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Testimonials From Oregon City
Everyone that helped me was very nice and Scott gave a good presentation;
Testimonial by Mark F. from Oregon City, OR
I am completely happy and confident that the solutions presented by Ryan will solve our problem.
Testimonial by David E. from Oregon City, OR

Structural repair, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, & more

Have wet basement walls, a cracked foundation, crawl space humidity, sinking concrete slabs, or other issues with your Oregon City, OR home? TerraFirma has been providing expert foundation repair, crawl space repair, concrete repair, and basement waterproofing solutions that not only restore the performance and image of the home but also the value overall.

We specialize in customizable solutions adaptable for all Oregon City, OR homes! Call 1-844-311-8051 or click below to schedule a free, no-obligation service estimate today!

Foundation repair solutions in Oregon City, OR

Even the smallest of structural issues can worsen to cause damage to the rest of your Oregon City, OR home. TerraFirma has reliable Supportworks porducts and solutions that not only restore your foundation but prevent ongoing damage in the future.

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Pier systems
  • Structural repair services
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Spray concrete
  • Concrete repair
  • And more!

Have you noticed structural settlement? Cracks within the foundation? A tilted Chimney? We have solutions for these issues and more!

Call or email us today to schedule a free consultation with system design specialist, who will provide an initial foundation assessment as well as walk you through the entire repair process.

Restore & encapsulate your crawl space

Interested in crawl space solutions that not only fix water build-up, humidity, mold growth, and structural issues but also provide added storage space and protection? The crawl space repair system from TerraFirma is the solution! Not only does TerraFirma restore your Oregon City, OR crawl space, they also seal the below-grade space to protect it from the elements and for added storage space!

Our crawl space repair & encapsulation services include:

  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space access wells & doors
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Wet basement repair products & solutions

Leaky basement windows, walls, and floors can cause serious issues with the overall structure of your Oregon City, OR home. We specialize in basement waterproofing solutions that not only repair damaged below-grade spaces but also provide added water protection.

Our basement waterproofing services include:

  • Waterproof wall & floor products
  • Water heater protection
  • Basement dehumidifier
  • Basement sump pump
  • Wall crack repair services
  • Interior & exterior drainage solutions
  • Window well drains
  • Downspout extensions
  • And more!

Interested in patented Basement Systems products and services that do more than provide temporary fixes? Our warrantied solutions are just what you need for long-term solutions!

Concrete repair contractors

Sinking, cracked, and weak concrete looks as unappealing as it is dangerous, as they are a serious falling hazard. TerraFirma isn't interested in providing services that will make your Oregon City, OR home messy and end up costing you more. That is why we offer PolyLevel concrete leveling and NexusPro cracked concrete repair. These innovative concrete repair solutions apply quickly to produce durable, long-lasting results, without mess and without stress.

Our concrete repair services include:

  • PolyLevel concrete leveling
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • Concrete sidewalk repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Concrete pool deck repair
  • Concrete patio repair
  • Mudjacking
  • And more!

Wet basement, crawl space, foundation repairs & more

Since 2005, TerraFirma has offered reliable foundation repair, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, concrete repair, earthquake retrofitting services that restore Oregon City, OR homes and provide lasting protection.

Call 1-844-311-8051 or click below to schedule a FREE, no-pressure service estimate for any of our in Oregon City, OR!

Job Stories From Oregon City, OR
Foundation Failure Rehab Gladstone, OR

    There is no worse situation than foundation failure for a home owner. Watching your home and investment crack and crumble away right in front of your eyes is something no one wants to be a part of. Soils expand when they absorb moisture and contract when dried. The cycle repeats itself every year. Some years more severe than others. This was the case for Gladstone home owner Brenda Q. who, over the years has noticeably watched her house creak, crack and moan as it settled into the ground. Doors and windows were misalign. Dry wall cracks appeared in every corner. Her home was literally separating away from the steps that lead up to it. After searching the internet for foundation repair, Brenda found TerraFirma and scheduled a free inspection by Bryan Cantrell. 

    Upon inspection, there was a lot of high attention areas, but the main settlement had occurred around the garage. The settlement had pulled other parts of the home, steps and surrounding structures down with it as an aftermath to the original settlement. A combination of 16 helical piles and push piers were designed to permanently stabilize the foundation, steps and surrounding structures not only preventing them from further settlement, but were also used to lift the foundation back to level. To solve the unevenness and cracking of the garage slab and driveway, PolyLEVEL was injected into the sub voids, lifting, supporting and leveling the sinking slabs.

    This was a comprehensive solution to one serious problem. Soil settlement can cause great damage to a home and property. In the northwest, these events are unfortunately inevitable in some cases. Just make sure you know the signs and who to call if this were to happen to you.

Foundation Stabilization from Crawl Space Interior Oregon City, OR

    Home owner Gordon L. of Oregon City, OR began noticing sign of  foundation settlement a few years back throughout his home. Cracks have widened in the dry wall, a few windows that were once just sticky, were now jammed shut 5 years later and the floors had began to sag. These are the classic symptoms of foundation and interior settlement. After seeing a TerraFirma commercial, Gordon called our offices to schedule a free estimate.

