space insulation to sag down from the ceiling. Lack of insulation caused the upstairs to be unnecessarily cold jacking up energy costs and utilities. A much worse result of high humidity is elevated levels of mold and mildew. In extreme cases mold spores can get into the breathing air inside the home and affect the health of your family.

After a crawl space inspection by Josh Anderson, a complete encapsulation of the area was completed. The project included Cleanspace liner, SilverGlo wall insulation, sump pump and drainage system for water removal, vent covers and a SaniDry CX dehumidifying unit to control humidity levels. Since encapsulating the crawl space, the home is more energy efficient, economic and healthier. This is an investment everyone should make to provide a healthier living environment for your family and to retain the long term value of your home.

Cleanspace Offers Energy Efficiency for Home In Beaverton, OR

Basic home science states that air enters from the bottom of the home and leaves from the top. Now lets think about this for a minute. For a home who's crawl space is not encapsulated during the winter, (When you want your house to stay warm) cold air enters though the bottom and all your warm air is leaving through the top, wasting energy. During the summer (when you want your house to stay cool) warm air enters your home through the bottom and cool are leaves through the top. Quite the opposite of what you would want. Encapsulating your crawl space and closing off the vents achieves this goal.

Ryan Lahley proposed a complete crawl space encapsulation system to help with this issue. A combination of products were installed to condition the crawl space making this home an energy efficient machine: Cleanspace to provide a barrier between the cold damp ground and the crawl space air, SilverGlo wall insulation to reflect conditioned air back into the home, vent covers to block off all outside air, a sump pump for excess water removal and a dehumidifying unit to condition the air within the crawl space. All of these products play a key role in crawl space conditioning. now after installation, the winters stay warmer, the summers cooler and the energy expenses regulated.

Custom Drainage System in West Linn, OR

This homeowner is getting water in her crawlspace. It has been a problem they have been dealing with for a long time. After trying a variety of waterproofing units and numerous french drain systems none have provided a lasting solution. the crawl space is about three feet tall and will be in need of a newer more powerful sump pump along with added drainage line to remove water permanently and dispose of away from the home and out of danger.

In this particular case there was no indication of high humidity levels, just high water levels, which worried the home owner about possible settlement issues. Upon inspection by Chris Kelly, a simple change was made. The current sump pump was not strong enough, so we upgraded the unit to a Triple Safe, the strongest most effective sump pump on the market today, and the discharge lines were not effective placed to completely remove the water away from the home foundation. So the fix was simple, and all it took was some critical thinking, a great understanding of drainage systems and good analysis.

Smart Jacks Save Sagging Floor in West Linn, OR

A majority of foot traffic in any home is in the kitchen and dinning room. Over time, these support posts began to sag and the floor along with it. In West Linn, the middle of the home, right underneath the kitchen and the dinning room began to noticeably sag. 30 posts underneath the home needed to be replaced by Smart Jacks, an easy to install adjustable support post that will restore structure and strength to your once sagging floor.

Shimming is an older way of thinking for foundation post repair. Posts constantly need to be re-shimmed and re-shimmed until it looks more like a stack of books rather than the supports posts to your house. Smart Jacks allow you to easily adjust and monitor the amount of sagging and the extra amount of upward force needed to keep floors from sagging and bowing. Don't think twice about sagging floors. Be happy and confident with your repairs much like these home owners.

Push Piers Stabilize Sinking House in Sandy, OR

David H. has seen his home, year after year, sink and settle. The combination of improperly packed soil around the perimeter and heavy rain fall has created voids under the home which the foundation has settled in to. This is a common event in many homes in the greater Portland area. To the concern of the homeowner, he was worried his home would continue to settle until the foundation had completely failed and found himself with a much larger problem. The solution is simple and it starts with a phone call to TerraFirma.

Adam Lounsbury, upon inspection, noticed significant settlement of roughly 2 inches in one corner of the home. 8 push piers were installed around said corner to permanently stabilize the settlement and restore the strength to the foundation. After proper geo-technical inspection and a stellar diagnosis by Adam, David's home was ready for stabilization. By connecting each pier to a centralized hydraulic system, we were able to achieve proper stabilization evenly throughout the corner or the home. David now has a permanently stabilized foundation, a 75 year warranty and regained piece of mind.

Complete Your Crawl Space Portland, Or

Crawl space health and science is becoming a common thought for homeowners across the nation. Your crawl space is an integral part to the overall health of your home. The Stacker Effect states that 50% of the air you breath on any given floor comes from the level below. Well, what about on the first floor or a one story house? You guessed it. That air is coming from the basement, or like most houses in the northwest, the crawl space. Proper drainage is a start but there are other pieces to the puzzle.

This home had an existing sump pump, but with inadequate drainage the sump pump was not being used to its fullest. After we installed a new drainage system and drainage matting, the sump pump was now being used much more effectively. On top of that, Cleanspace liner. This liner isolates the damp earth from the crawl space air as it has both thermal and moisture control properties.

The Gonzales' were on the right track with their crawl space encapsulation but left out a few important pieces. Each product has a specific purpose in a crawl space and it is important to address all of these different issues. Now the Gonzales' can enjoy the comfort of their new home and the extra money they save from increased energy efficiency due to their crawl space make over.

Crawl Space Repair Helps Home Back On To Market

Crawl space health and condition is continuing to gain traction with being an important part in the value assessment for homes being put back on the market. To follow code, there are specific levels of humidity, temperature and moisture that need to be achieved, along with proper drainage to pass code.

Shannon J. In Portland, Or had plans to put her house back on the market and wanted to make sure that not only was her home up to code, but that she was going to get the highest value possible. to properly bring her house up to code, we first cleaned out all debris and relayed a new vapor barrier along the floor. Underneath, drain tile was installed along the foundation wall and tied into an existing drain tile and gravity drain. A few water stain touch ups were made throughout the area and she was good to go.

Shannon has now put her house on the market as it has passed inspection and code, and Shannon is confident that she will get the highest value out of her home possible. 

Retrofit and Encapsulation Provides Earthquake Protection and Efficiency

More homeowners, especially in the northwest, are performing these same two services to their houses for all the right reasons. Due to our increased awareness of earthquake potential along the San Andreas Fault Line, and our attention to energy efficiency and the "Green" movement, we install projects like these daily. 

To stabilize and reinforce a foundation for potential earthquake damage, we add a variety of bolts and brackets throughout the basement or crawlspace to reinforce from vertical and horizontal vibration that would be caused as affect of an earthquake. For this particular case 18 Post Earthquake Brackets, 22 Basement Bolt Anchors and 28 Crawlspace Earthquake Brackets were strategically placed through the foundation.

In tandem with being in the crawlspace, a complete encapsulation system was installed. By closing off vents, installing a proper drainage and sump pump system, adding an air dehumidifier, wall insulation and Cleanspace liner, home owners can look forward to these benefits: Cleaner breathing air through the home, ceased growth of mold and mildew spores which normally would circulate through the air, less heating bills, less cooling bills and energy efficiency throughout the entire home.

