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In a word excellent. Nina at the call center was very polite and was able to answer my initial questions and schedule a time for Ryan to come out for an estimate. TerraFirma was able to provide the services that I need and Ryan was able to explain things in ways I could understand. The price seemed reasonable for the quality of service I needed and I felt that Ryan didn't need to do anything more to gain my trust or feel more comfortable. Ryan went above and beyond my expectations. We will be getting our service done through TerraFirma because they are the best in town.
Patsy Q. of Redmond, OR
Friday, June 7th
We are currently doing our own independent research to make sure this is the best option for our house. I'm feel great about how Casey explained things to me, I just like to do a little of my own research on the side for piece of mind. Casey gave us more than enough information during his visit so we now have a great understanding of where the project rooted from and the next steps would be. Casey was extremely professional and clearly knowledgeable in the field. The long term guarantee is the most comforting thing for me and my family as we now know homes are constantly shifting and changing. Thank you TerraFirma for everything.
Jami E. of Oakland, OR
Monday, June 10th
The crew was very professional and polite. Answered all my questions.
Clarence B. of Baker City, OR
Wednesday, April 9th
We chose TerraFirma over other companies because they offered a better solution to our situation. The crew was professional and informative. They were well mannered and worked very hard. We were very impressed with their work. We will tell others of your business!
Ellis M. of Stanfield, OR
Wednesday, December 21st
The team was very helpful and did a great cleaning job.
Glenda R. of White Salmon, WA
Wednesday, April 9th
Kevin designed a great waterproofing system and we are very happy with the results. Typically when it would rain hard for 2 to 3 days at a time, water starts to seep through the bottom of our daylight basement walls. There are some cracks in the foundation and when it rains really hard, the water sometimes seeps up through those as well. I am confident in the products and the design to keep my basement dry all the time.
Robin D. of Trout Lake , WA
Monday, January 20th
I recently called your company with concerns over flooding in our crawl space. I want to say, first of all, that the young lady I talked with on the phone was wonderful. She was kind, informative, thoughtful and kept in constant contact with me until an appointment could be made. Ryan Lahley came to our house to evaluate our crawl space problem and to make recommendations. He was simply awesome as well. He was very knowledgeable, efficient and I believe his recommendations made sense! I want to thank everyone involed for thier efforts in solving this problem.
Vonnie W. of Bend, OR
Thursday, June 21st
Ryan is the perfect employee. He is personable, projects a very sincere persona and is very committed to his products. Our only initial hang up was financing the project so we just had to get things squared away with that before we moved forward. Ryan presented many different options for us on that front. We had already trusted his motive, so we were very comfortable with the financing options. We thought the call center was very polite and was able to schedule an appointment at my convenience. Ryan was punctual and I already expressed how we felt about his overall performance. 
Ron & Shirley L. of Bend, OR
Thursday, June 27th
We were looking to sell the home. While we were getting initial inspection on the value of the home, we were constantly told to get our crawl space finished. In our mind, crawl space finishing, especially in Bend, OR seemed silly. This is why we were so happy to have Chris as our representative. After he went through his presentation and talked about the benefits of having a finished crawl space, we now saw what the inspectors were talking about. We were able to sell our home for about 10% more than what we initially though and a lot faster than we would have otherwise. Chris is a great representation of your company and we are so glad we called TerraFirma.
Ian G. of Bend, OR
Monday, June 17th
Very professional, hard working. Answered all my questions and concerns.
Brian R. of Hood River, OR
Monday, June 2nd
I requested your email so that I could pass along my praise for your employees Trayton and Jake last week. They exhibited professionalism, excellent communication skills, competence, and were a pleasure to work with. I have passed along your companies contact information to several of my neighbors. 
Rita D. of Woodinville, WA
Thursday, April 23rd
I had researched french drains due to a problem area in our driveway that was compromising our garages, garage doors, and cuasing an infestation of mosquitoes. My research led me to your companies website and information. I was thrilled that you offered free estimates, so I promptly phoned. Patrick arrived and I pointed out the puddle in the driveway and he quickly stated that your company no longer did french drains. I told him I was very disappointed for that was the main reason for the appointment. We proceeded to the basement, where I let him know my husband was going to install a sump pump and we spoke in length about your company's services and our prior dilemmas due to recent water damage. Patrick was gracious and so personable as well as so confident in your companies services that I started thinking that maybe we could hire your company to install a sump pump instead of a home spun job. Patrick sold your company so completely that I wrangled my husband into the notion that a professional team sounded like the direction we should go. Patrick also said maybe you could also do the french drain as a courtesy (paid of course) since you would be doing the sump pump anyway. Patrick left me with lots of brochures and high hopes as well as the promise to come back with another professional to look at our french drain situation etc. The day  of the install the friendly team arrived and went over the approach of the job at hand. The work was underway and I realized that the placement of the french drain seemed off. Everyone once again graciously talked with me and unfortunately the scratch in the concrete of 25ft had been laid and I was assured that the low spot had been addressed. I had a knot in my stomach and after interrupting the progress two or three times, I decided they were the professionals and they were solving our problem, so let them work. The reason for my lengthly letter is to let you kow how much I appreciate your efforts and company as a team. We had several issues come up in which fell on the shoulders of your company. I want to again let you know how professional and hard workinig I saw your company consistently be, even when approached on the spot and after a hard couple of days. I would recommend our company to anyone with great pride. Your ability to remain professional with out excuses and with a problem-solving attitude and quality of people and workmanship is I am sure what has made you successful. I hope my project would not stop you from creative solutions for another family in the future. My husband and I have been in the design/build business for our whole careers and feel confident in our observation of this situation as a success. Please accept my respectful appreciation of your company and specifically; Patrick, Levi, Chad, Kyle, Greg and the front desk for taking my call!
Stephanie K. of Welches, OR
Thursday, June 21st
Our initial call was handled with courtesy and efficiency. Our system design specialist Kecvin knew his stuff and was promptly on time. We were able to come upon an agreement of which solution would be best for this particular issue and also worked within our budget. We liked working with your company because we received an estimate on the day of inspection and they were quick to help finance and schedule a date of installation. We have nothing but positive things to say about the company. 
Logan S. of Welches, OR
Tuesday, June 18th
I wish all customer service companies & product personnel were the same. We chose your company because you were the only one to understand our needs and how to fix the problem.
Susan and Mark H. of Washougal, WA
Tuesday, June 20th
We are verry happy with the results from Terra Firma. The guys are great and they did an amazing job.
Susan and Mark H. of Washougal, WA
Monday, August 29th
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