    As inspected by System Design Specialist Ryan Lahley, he confirmed that there had been comprehensive settlement of Gordon's exterior and interior foundation. The interior settlement was solved by the use of 2 Smart Jacks to support the main load beams. The foundation settlement issue was solved by an 11 push pier system around nearly 1/3 of the home perimeter. The crawl space was nearly 4 feet tall and allowed foreman Jon Kaes and crew to work inside. The work and final result is the exact same as though they worked from the outside of the foundation as we usually do, but now Gordon won't have to worry about any destruction to his yard or garden.

    Since stabilization, Gordon's floor doesn't sag and he can be confident his foundation will be permanently stabilized for many years to come.

Crawl Space Repair Oregon City, Oregon

    Converting a crawl space from a wet, cold and moldy environment to a completely encapsulated, insulated, dry and conditioned environment is an improvement any home owner show make. Crawl spaces were constructed instead of basements because they were cheaper to build. By leaving the home exposed to the earth below, two major problems arose. Moisture problems and unconditioned air.

    Darlene B. of Oregon City, Or had both of these issues, and Darlene was looking to address them immediately. The excess water in her crawl space caused cracking in the foundation wall as well. To repair the cracking, Carbon Armor was applied directly to the wall crack to provide and restore support. To cure the moisture and unconditioned air problem a variety of systems were installed. A trench waterproofing drain around the perimeter and through the middle to collect water and redirect to a sump pump for removal. Cleanspace liner to isolate the earth from the house. A dehumidifier to condition and control the air quality and Everlast Vent Covers to completely encapsulate the area. to go the extra mile SilverGlo wall insulation along the walls to keep air warmer and lower heating bills.

    Darlene can now be happy and excited about her new living space. It is warmer, healthier, and more comfortable year round.

Comprehensive Foundation Repair System Oregon City, OR

    Jeanne C. of Oregon City, OR owns a home in need of complete foundation repair. It is hard to which issue came first. Was it the perimeter foundation settlement? Interior settlement? Or her sinking slab. Needless to say she has an issue and needs to be addressed immediately before complete foundation failure is the result. After being referred to us by a friend, Jeanne C. scheduled a free appointment to have her foundation inspected.

   There are three problems here with three unique solutions. To solve the perimeter foundation settlement issue, five push piers were installed around the back corner of the home. Brackets are permanently secured to the foundation footing and steel piers driven down to load bearing strata or bed rock. This will permanently stabilize the foundation. Three Smart Jacks were installed under the main load beam under the house to restore structure and stability to the interior portion of the home. This reinforcement will stabilize the "bounce" and "sagging" along the middle area of the house. Lastly, PolyLEVEL, which is a lightweight polyurethane will be injected underneath the sinking cement slabs to lift and level all uneven slabs.

    Three efficient fixes for three unique problems. Jeanne can now be confident that her house is permanently stabilized and her and her family can enjoy it for many years to come.

Work Requests From Oregon City, OR
Vicinity of S Bradley Rd in Oregon City
I am thinking a purchasing a fixer out at the coast and it needs foundation repair. it is about 600sf cottage
Vicinity of S. Bradley Rd. in Oregon City
I have a single story, ranch style home, built about 1974 with a crawl space. I have concerns of water seeping in under the home and would appreciate someone evaluating my situation. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Foundation cracks in daylight basement wall
Vicinity of Center St. in Oregon City
Would like to get an inspection and bid on raising a foundation that is sinking and cracking.
Vicinity of S Fresh Air Ct in Oregon City
Looking to have the underside of our house insulated
Vicinity of S Sandalwood Rd in Oregon City
Porch is cracked and moving
Vicinity of S Redland Rd in Oregon City
Crack in converted garage slab flooring. Outer corner on a slope that has been back filled with broken asphalt over the years. Planning on putting back in joisted flooring once stable/resolved.
Vicinity of South Springwater Road in Oregon City
Back patio is not level and cracked at one side. Want to level and repair crack.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
We have some cracks in our ceiling and would like your opinion as to the cause.
Vicinity of Terrace Ave in Oregon City
Water entering basement during rains on a gently sloping property, suspect improper drainage around the house and would like a quote to fix basement leak. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Our house is built on a slope in 1957. The downhill side of the house has cracked foundation and has settled. The the floor slopes down and at least one weight baring post is tilted out of plumb. In the past month, new cracks have appeared in the masonry of our fireplace.
Vicinity of S Henrici Rd in Oregon City
20X40 shop floor is uneven.
Vicinity of S. Cadle Rd. in Oregon City
Part of foundation has settled about 2 inches. Need to raise it back where it was.
Vicinity of S Walker Rd in Oregon City
A portion of the house is settling away from main foundation, needs some resupporting..
Vicinity of Falcon Drive in Oregon City
Foundation cracks, floor wobbles when walking over one area.
Vicinity of S Beckman Rd in Oregon City
Garage slab has an apron that extends 5 feet outside past the garage doors. The slab has sunk and cracked only in one corner nearest the ouside edge of the garage opening. The walkway to the house extends from the slab and needs raised as well
Vicinity of Center St in Oregon City
The house was built in 1917, look like an addition done on concrete blocks. Floor for the laundry room is sagging. House is 946 sq ft in total. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of S Olympus Road in Oregon City
I have some slabs around my pool that are sinking, also a sidewalk Additional information: Main Area of Concern: PolyLevel
Vicinity of S Beavercreek Rd in Oregon City
I am looking for a cost estimate on driving some helical support piers for a new deck. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Other
Vicinity of Oak Valley Drive in Oregon City
We have a large crawl space that has water damage and I would like to have it sealed. Additional information: Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space