Now the Ornelas' can be confident that in the event of an earthquake, their largest investment is safe and, in the meanwhile, can reduce their carbon footprint, save money each month of energy bills and live more comfortably in their home.,

Waterguard Washes Away Water Worries

We waterproof basements and crawlspaces daily, and there is really no waterproofing obstacle out there that we haven't seen and overcome. In more severe waterproofing issues, especially when water is coming through the basement walls and floors at multiple locations, it is not uncommon to prescribe the installation of two sump pumps for efficient and total water removal.

Sean R.'s basement, not only had water coming in through his basement walls, but water was seeping up through the flooring due to a created false water table. By digging out a trench, and installing Drain Tile and Smart Pipe through the middle of his basement floor and Waterguard around the perimeter, we were able to capture all water entering the home. By placing a sump pump in opposite corners of the basement, water was effectively collected and removed from the area. Sean can now enjoy his basement as a home office, storage or added living space, or however he pleases.

Stabilization Allows For 2nd Level Addition

Soil settlement happens for a variety of reasons. One major reason is simply the underlying earth cannot support the weight of the house. Gradually with time and weather, the soils continues to shift and soften allowing the weight of the house to sink itself. Astoria, Or and any Oregon coastal city is known for having soft soils that settle more rapidly than say the soils found in Portland. The combination of sand and clay make this process inevitable. Lewis D. saw similar soil condition in his Astoria home. His plan was to build a second story to his home and was concerned about the weight being too much for the supporting soil, and he would loose the house to foundation failure just as quick as he built it.

Lewis' and our goal was the same, provide enough stabilization and strength to the foundation in order to permanently stabilize the existing house and the addition. The solution as actually quite simple. By installing a full perimeter piering system including 26 push piers to stabilize vertically, and 3 helical anchors for horizontal stabilization, we were able to achieve enough load strength the support his addition and permanently stabilize the entire structure.

Lewis is so happy now. His existing foundation is now permanently stabilized, and can feel comfortable his home will hold up after his new additions. 

1st Step: Proper Drainage

Home owners can attest that there is always another project in line when it comes to home improvement. Some big. Some small. Some expensive. Some affordable. As a specialty foundation repair contractor, solving foundation settlement issues, basement and crawlspace waterproofing problems and cement slab leveling, it isn't uncommon to find homeowners that have two, three or even four separate projects specifically dealing with their foundation. By asking the right questions we can find what is most important for you to accomplish first.

Although Helen M. (homeowner) had a combination of foundation settlement and basement waterproofing problems, her decision was to address the waterproofing issue first, and tackle stabilizing the foundation at a later date. Sometimes the reason for foundation soil settlement is because of an inability to properly remove water from under the home after moderate to heavy rainfall. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

After inspection by Jason Klein, an internal drainage tile and smart pipe was installed and connected to a discharge line that ran 30' away from the foundation. In doing so, she accomplished two main goals. She successfully directed the water collecting under the home through proper drainage and to safely remove that water away from the foundation where it can't creep back into the basement. We look forward to working with her in the near future with permanently stabilizing her foundation completing her foundation repair checklist.

Keep Your Tenants Happy with Professional Waterproofing

For families or homeowners, looking to supplement their income by renting out a room or basement studio is a great idea. Is your rented space in healthy enough condition to make this a reality? Basement apartments and studios are common in the Portland area, as is weak concrete, elevated hydrostatic pressure and sub floor mold growth. This is the story of Lizzie F. She has been renting out here basement for years and wanted improve the quality for her tenants. Not to mention eliminating the musky mold odor and damp feeling.

Upon inspection by Bryan Cantrell, it was obvious that the basement space needed a waterproofing face lift. By installing a perimeter waterproofing system, all water entering the basement through the walls or the floor is now properly getting collected, directed towards a sump pump and successfully removed.

At one point LIzzie was forced to temporarily relocate a tenant due to these issues. This was a major problem for Lizzie because she enjoyed providing quality housing to local Portlanders. Proper waterproofing installation was a no-brainer for Lizzie and can now enjoy continuing to rent out a healthy, comfortable basement apartment.

Permanent Foundation Stabilization is Possible

The Griffiths have experienced gradual and continual soil settlement under their home for the last few years. Because this process is so gradual, symptoms of this serious foundation issue don't show themselves until it is too late. Common symptoms include sticking doors, windows wedged closed and dry wall cracks spanning from framework to the ceiling. Our System Design Specialist Adam was able to diagnose and confirm said settlement, and propose a piering system to permanently stabilize the foundation.

In the back corner of the house, the living room area had began to show the symptoms above. By installing 4 piers around this corner of the home we were able to achieve two major goals of the Griffiths. The first was to permanently stabilize the foundation, and the second was to lift the home, closing up wall cracks and un-wedging the doors and windows.

The Griffiths can now enjoy their newly and properly stabilized home and can be confident they can enjoy it worry free for many years to come.

Cleanspace for Home Efficiency

Lorinda was experiencing a problem with her foundation walls that most older homes in Portland experience. Portland cement, which is what many foundations in the area were built from, retain water and begin to break down. The face of this problem is flaking cement coming off the wall and efflorescence.

By installing two products in her basement/crawlspace area, we achieved some major goals. Installing SilverGlo wall insulation around the perimeter helps condition the air keeping temperatures more consistent throughout the year aiding in the efficiency of the home. Secondly by encapsulating the entire space with Cleanspace, regulating water, moisture and humidity levels and helping keep the air cleaner and healthier.

This is a system more and more homeowners are taking advantage of regularly, even during the original construction of the home as a preventative measure. Either way, there is no comparison to healthy and efficient home living.

Failing Wall Saved Through Proper Waterproofing

Foundation wall failure can be the result of a combination of factors. Of course inadequate initial construction would be an obvious reason, but did you ever think of how improper waterproofing could be the culprit? During construction, the house foundation is dug out, essentially creating a swimming pool for water to fill in. After the house is complete, as more and more water fills into this swimming pool, hydrostatic pressure pushes in on the exterior wall. Over time, the wall will collapse and you will be left with an expensive mess. 

Jesse from Portland experienced this and luckily recognized the severity of the issue and called the experts for a free consultation and proposal. System Design Specialist Ryan Lahley prescribed two systems to rehabilitate Jesse's failing foundation. The first task was to efficiently waterproof the basement. This system included a full perimeter Waterguard track and Cleanspace wall liner to collect all the water entering through the walls and up from the floor. By connecting this track to two sump pumps on opposite corners of the home and relocated through a new discharge line, we successfully removed all unwanted water away from Jesse's foundation reducing the hydrostatic pressure to safe levels. Secondly, 5 Carbon Armor strips were installed on the inner walls in areas with more severe cracking and leaning. Carbon Armor will act as extra reinforcement to prevent the wall from continuing to crack and lean. Carbon Armor is made out of the same material used by the US Department of Defense and Army Corp of Engineers for similar applications.

Jesse is now confident his reinforced foundation walls and efficient waterproofing system will keep his house healthy and upright. Another home saved thanks to TerraFirma.

Pre-construction Waterproofing in High Water Areas

As high precipitation cities and states continue to develop their lands and economy, "good" building land is running at a high premium. Home builders are beginning to recognize this growing epidemic and taking precautionary actions in order to prevent, what seems like inevitable foundation, waterproofing, humidity and health issues. By installing a proper waterproofing system in your basement or crawlspace, or by installing a foundation stabilization system before the rest of your home is built, many of these foundation, water, humidity and health issues can be prevented, not to mention installed at a cheaper cost. Portland Development Group recognizes these potential issues in Portland and Southwest Washington and has taken action.

