Learn more about TerraFirma Foundation Systems' recent work requests in Springfield, OR
Vicinity of in Springfield
Ball park figure for a 944 square feet house to be water proofed underneath. House is low point on property and water draws to underneath the house. Property is at 311 32nd street, Springfield, OR 97478
Vicinity of in Springfield
Cracks, sloping floors. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Television Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of City View Blvd in Springfield
The patio at the house we bought is cracked and sunken in the middle and slanted to one side. We'd like it leveled.
Vicinity of Old Orchard Lane in Springfield
Cement walkway next to house is sinking
Vicinity of Forsythia Street in Springfield
Have issues with front entryway. Front door is difficult to close due to settling of concrete at entryway.
Vicinity of S. Redwood Dr. in Springfield
Selling 1906 Farmhouse and inspection report stated, the porch has improper slope... This has caused structural damage to the framing members beneath the deck and house walls. We want to confirm and a price to repair.
Vicinity of M J Chase Rd in Springfield
Hi, I'm having odor/moisture issues with my crawl space and am considering having it sealed. I see you do this type of work and am wondering if I can get a rough est. Since you have me on file having done piers at my address previously, maybe I can get an idea of the cost prior to having someone sent out? Only interested in the sealing off of the space from the dirt and air. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Springfield
Drywall inside the house is cracking and the brick foundation has cracks outside as well. We are concerned about the foundation
Vicinity of Wallace Creek Rd in Springfield
Howdy, I'm interested in an estimate for lifting a 9 x 10 ft entry slab that has settled approximately 2 inches on two sides. Thanks, Scott
Vicinity of Mc Gowan Creek Rd in Springfield
We have water (dampness) coming into my craft studio along the foundation line. The garage on the other side of the wall has no water coming in. It is only in one corner of the room. We removed the sheetrock from that corner and can see wet along the inner side of the foundation. We were about to have new flooring installed in the room when the problem was discovered. We need to know where to go from here
Vicinity of B Street in Springfield
Back porch foundation issue.
Vicinity of Mill Street in Springfield
I would like someone to take a look at my house and let me know if my foundation is okay. I do have a large tree in the backyard.
Vicinity of in Springfield
I need a quote for foundation repair. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Springfield
My floor joists are sagging and were before we bought the house. I was wanting to get a quote on what it would cost to repair this issue.
Vicinity of Heather Dr in Springfield
Foundation settleing on one end of house. Cracks in garage, doors jams out of kilter.
Vicinity of in Springfield
We have cracks in cinder blocks in our basement, and the dry wall in 4 other places in our home. The cracks seem to spread apart a little in the summer, and then seem to push back together in the winter. i can probably be reached easiest by Monday through Thursday.
Vicinity of in Springfield
Cracks around perimeter and uneven flooring in middle of home.