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Crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair & more in Vancouver!

Trusted basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, earthquake retrofitting, foundation repair & more! Call today for a FREE estimate!

We were very impressed with Josh's knowledge and courtesy throughout the time we were in contact. ...
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Reviews From Vancouver
Testimonials From Vancouver
We felt confident with Bryan and the company to proceed with their services.
Testimonial by James K. from Vancouver, WA
What impressed me most was Ryan's knowledge and ability to explain things through his computer presentation.
Testimonial by Bruce R. from Vancouver, WA
I enjoyed one of the most rewarding business experiences I have had in a long time.
Testimonial by Steven S. from Vancouver, WA

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair & more in Vancouver

TerraFirma has been repairing homes in Vancouver since 2005 and has grown a reputation for excellent customer care, efficient service and proven products. If your basement, crawl space, concrete, foundation or other elements of your home need repair, chances are TerraFirma holds the tools and resources to get it done right!

Our foundation repair services in Vancouver:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Crawl space repair
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Foundation repair
  • Concrete repair
  • Concrete lifting
  • Earthquake retrofitting
  • And more!

Call us today, or complete the provided form to schedule your FREE estimate. We look forward to hearing from you in Vancouver!

Concrete & foundation contractors

TerraFirma is your trusted team of foundation repair contractors. Whether you have a tilting chimney, bowing walls, cracked floors or structural settlement, TerraFirma has the products to reinforce your foundation without replacement, a much more cost-effective solution. We also tend to cracked, sunken and uneven concrete with our proven concrete repair system. We can raise your concrete and repair cracks with our selection of products from Supportworks.

Our proven foundation & concrete repair systems:

  • Foundation wall anchors
  • Foundation pier systems
  • Crawlspace support posts
  • TerraFirma concrete lifting
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • And more!

If you are interested in learning more about our concrete, foundation repair and more, call us today for a FREE estimate for repair!

Basement waterproofing

TerraFirma is your team of basement waterproofing professionals. We keep our homeowners in mind through every step of our basement repair and basement waterproofing processes.

With TerraFirma's basement waterproofing, Vancouver homeowners can expect:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Wall coverings
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Window wells & additional products

What are the benefits of crawl space encapsulation in Vancouver?

When you choose TerraFirma's crawl space encapsulation for your Vancouver home, you're choosing quality, efficiency & inspired customer service. Say goodbye to musty odors, mold growth and low-quality indoor air. We install vapor barriers, sump pumps, crawl space access wells, as well as exterior downspout extensions to direct water away from your home. Encapsulating your crawl space will add value, increase indoor air quality and offer extra storage space. Finally, your crawl space will be add to your home instead of taking away from it.

Call, email or complete the provided form to schedule your in-home crawl space inspection and estimate for any of our services. We offer completely free, no obligation estimates for our work in Vancouver. Call us today to schedule yours and to learn more about how we can add value and comfort to your home.

Job Stories From Vancouver, WA
Crawl Space with Dry Rot Vancouver, WA

    When a crawl space or basement isn't properly waterproofed or protected from moisture, issues are going to arise, especially in the northwest. Vancouver, WA home owner Al and Patricia H. have a large crawl space with a large amount of water, giving them a large problem. The issues have been around long enough to create a significant amount of dry rot in the load beams. Knowing they had an issues that wasn't going to fix itself, they called TerraFirma after seeing numerous positive reviews on Yelp.

    Design Specialist Josh Anderson suggested that after the mold is removed using Mold X spray, that the crawl space be encapsulated to eliminate the chance of further dry rot or mold development. By controlling all groundwater seepage, uncoupling the earth from the house, blocking off the vents and installing a dehumidifier, Al and Patricia are able to control moisture, water, and temperature levels under their home.

    By performing this service to their home, not only are Al and Patricia restoring market value but creating a more comfortable, healthier more energy efficient living situation.

Crawl Space Insulation Vancouver, WA

    The benefits to properly conditioning your crawl space are endless, and like all home improvements, the earlier you have them performed, the sooner you can enjoy those benefits. Whether the reasons be for energy conservation, high performance home systems, money savings, health, home comfortability, there is no wrong answer so take your pick. For Vancouver, WA home owners Jim and Gail, their crawl space was in great condition already. The waterproofing system was working great, and there was virtually no moisture in the area. Their goal was to insulate their crawl space and provide more comfort in their home.

    SilverGlo wall insolation is installed on the interior siding of the foundation walls in the crawl space. This solution is designed to reflect warm air back into the crawl space. By retaining warmth, not only can you, your family and guests enjoy the comfort, but also reduced energy consumption and expenses through not having to heath the home as much.

    Like before, there are countless benefits to crawl space repair and conditioning. Just take your pick.

Sinking Slab Vancouver, WA

    Cement slabs will settle for two main reasons. The first is the weight of the supported structure is too much for the soils or two, water will wash out soils from underneath and create voids that the slabs will settlement into. Vancouver, WA home owner Scott C. was experiencing uneven and cracked slabs throughout his property. After searching online for a company that could help him level out his property, he found TerraFirma and the concrete leveling solution.

   Our concrete leveling solution is a lightweight polyurethane that is injected under the sinking slab into the void. Once injected, the polyurethane foam expands and fills the void completely. Because of it's high capacity and light weight, the slabs are lifted and no extra weight is added to the soils below to encourage more settlement. 

    This is a perfect residential and commercial solution with quick and easy application. Scott is happy to have a level yard again that he can be confident will stay like this for many years to come. 

Properly Waterproof the First Time

Many times our team inspects homes that are continuing to have water issues in their basement because they hired some other contractor who only finished the job half way. That's when they call us. Deryl George inspected a home in Battle Ground, WA and found this exact scenario. 

To some extent the waterproofing system was working; however, there was no proper removal of the water and it was draining right back into and under the home. The solution was to up the fire power of their sump pump system and install proper discharge line. Deryl designed a two sump pump system at opposite ends of the basement and a discharge line that properly removed water out of the basement and away from the foundation.

Michael G. is now happy to have a waterproof, livable basement, increasing the square footage and value of his home.

Smart Jacks and Cleanspace Beautify Home in Vancouver, WA

The Northwest is a beautiful place to live. The landscape is so diverse and green because of the year round heavy rain fall. Although these conditions are why our terrain is so beautiful, it can be harmful to your home and specifically the foundation. A Vancouver, Washington home has suffered from years of moisture problems causing the humidity and mold levels to rise, and the floors to sag due to rotting supports. To restore the value of the home, the foundation will need to be stabilized and the crawl space environment conditioned. 

To achieve the first goal, Smart Jack posts were installed and secured to the support beams under the house. These easy to install and adjust steel supports will not only stabilize the foundation from continuing to sag, but will also raise the floor up to eliminate the "bounce" in your step. To achieve the second goal of conditioning the crawl space environment a combination of products were installed; Cleanspace liner isolates the air from the Earth, SilverGlo wall insulation regulates air temperature reflecting warm air back into the home, insulating and heating at the same time, and a sump pump and dehumidifier to regulate the moisture and humidity levels.

the Rauch's are very happy with their new crawl space, all the while improving the comfortability for their family and increasing energy efficiency. A win-win all the way around.

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