By installing a basement/crawl space waterproofing and insulation system pre-construction, new home owners can be confident that they are building or purchasing a home that will not give them expensive home improvement projects soon after they move in. This, though, is just a side benefit. The real advantage of getting these projects completed pre-construction is that your basement/crawl space will stay stay dry and insulated ALL the time from the beginning. What this means for homeowners is reduced heating and cooling bills, more comfortable living condition and most importantly, elimination of mold development and other various health concerns.

As this home building mindset continues, pre-construction waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and foundation stabilization will become a normal piece of house development. We are very excited to be the leader in this industry and look forward to helping build more energy efficient and healthy homes for our community.

Proper Crawl Space Systems Restore Health and Value to You and Your Home

During times in the northwest when it just doesn't seem to stop raining (which is somewhere between 8 and 9 months of the year), do you every worry that your crawl space or basement is improperly waterproofed and water is seeping into your home? A little water won't hurt, but a lot can be detrimental to you, your family and your home's overall health.

Chris A. from Hillsboro, Oregon was experiencing some leakage in the crawl space and is concerned about the long term affects it might have. As this trend continues, you get standing water in the crawl space, which can lead to high levels of humidity and temperature. This will not only rot away at the wooden beams under your home, but can also lead to mold development which become airborne and breathed in by you and your family. 

Chris did the right thing and didn't hesitate to call us for help. By installing an effective drainage system leading to a sump pump for removal and a new 10ml vapor barrier, Chris can now be worry free that he is keeping the family healthy and restoring the value and health to the home.

Foundation Crack Repair with Flexispan Portland, OR

Cracks in cement poured foundation are usually due the constant expanding and contracting of the cement itself. When the stress and strain is too much, The cement will split leaving large cracks in the wall. The best solution on the market today is Flexispan. We were actually the pioneers in Polyurethane wall crack injection before people even knew it was an option. This solution has evolved over time and Flexispan in the final product. There are two properties to the Flexispan system which make this product work so well. The first is that it is air and water tight. This will prevent water from protruding through the crack and into your basement. The second is that Flexispan is flexible. Cement will continue to expand and contract three years after the original foundation is poured, however it might continue to shift around due to a variety of temperature and pressure factors. The Flexibility of Flexispan allows this shifting to happen without sacrificing the repair solution. Flexispan is the best long term solution to date and will permanently fix your basement leakage.

We have repaired many basement wall cracks in Portland thanks for Flexispan. John and Jeanne B. or Portland, Oregon would definitely have to agree. Of course you could just ask the other hundreds of neighbors who are equally happy.

Covering all Waterproofing Bases in Portland, Oregon

Not all houses are created equally. Think about the original construction of the home. You dig a hole in the ground, essentially creating a swimming pool, and build a house in it. What kind of soils are under the home? Clay? Sand? Did the home builder compact the back fill soil properly or is it collecting water, elevating the hydrostatic pressure on the outside of the foundation walls? Is the crawl space vented or encapsulated? All of these factors contribute to how healthy your home will be years down the road. Unfortunately some home owners get the short end of the stick on this spectrum.

Rob S. needed help in his Portland, Oregon home. The basement was turning into a pool, the crawl space was moldy and humid, and it was only a matter of time before these conditions affected the foundation of his home. So, he called us. By comprehensively waterproofing his basement and encapsulating his crawl space Rob completely turned around his situation. 

Properly waterproofing the basement turned his unusable, unsightly area into a functional, usable and DRY space for his to take advantage of. It increased the livable square footage of his home by nearly 1000 square feet. By cleaning, conditioning and encapsulating his crawl space, Rob turned his energy guzzling home into an efficient green machine which self-cleaned the air circulating through his home eliminating the mole spore generation Not to mention by taking care of these problems, he helped prevent any serious foundation issues from surfacing. Rob couldn't be happier with health of his home and is confident he will enjoy it for many years to come.

Cleanspace Works Wonders Under Cannon beach, OR Home

    In Cannon Beach, Or, home owner Craig D. has been experience a variety of issues underneath his home. In addition to there being an excess amount of water and debris, the insulation had weathered away over the years due to, in fact, a family of nutria that had made a home under Craig's. 

    The nutria had broken down the vents and have been living under his home for years. A few years back he tried having the insulation and vent covers replaced but with no luck. The nutria found their way back in. Searching for crawl space repair companies in Portland and the surrounding area online, Craig found TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

    Through inspection by System Design Specialist Jason Klein and agreement by Craig, TerraFirma completely encapsulated his crawl space. This included a variety of products. A full perimeter drain tile was installed to collect any excess water, which drained into a Smart Sump sump pump for proper removal. Next, SilverGlo wall insulation was placed around the perimeter walls and rim joists. This insulation is what will help provide comfortable living conditions throughout the livable part of the home. This obviously meant covering up all the vents with Everlast Vent Covers. Air was still circulated and conditioned by a dehumidifier. Most importantly, though, Cleanspace liner and wall system provided both thermal and moisture protection from the earth below eliminating dangerous humidity, temperature and moisture problems.

    Craig can now be confident that he has the most green and efficient working crawl space in town. Not to mention that he won't be surprised by any unwanted guests.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Creates Efficient Home System

    Your crawl space, believe it or not, is one of the most important regions of your home to create an efficient, low cost, economic home system. If floors have ever been too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, you see a fluctuation in energy heating and cooling bills or there is a musky moldy smell in your home, you might want to take a look at repairing your crawl space. Specifically ENCAPSULATING your crawl space. This is exactly what home owner Raymond A. from Milwaukie, Or had in mind.

    Raymond already had a wall insulation system in place that was working well. It was TerraFirma's job to cover up the vents with Everlast Vent Covers, install a proper drainage system around the perimeter of the area, and encapsulation it with Cleanspace liner and wall system. That is exactly what we did.

    Raymond can now enjoy the comfortability of his home again and the extra money he will save by creating an efficient, high performing home energy system. 

Helical Pile System Supports Sinking Foundation Portland, OR

    Local Oregonian Felisa O. of Portland was gradually seeing the increasing severity of foundation settlement issues. While settlement had only occurred in the front portion of the home, the sloping angle was significant and cracks in her poured concrete foundation were becoming bigger over the years. Felisa searched online for a company that could help her out and found the services of TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

    Upon further inspection by System Design Specialist Adam Lounsbury, he confirmed that the settling has worsened over the years and would continue if action wasn't taken. His remediation system included a series of seven helical piles. By attaching a brace to the foundation footing and mechanically driving the piles to adequate capacity, we were able to permanently stabilize and lift Felisa's home back to level.

    Felisa can now be confident that her foundation is permanently stabilized and has successfully protected her investment. 

Smart Jack and Supplemental Beam Interior Support Portland, OR

    Interior foundation settlement can be the result of a a variety of factors. The two main conditions are moisture and humidity conditions in the crawl space which will rot away at the support beams, or actual soil settlement below the posts. Both cases causes your home to sink.

