Work Requests in Ashland

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Learn more about TerraFirma Foundation Systems' recent work requests in Ashland, OR
Vicinity of Glenwood Dr in Ashland
The wall in the downstairs room is constantly moist. No major leakage, just paint chipping off. The downstairs is still ground level since the house is built on a hill. The concrete wall in question is about 3/4 below ground level and forms the foundation. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Other Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Oak Knoll Dr in Ashland
Garage slab has lifted significantly in center, cracks. We will be doing some remodeling, new roof and want to be sure everything is good from the bottom up. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Referred by a Friend Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Glenwood Drive in Ashland
Retaining wall in back is slipping
Vicinity of in Ashland
Water in basement from a continuous flow Additional information: Best Time To Call: Any Time Best Day To Call: Any Day
Vicinity of in Ashland
Found wood rot - would be great if you could come out to look today. we are here all day. thx
Vicinity of N Wightman St in Ashland
Cracking around foundation & interior walls. Property slopes downhill directly behind house. House is 20+ yrs old.
Vicinity of in Ashland
Considering purchase of a home in Ashland, built in 1910. Side walls have sunk a few inches. Wish for cheapest possible repair to level the floor and stabilize foundation for foreseeable future. Hope not to raise the house and pour fresh foundation. Need estimate before going ahead with purchase. Thanks.
Vicinity of Rose Ln in Ashland
In the winter water from the back yard goes under the house.
Vicinity of Spring Way in Ashland
We have a rental at this address with a porch slumping into a water-pipe wash out. Need to inspect, estimate and repair. Call cell
Vicinity of Garfield Street in Ashland
We have recently found a crack in our foundation,between the blocks. Possibly from a neighboring tree. We would love an assessment please.
Vicinity of in Ashland
I have a 30' x 14' crawl space with concrete walls, no vents, and a wood floor above, with fiberglass batts and a clear moisture barrier stapled to the joists. The floor is bare dirt with black plastic cover, and this black plastic is always wet when I go down there. There is a hatch to enter from inside the building. I'd like to use it for storage, but the moisture seems a big issue. I'd like to know what your company can offer.
Vicinity of Almond Street in Ashland
I have a crawl space under an old house in Ashland. It needs cleaning, a vapor barrier, and insulation. Thank you
Vicinity of Grover St in Ashland
I'm looking for a spray on waterproofing for an indoor custom built spa. The waterproofing would be on the exterior surface of the "spa box" which is in the crawl space of my house. The spa is 99% water tight, but I have a few persistent drips I am unable to control. There is easy lighted access. I'd like your professional opinion and guidance. Cost is only a slight consideration, a good product is what I'm looking for. THANKS!!
Vicinity of Butler Creek Rd in Ashland
Irrigation water seeps up from basement floor...runs from perimeter drain
Vicinity of Scenic Drive in Ashland
Home built in 1910 is experiencing some of the foundation falling off.
Vicinity of Morton St in Ashland
I have a 1959 ranch house with foundation and crawl space problems, including unlevel floors, crooked piers, evidence of (old) water damage, and (sometimes) odor.
Vicinity of Easterling Lane in Ashland
Side patio slipping from house
Vicinity of Beacon Hill Lane in Ashland
Poured perimeter foundation on graded pad over 2-3 percent downgrade. Humbolt and cobble clay. Standing headroom in crawl space where foundation failing. Cracks across N and E perimeter pours (approx 50' total run) foundation falling to NW. Ceiling and wall cracks - poorly fitting doors/windows.
Vicinity of Mill Pond Road in Ashland
We have a water problem under our house in the crawl space. When it rains, water collects there. An electrician noticed it several weeks ago and recommended that we install a sump pump.
Vicinity of Oak in Ashland
Excessive water in crawlspace, want to deal with sump pump and new vapor sealant
Vicinity of in Ashland
The house is 2-1/2 years old. Several windows and doors do not not closing properly. I have also noticed several cracks in the foundation.