    Ryan and Amy A. of Portland, OR had experienced a drop as much as 1.5" in over half of the house. The solution was to add a supplemental beam to reinforce the main load beam, and place 4 Smart Jacks underneath for additional integrity. By re-enforcing the main load beam and adding extra strength and support through the Smart Jacks, Ryan and Amy have successfully lifted and supported the interior foundation of their home, their 1.5" sink hole is fixed and they don't bounce up and down on the floors while walking through the home.

Additional Benefits To Crawl Space Repair Beaverton, OR

    Franz S. of Beaverton, OR has been noticing symptoms throughout the house that would lead him to needing some form of crawl space repair. Energy bills were higher than usual through the winter months; However, the floors and carpet were still cold. Also, a faint moldy smell was circulating through the first level of the home. Through an online search for answers, he discovered there were issues in his crawl space. After calling TerraFirma for a free estimate, we sent someone out asap to assess his condition and solve his problems.

    System Design Specialist, Ryan Lahley, took a closer look in to the crawl space and found 2 major problems: There were no systems or products in place for solving groundwater seepage, (the reason for the moldy smell) and the ceiling insulation was sagging in combination to no wall insulation. Ryan's system was simple, install drain tile and a sump pump to efficiently collect and remove water, as well as SilverGlo wall and rim joist insulation to help keep the home warmer, helping drive energy bills down. 

    Franz now enjoys the cleanliness of air for him and his family, and the added comfort, all of which is a product of crawl space conditioning.

Basement Cracks Cured with Push Piers Portland, OR

    The climate and geography of Portland, OR, and really the northwest as a whole, has been problematic for home owners and home builders due to soil and foundation settlement issues. Homeowners Diane and Ron I. of Portland, OR have started noticing cracks in their basement walls and are concerned the soils underneath the home are washing away.

    Upon inspection by Keith Caylor, Diane and Ron were right. The soils under the home had began to settle, and the weight of the home was no longer properly supported. The home had started to sink into these voids, unbalancing the house and causing the cracks in the basement. A seven Push Pier system was designed to halt this settlement and lift the home back to level. By hydraulically driving piers to load bearing strata or bed rock, we are able to bypass the loose, settling soil and permanently stabilize the house on solid ground.

    Diane and Ron are happy the wall cracks have closed up, but more importantly their house is permanently stabilized and will now longer settle. 

Slab Leveling Saves House From Potential Water Damage Happy Valley, OR

    Voids under cement slabs can occur in two main ways. One is that the soil under the home settles. When this settlement occurs a voids results. The second main cause is when water flows under the slab, washing away the soil. Again, this will lead to voids. In the case of Mark P. of Happy Valley, OR sinking slabs have changed the angles, layout and geography around the perimeter of the house. When it rains, the water is now being directed TOWARDS the foundation rather than away. This is a problem.

    The solution is simple. TerraFirma Concrete Leveling! The way this installation works is as follows. A penny sized hole is drilled into the sinking slab. Our concrete leveling solution, a lightweight, quick curing polyurethane is injected into the void. The expansive properties of the polyurethane inflate to evenly fill the ENTIRE void. Due to the high capacity of our concrete leveling solution, the slab is pushed up, leveling the area, and in this case, saving the foundation.

Portland, OR West Hills Wall Lateral Stabilization

    The West Hills of Portland, OR are not only beautiful pieces of architectural art but they look over the west and east side of downtown, Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier on a clear day. Although the homes and views are breathtaking, so are the soils they are built on, and not in a good way. The soils are soft, they settle and they push and pull on retaining walls, much like John D. noticed around his property. An existing rock retaining wall was not holding up as it used to due to these settling soils, and he knew something needed to be done about it before it was to late. A friend referred him to TerraFirma Foundation Systems where Ryan Lahley was able to inspect, diagnose and treat John's failing rock retaining wall.

    First, we needed to remove the existing rock wall to expose the soils. By drilling a 25 foot grouted tie back into the wall, we were able to access the soils. Next, grout was injected into the hollow middle of the tie back. As the grout spread out, it latched onto the surrounding soil acting as an anchor. On the surface of that a rebar fence was inserted and covered with high density Shotcrete. A new rock wall was placed next and we have our final product, a permanent laterally stabilized retaining wall pleasing to the eye. Presto, the soils are stabilized.

    John is happy with how things turned out. His investment is protected and he can enjoy his view of Portland for many years to come.

Basement Waterproofing Keeps Rental Rentable Portland, OR

    Chuck G. of Portland, OR owns two rental properties next to each othe, which were both experiencing similar water problem. This makes sense. As adjacent homes are built on similar soil, over time, they might encounter similar foundation or water issues. As water builds up around the exterior of the foundation wall, so does the hydrostatic pressure. This pressure pushes water through the walls and into the basement area. Chuck searched online for a basement waterproofing company and found TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

    After inspecting both houses, Design Specialist Josh Anderson concluded that three main items needed to be addressed in both basements. the first was to control water seepage. This was accomplished by installing Waterguard around the basement perimeter. Secondly, a way to remove the water and thirdly a way to divert the water away from the foundation. Super Sump sump pump was installed at the low point in both basements and mechanically removed through a lawnScape outlet away from the foundation. 

    Chuck now has two permanently waterproofed basements under warranty. A great investment for himself and a much more comfortable and livable condition for his tenants. 

Basement Mold Growth Epidemic Sweeping the Northwest Portland, OR

    The frequency of mold growth in basements and crawl spaces in the northwest is becoming an increasing occurrence for TerraFirma and home owners alike. To grow, mold needs a food source. This food source is the organic materials of you home and water. The the amount of rainfall Oregon and Washington experience each year combined with the number of improperly waterproofed or encapsulated basements and crawl spaces out there, you can imagine how big of a problem this is becoming. Jon and Lorri P. of Portland Oregon cleaned up the mold that had already developed in their basement/crawl space but wanted to make sure an effective waterproofing system was installed to prevent the problem from coming back. After searching online for answers, they found a local waterproofing and foundation repair company who can help. TerraFirma Foundation Systems!

   As inspected by Kevin Miller at TerraFirma, three additions to their existing waterproofing system were needed. Waterguard was installed around the perimeter of the basement to capture water coming in through the walls and up through the floor. This waterproofing unit is installed underneath the cement slab on top of the footing, cemented over and out of sight. Secondly Cleanspace Wall System was installed around the perimeter walls. This liner made sure that all water, from top to bottom in the foundation interior wall, was being stopped and filtered into the Waterguard system. All of which drained into our third product, a Super Sump sump pump for mechanical removal of all water.

    Jon and Lorri P. are now confident their basement won't have any water intrusion issues and that their mold concerns are a thing of the past.

Concrete Leveling Straightens Out Portland, OR Home Slab Work

    Driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and patios aren't installed with the intention to settle and become uneven. They become uneven due to soils settling or being washed out for underneath. The weight of the cement sinks into those voids and you're left with an uneven, unfinished look to your home. In Portland we see rainfall year-round, hence a lot of uneven cement work due to settlement. Bob D. of Portland, OR wanted to fix these issues around his home and wanted to do so without the invasive and expensive process of completely replacing the slabs. After searching online for solutions, he scheduled a free appointment off of TerraFirma's website OregonFoundationRepair.com

    The solution he found was TerraFirma Concrete Leveling. Our solution is a light weight polyurethane that is expansive, has a high capacity and is quick curing. A penny sized hole is drilled through the sinking slab and foam is injected through this hole to fill the void. It's that simple. Because of the properties of our polyurethane concrete leveling solution, you achieve even lifting, no additional weight to soils below, and you can walk or drive on the slab 15-30 minutes after application. Not to mention price and destruction to your property is much less than complete slab replacement.

    Bob now has a new, level driveway, walkways around the house and patio without the "new" price. Not to mention things look much nicer and his home has a cleaner, finished look.

Smart Jacks Re-Suppert Interior Sagging Floors Portland, OR

    Ruth A. had a small leak in her crawl space that was coming through the insulation. The leakage had resulted in water pooling on top of her vapor barrier. A dated sump pump was actually adding to the problem as humidity levels were high which pulled insulating down from the ceiling. These were a couple factors that contributed to Ruth's main concern which was her floors were sagging under the kitchen and back through the guest bedroom. It's possible that this excess water and humidity might be the cause for her interior settlement. Either way Ruth called us to fix her sagging floors and that is just what we'll do.

    4 Smart Jacks were installed under her kitchen running towards the guest bedroom. By adding this extra upward force, people walking in the house now have support under their steps and the sagging and bending of the floors are taken care of. Our next mission is to help her solve her crawl space humidity and moisture issues and attack the real root of the problem, which we help customers with every single day.

Sloping Front Porch and Bedroom Stabilized with Helical Piers Portland, OR

    A southeast Portland home owner noticed the front end of her home beginning to slant. She was only having settlement in the front of her house between the porch and the bedroom. Often times with add on constructions, like porches or home additions, the soils cannot support the extra weight and begin to sink, pulling other parts of the home along with it. After searching online for a professional installer with industry leading technology, she found TerraFirma Foundation Systems and called for a free estimate.

    By an inspection from System Design Specialist Adam Lounsbury, and confirmation that the front of her home had began to settle, a system of seven Helical Piles were installed along the front edge of her home to stop settlement and lift back to level. Helical Piles are bracketed to the foundation footing mechanically driven into the soils below. The process does not remove soil to achieve a target capacity, but drills through the soil. This way we get added support and capacity from the surrounding soils which is how we are able to support and lift the house foundation.

Family Home Passed Down Portland, OR

    There's no place like home. An old fashioned saying, but it's true. Working on projects like these where a relative wants to take over ownership of the house they grew up in from their parents makes these jobs that much more special. Home owner Mary has owned the house for 40 years. Over this 40 year time span, ground water seepage, unconditioned air, high humidity levels and mold have plagued this home. Mary's daughter wants to buy the home, fix it up and keep this piece of their family, in the family.

    One system solves all of these issues. Complete crawl space encapsulation. By controlling ground water seepage with Drain Tile and Drain Matting, Isolation the dirt crawl space floor from the house with Cleanspace Liner, as well as conditioning the air with a dehumidifier and Everlast Vent Covers, not only do we control moisture, temperature and humidity levels, but we clean the air in the process. Without moisture or elevated humidity, the air is cleaner and mold cannot grow.

Hot Tub Spa Slab Leveled with TerraFirma Concrete Leveling in Portland, OR

    How many abrupt edges, uneven surfaces, sinking slabs or cracked walk ways do you see around your house? What is holding you back from fixing these problems? There is now a cheap and effective solution to blemishes like these without the expense of replacing the enter cement piece. Mariel and David P. of Portland, OR had a similar problem with a cement slab under their spa. The soil under the slab, over time, had washed out, and the cement slab along with the spa, was sinking into it. After searching through Angie's List for a contractor to help, they called TerraFirma to come out for a free inspection and estimate. 

    As inspected by System Design Specialist Adam Lounsbury, voids had developed under the slab and needed to be remedied. Our concrete leveling solution is a lightweight, expansive and quick curing option to leveling uneven slabs. Our solution is injected into the void, it expands to fill the void, and cures within 15-30 minute after application. The results are the same as destroying and replacing the existing slab but the price is much more swallowable.

    Mariel and David couldn't be happier with the work and look forward to enjoying their spa, sink free, all summer long.

Solving Groundwater Seepage in Portland, OR

    Pauline and Tim R. of Portland, Oregon have been experiencing water issues in their crawl space. Crawl spaces were originally build instead of basements because they were cheaper, and home builders wanted to cut costs. Leaving the house exposed to the bare earth caused problems. As water seeped up from the ground, the space under the home became cold and damp. A perfect environment for mold growth. The solution was to install vents. This would help vent bad air out, and allow good air in. The problem home builders ran in to was having no control over conditioning the air. The cycle continued and more problems occurred. Pauline and Tim searched the internet for a company that could help them with their groundwater seepage issue and found TerraFirma.

    As inspected by Kevin Miller of TerraFirma, solving the groundwater seepage problem was going to be easier than anticipated. Through the use of a perimeter drain tile and smart drain system connected to a mechanical sump pump, we were able to collect and remove all the water in Pauline and Tim's crawl space. It did help that the crawl space was four feet tall for easy access.

    Pauline and Tim look forward to enjoying their healthier more efficient home and we couldn't be happier to have helped them achieve some of their home goals.

Basement Waterproofing Restores Rental Value Portland, OR

    A rental property in North Portland (Kenton) was is need of an efficient basement waterproofing system. The front steps, in fact, had settled because of past excess moisture issues. The basement is finished and the studio was occupied so precision and punctuality is crucial to not disrupt the existing finish work or bother the occupants. Marson M. of Portland, OR wanted to get his 1927 house in tip top shape for future re-sell, found TerraFirma Foundation Systems online and scheduled a free estimate. 

    After inspection by Deryl George, Mason and Deryl agreed that a perimeter waterproofing track and sump pump system was the best option for keeping Mason's basement dry ALL the time. Waterguard rests on the foundation footing under the cement slab allowing water collection from the wall and under the slab possible. The sump pump installed at the low point in the basement mechanically removed water and discharged away from the foundation.

    Mason now has a basement that is dry all the time. He can continue to rent the space out or top dollar and increased the long term value of the property, not to mention extra comfortability for himself and his tenants.

Leveling Slinking Slabs Preping for Home Resell Gresham, OR

    Home owners putting their house back on the market obviously want to get the most out of their investment, a lot of which has to deal with aesthetics and curb appeal. Obviously having a structurally sound foundation, or state of the art, efficient HVAC or waterproofing systems vastly increases the value, but looks go a long way. If you were able to level sinking slabs, eliminate unsightly walk way cracks or remove trip hazards at a price much cheaper than replacing the slab entirely, would you do it? Sharon R. of Gresham, OR said yes. A friend of hers who had this same service done to her house referred us to Sharon who called for a free estimate.

    We refer to the service as TerraFirma Concrete Leveling. Our concrete leveling solution is a lightweight polyurethane with a high capacity. Because of these properties, no extra load is added to the soils below, but is strong enough to support foot and vehicle traffic. A penny sized hole was drilled into the sinking slabs around Sharon's home and our machine injected polyurethane foam. After 15 minutes, the polyurethane had cured leveling sinking slabs, eliminating unsightly cracks and removing trip hazards. Sharon's home is not only safer, but has a new, finished look, perfect for resell. 

Sinking Front Slab Drains Water Under Home Hillsboro, OR

    Slabs around a home property are grated to aid in drainage of water away from the foundation. When voids form under these slabs settle and tilt back toward the foundation, now all of the water is draining right back under your home. Probably not something you want to happen. Hillsboro, OR home owner Howard E. noticed this re-slanting on his front porch. Realizing the potential hazard, he searched the internet for a company that could help re-level his font porch and protect his foundation. He found TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

    The solution was quick and easy, not to mention it the entire project only took a few hours to save potentially thousands of dollars and miles of head aches. Our concrete leveling solution was injected into the voided area under the front porch slab. This solution is similar to Mud Jacking minus the mess and the expense. Not to mention our polyurethane foam is a more durable and long lasting solution.

    Howard's front porch is as good as new, and he can be confident that his foundation is protected from unwanted water because of it.

Helical Pile Provides Stabilization with Minimal Disturbance Portland, OR

    For home owners like Ted K. of Portland, OR who have early signs of foundation settlement and would prefer an option, if available, for the least destruction and disruption of your property there is a cost effective, permanent and clean solution. Ted had seen a gap between the sill plate and the footing of his foundation and wanted to fix his problem before it turned into a larger one. A contractor friend of his referred him to TerraFirma and we were able to schedule a free estimate for Ted.

    System Design Specialist Bryan Cantrell proposed a 2 helical pier system that would provide Ted's foundation with enough upward force to close up the gap between the footing and the sill plate as well as permanently stabilize that portion of his foundation. Two holes were dug to expose the foundation footing and helical piles were mechanically driven under the structure. The piles were attached to the foundation and his problem was solved, not just in the foreseeable future, but long term. 

Foundation Failure Leads to Crawl Space Moisture Issues Portland, OR

    How does water get in to the crawl space or basement in the first place? The truth is, water is everywhere and it will always find the path of least resistance to enter your basement, crawl space or foundation. Water will seep up from the ground, in through cold joints, or in this case, right in through foundation cracks. Home owners Will and Pamela L. noticed cracks in their foundation wall, interior dry wall and not to mention a few doors and windows that were sticking shut. They thought, and did have a foundation settlement issue. They have heard about TerraFirma Foundation Systems in the past and googled their website specifically, www.terrafirmafs.com, to schedule a free inspection.

    Josh Anderson was the representative sent to help Will and Pamela design a stabilization system for their foundation issue. Upon inspection Josh found another issue that was a result of the foundation issues. Because of the all the cracks in the foundation itself, water had an easy way to enter under the home and in large amounts. When it rained, water had a freeway directly under their home. So, by installing a drainage system and sump pump in the crawl space they were able to control all moisture flowing under the home. By lifting/stabilizing the foundation with a series of push piers, (which closed up the wall cracks, foundation cracks and freed up the doors and windows) Will and Pamela are free from any moisture or foundation settlement issues.

Happy Valley, OR Settling Slab Leveled with TerraFirma Concrete Leveling

    Home owner Ken H. of Happy Valley, Oregon noticed that the stamped patio pad in his back yard had began to settle. As much as 1.5" in some places. Ken was done looking at unsightly cracks and the unfinished look to his back yard and wanted to do something about it. After seeing a commercial from TerraFirma, Ken called to set up his free estimate.

    Our quick curing, low density, high capacity polyurethane was injected into the void under his sinking slab. Our solution is then pumped through a penny sized hole and expands evenly to uniformly raise the sunk slab back to level. The solution cures in about 12-20 minutes and clean up is a since. This is a very efficient and cost effective solution to slab repair in comparison to the other option of demolish and replace.

    Ken now has a new back yard patio slab without the price of one just in time for Summer.

Haugen Finishing the Job with Concrete Leveling in Portland, OR

    We have been working with home owner Janet H. of Sherwood, OR since 2009. Her home rests on a property that has been subjected to foundation settlement and soil shifting since she called us years ago, and probably many years before that. Over the years we have permanently stabilized her foundation with a series of push piers and helical piles. This time, Janet had sinking slabs around her property and wanted them fixed without the cost of total replacement. Knowing that we have done great foundation work for her in the past, she called to see if we could help with this type of work. As you could imagine, we were more than happy.

    To solve her sinking slab issue, we first located the voids by drilling through the slab, a hole about the size of a penny, and probing to find the void. Once located our polyurethane concrete leveling solution was injected into the various voids around her property. Our concrete leveling solution has a high capacity to support and lift sinking slabs without adding extra load to the soils. The polyurethane foam also spreads evenly to achieve uniform lift.

    Over the years we have successfully stabilized, supported and lifted a good percentage or her house and property. With these permanent, durable solutions, Janet can be at ease that her foundation is as stable as can be.

Liu Happy Valley, OR Crawl Space Encapsulation

    Happy Valley, OR is located in the hills on the eastern border or Portland with a collection of beautiful homes overlooking the west side of the city. Happy Valley is also the location of multiple "Street of Dreams" events. The "Street of Dreams" is a home builders dream in which million dollar homes are built to inspire creativity and wow the imagination with a focus of home efficiency. So it is no wonder that Happy Valley home owner Henry Liu was interested in encapsulating his crawl space. Henry searched the internet for a qualified installer and called TerraFirma for a free estimate. 

    By encapsulation your crawl space you achieve many things. One of which is energy efficiency and healthy air conditioning. The goal of encapsulating your crawl space is to condition and control ALL the air under your home. By controlling groundwater seepage, isolating the earth from the home and blocking off the vents, Henry is able to control 100% of the air in his crawl space. Crawl space air accounts for 50% of the air on the first story of your home, and 50% of that for each additional floor. With healthier, mold free air, we have achieved one of Henry's main goals. By insulating the crawl space, air stays warmer under the home. This means less energy is used to heat the house making it not only more comfortable but cost effective to maintain. 

    A simple three day project gives home owners, like Henry, healthier, more comfortable and cheaper living. The project pays for itself after a few years. 

McGinnis Finding the Right Cleanspace Installer Lake Oswego, OR

    For home improvement projects there are tens and hundreds of different solutions out there; However, There are two key pieces to a successful home improvement or repair project. 1, Finding an efficient, durable, long lasting solution. 2, Finding a qualified installer of that system. Lake Oswego, OR home owners Amy & Shane M. had their crawl space encapsulated a few years back by a different company, but as of late are noticing moldy smells throughout the home. After seeing a TerraFirma ad in Portland Monthly, they called the real experts for finally solve their crawl space issues.

    After inspection by Josh Anderson, they had the right product and solution under their home, but they failed to find a qualified installer. Our improvements included a drainage system collecting ALL the water entering the area, and closing off the vents. By closing off the vents, and removing all the water Amy and Shane now have 100% control over the air underneath their home.

    Not all solutions are created equal, nor are they installed equally. Do your research and make sure you are using the real experts in the industry.

Podichetty Basement Flooding Portland, OR

    After a heavy winter and early spring of rain, many Portland and northwest home owners realized how inefficiently their basements or crawl spaces could manage moisture issues. Portland home owner Giri Podichetty had a partial flooding of his finished basement and needed to find a company that could help his restore his basement before flood damage settled in and properly waterproof for future defense. After searching online, Giri called TerraFirma and scheduled a free appointment for System Design Specialist Tim Cook to inspect his home. 

    The solution was first to dry out any existing water from the flooding. Mold cannot grow without moisture. Next was to install an efficient waterproofing system. By installing Waterguard around the perimeter of the basement, which drained in to a sump pump for removal and by installing a dehumidifier, Giri was able to manage all moisture entering the basement and control the humidity levels to halt mold growth in it's tracks. 

    Giri now has confidence his basement is waterproofed from any storm and that he and his family are breathing healthier, cleaner air.

Smart Jack Solves Interior Settlement Portland, OR

    Floors in this Portland, OR home have began to sag down the middle of the floor, running through the entire house and ending at the foundation of the chimney. With the home on market for sale, it was extremely important to the home owners that this issue was fixed quickly and correctly in order to get the highest market value for their home. After searching the internet for help, John found TerraFirma and called for a free inspection and estimate. 

    As System Design Specialists, Josh Anderson had prescribed, the interior portion of the home needed 5 Smart Jacks and 20 supplemental beam. The Smart Jacks would be placed in their own special cast-in-place footing and are designed to restore strength back to the main load beams.

    With these solutions in place, John doesn't have to worry about interior sagging and can be confident he will be getting the most value out of his house.

Standing Water in Crawl Space Portland, OR

    With massive amounts of rain at the beginning of the year, it hasn't been uncommon for our team to inspect crawl spaces that have a few inches of standing water throughout the area. With lack of drainage or waterproofing, this standing water aids in the settlement of soils, break down of wooden load beams and the development of mold growth. Home owners Mark and Emily G. heard from friends about these types of issues during or after heavy rains and called TerraFirma for a free inspection.

    Jason Klien, a System Design Specialist for TerraFirma, inspected Mark and Emily's home and proposed a system that would collect water and safely remove it from the foundation. With the installation of a proper drainage system, sump pump and discharge line, water was removed from the crawl space and emptied down the hill. Their standing water issues area solved and so are the potential issues associated with standing water. 

Foundation Wall Cracks Sealed Portland, OR

    Water enters the basement, crawl space or anywhere in the foundation through the path of least resistance. This meaning that any little crack or inconsistency in the cement or waterproofing system, and water now has free entry into you house. Andrea M. of Portland, Oregon, years back noticed cracking in her basement wall. Over the years, the crack got bigger to the point where she could visibly see water seeping in through during rain. She finally got fed up with her damp smelling basement and called TerraFirma after searching the internet for a reliable foundation repair contractor.

    Kevin Miller from TerraFirma assessed Andrea's situation and designed a plan that would seal the crack and keep the basement dry all the time. Carbon Armor is a high grade, waterproof and flexible strip that was applied directly over the wall cracks to stop leakage and restore strength to the wall. Then by covering the wall with Cleanspace liner, installing a Waterguard perimeter drainage system and a sump pump, Andrea was able to collect ALL the water coming into her basement allowing her to keep her basement dry ALL the time.

    Denise can now enjoy her new dry basement worry free.

Basement Finishing Portland, OR

    Thinking about finishing your basement? Does a home office, bonus room, play room or home gym sound like something you would like? many people do, and it's important to know the condition and health of the foundation before beginning a project like this. We always suggest to make sure there are no wall cracks, water leakage or mold problem before installing finishing products or you will have a bigger problem on your hands later on down the road. This was the thought of Mark and Charles of Portland, OR, and we were glad they did based on what we saw during the inspection.

    Two things needed to happen in order to keep this basement dry ALL the time before the transformation. A perimeter waterproofing system was installed to collect water seeping in through wall cold cracks and up from the ground. A dehumidifying unit was placed in the corner to ensure clean air and prevent mold growth.

    Mark and Charles are very excited about their new room. After installing Basement to Beautiful Wall Panels, their basement has a great finished look. Something they can show off and be proud of. 

Separated Chimney Stabilzed with Helical Piers Portland, OR

    Beautifully vintage homes on the east side of the city are the heart of Portland history and culture. With older foundations and less-than-standard foundation integrity, waterproofing and sub floor conditioning, these homes, in some cases, need a lot of work to survive the years. Occasionally, chimney's will separate from the exterior wall posing concern to the exterior wall and anyone or thing passing by. After noticing a gap between the chimney and exterior wall, and an obvious lean to the chimney stack, Lowell, S. of Portland, OR called TerraFirma for a free estimate after hearing an ad on the radio.

    TerraFirma System Design Specialists Bryan Cantrell, proposed a 3 helical pile system for Lowell that would not only straighten the chimney, but provide permanent stabilization, greatly reducing the risk of this event in the future. Helical Piles are attached the the foundation footing and mechanically drilled through the soils underneath. By drilling THROUGH the soils and not displacing them, the soils heal around the helices providing resistance and upward force to the structures above, hence permanent stabilization.

    This is an important item that should be addressed immediately. One, you don't want the chimney pulling your walls, literally, off from the rest of your house, and two, you definitely don't want a mountain of bricks falling on you, your car, or your neighbor.

Heavy Rain Blues Portland, Oregon

    "During heavy rain, water migrates into my basement, as there is no concrete separation between my porch crawl space and the basement. Water the gets into the crawl space can only drain in the basement instead of the outside wall." Does this sound familiar? Maybe you or one of your neighbors have said it before. It's not uncommon, especially in the northwest. efficient waterproofing is something every home in the northwest needs. Surprisingly, most homes don't and suffer from excess water problems, mold and sometimes complete foundation failure. With these concerns in mind, Scott S. of Portland, Oregon searched the internet for a professional company to properly waterproof under his home. He found TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

    Scott wanted a proper waterproofing and insulation system to keep his basement and crawl space dry all the time, support home energy efficiency and air quality. By installing Waterguard along the interior footing of the basement wall, Scott is able to capture all water entering the home through the porch crawl space. This water is removed by a sump pump. SilverGlo wall insulation keeps the internal air warm aiding in energy efficiency. All these units working together keeps moisture and humidity levels controlled keeping the air clean and mold free.

    We were actually the second company to come and help Scott with his waterproofing efforts. Although there are many ways to fix a problem, only few are installed by the right people with the right technology, ensuring a durable, long-lasting solution. Some solutions are better than others.

Interior Settlement SE Portland, OR

    Some SE Portland homes were built as early as the 1910's. This house, in particular, was built in 1912 and still has the original foundation. Thats right! The same foundation for over 100 years. It is no surprise that in some places the foundation is crumbling. Although some added strength will be needed for the foundation walls, overall, it was surprisingly in very good condition. The new home owners were more concerned about the interior settlement and the condition of their old rotted load beams. After searching the internet for a foundation repair company, TerraFirma had the most positive reviews, so Ben W. decided to call for a free estimate.

    After inspection by Ryan Lahley, what ben had thought was correct. The foundation itself was is good shape and might need some minor work, but the interior settlement needed to be addressed more timely. Some beams were completely replaced as they were in irreparable condition. In other cases Smart Jacks were installed to reapply structure and strength back to the interior load beams.

    After installation, the floors no longer sag and the support beams under the house are in great shape. The plan is for them to last another 100 years, and Ben is confident they will.

All Things Basementy Solutions Portland, OR

    This SE Portland, OR home owner and his wife bought their home back in the 1960's. The basement has a minimal finish with wall paneling, but over the years, water has began to leak through the cracks during the rainy season. With goals of turning this space into a home rec center, finished bathroom and a bonus area to put their fusbol table, Matt and Verna wanted to make sure their basement was safe, healthy and looking good. They searched online for a company that could help them with all their basement home goals and found TerraFirma, who they called for a free estimate. 

    There were multiple systems involved with Matt and Verna's project. All of which would contribute to a healthy foundation and a dry basement. Their first mission was to fix the foundation. Smart Jacks were installed in the crawl space under the load beams to support their sagging floors. While in the crawl space, am encapsulated system to control groundwater seepage, uncoupl the earth from the home, and condition the air was installed. This way the basement is warmer and more comfortable to be in, and the air in circulation is cleaner as we have controlled temperature and humidity levels.

    To solve water issues in the basement, a perimeter Waterguard system is set to collect all moisture coming in from the walls and up from the ground. Water is then discharged through a sump pump and drainage line.

    With their foundation, crawl space and basement healthy, clean and dry, Matt and Verna are ready to transform their basement to beautiful and have the bonus room they always wanted.

Efficient Drainage Line For Waterproofing Gresham, OR

    Waterproofing any space is boiled down to two main tasks: Collect and remove the water. In some conditions we have seen throughout the years, water collection is performing just fine. Water removal is another story. If moisture is not properly relocated, it tends to collect around the foundation seeping back into your home. Gresham, OR home owner Mary C. noticed water building up around her foundation during heavy rain and was concerned about what negative effects it might have on her foundation. After hearing a waterproofing ad on the radio for TerraFirma, she called to schedule her free inspection.

    By installing drain tile and a sump pump in her crawl space we were sure that all excess water was being collected and removed. The question now was where to relocate the water. By hooking up the discharge line from the sump pump and gutter downspouts to a lawn drainage line 40 feet away from the foundation, water had no chance to recollect near the foundation and re-enter the home.

    Pooling water can have many negative effects. increased humidity in the crawl space, mold development, and in extreme cases, aid in foundation failure. With a simple waterproofing system and drain line from TerraFirma, all these problems can be avoided. 

Foundation Cracks Closed Portland, OR

    The installation of new water pipes have caused a disrupt in the foundation walls causing them to crack and in need of repair. Since this home owner is selling the house, she wanted to make sure all the fine print was in order. When seeking highest value for your home, the foundation is a great place to start. Nobody wants to buy a house that comes with an expensive home fix. For Rachel G. or Portland, OR we helped her fix three wall cracks to get the house ready for market. 

    Carbon Armor is a high strength epoxy resin that absorbs pressure from the wall rather than transferring it to the floor system. It can be installed in 6 easy steps: Prep the wall, measure and cut Carbon Armor strip, saturate strip with epoxy resin, apply resin to foundation wall, install Carbon Armor strip and apply topcoat. A simple and inexpensive solution that helps prevent a not so simple and potentially expensive fix. 

Moldy Insulation in Crawl Space Battle Ground, OR

    Insulation along the ceiling of the crawl space was a great idea. It kept your floors warm and heating bills down creating a more comfortable environment in your home. What happens when moisture gets into the crawl space and absorbed by the insulation? Now your home is being insulated by damp, moldy, smelly insulation that spreads throughout the rest of the home. After smelling these odors around the home, Battle Ground, WA home owners David and Judith they scheduled a free inspection with TerraFirma at the Portland Better Living Home and Garden Show.

    The solution was first to stop all groundwater seepage. This was accomplished by 200 lineal feet of drain tile, dimpled drain matting and a sump pump. By removing all the existing, non-usable insulation and isolating the earth from the house with Cleanspace, we now have much better control over the moisture and air quality in the crawl space. Close off the vents and install a dehumidifier, and we now have 100% control over the air in the crawl space. Eliminating mold growth, reducing energy consumption and adding comfort back to him living.

Cleanspace Encapsulation Under Garage Portland, OR

    One thing we have noticed with all of our happy crawl space repair customers is that they are overly joyed that the home improvement will not only pay for itself over time with reduced energy bills, but they get to enjoy cleaner air and comfort while this is happening. To get top dollar on the market, crawl space condition is a major topic. So, if you need to complete this project at some point anyways, why not get to enjoy it too.

    Portland, OR home owner Ambrose C. has no intention of putting her house on the market; However, she does realize that this time will come, and improvements/repairs are inevitable to increase the value of her property. Encapsulating her crawl space was going to happen at some point in the next 5-10 years, why not enjoy the benefits of high performance home systems, reduced energy consumption, increased saving, more comfortable living conditions and cleaner air herself? This was a no-brainer for Ambrose and had her crawl space encapsulated by TerraFirma and got the project done by the right people, the right way, the first time.

Qualified Crawl Space Installer Gresham, OR

    Not all solutions are created equal, and some installers are more qualified than others. TerraFirma Foundation System Employees are Professional Installers. Tom D. of Gresham, OR has an existing sump pump and vapor barrier that continue to fail year after year. He was fed up with it and began searching the internet for a professional installer. He found called TerraFirma for a free inspection to solve his crawl space crisis.

    Upon inspection, it was impossible to step foot in the crawl space due to four inches of standing water. How could this be with a vapor barrier and sump pump already installed? It makes you think about who installed it. One thing was for sure, a new drainage system was needed and a more powerful sump pump. After pumping out the four inches of standing water, drain tile was installed around the perimeter of the basement to aid in collecting water and draining to a sump pump. The sump pump installed is called Triple Safe. With three separate pumps all-in-one, at it's highest level, Triplesafe will pump 11,500 gallons of water of a fully charged battery.

    A moisture free crawl space or basement means NO MOLD. Mold is every home owners biggest fear. Just because you have a system in place doesn't mean it will work when you need it to most. Make sure you find a qualified installer for all crawl space and basement projects. 

Office Space Crawl Space Repair Rainier, OR

    Mold and moisture problems are not limited to just your home. Commercial units, civic buildings and office spaces are just as vulnerable to these issues. In Rainier, OR, just along the Columbia River border, two side by side office spaces were experiencing similar moisture and mold issues. Sheryl T. owns both units and works out of one of them. Sheryl's main goal is to eliminate water seepage and clean the air circulating through the office space. After seeing a commercial on tv, Sheryl called TerraFirma for a free inspection.

    Under these units, the basement area and the crawl space area are continuous. It also changes from a cement slab to dirt floor. It is very important that we keep the waterproofing system continuous as well in order to ensure we collect all water and safely remove it from the area. Waterguard was installed around the perimeter of the area along with Cleanspace wall liner. These two systems, working in unison, provide the proper water protection needed to keep the area dry all the time. Through the installation of a TripleSafe sump pump, all water is safely removed from the space. By managing moisture levels, mold was kept at bay and healthier air is now circulating through the units.

    With two simple systems we achieved both of Sheryl's goals which she won't have to worry about again.


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