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Foundation Piers Installed in Portland and nearby in Oregon and Washington

Our foundation pier systems will permanently stabilize your home's foundation

Our System Design Specialists have the expertise to help you understand which type of solution will be the best fit for your foundation needs. When foundation piers are needed, we will use push piers, helical piers, grouted micropile piers or a combination of these, depending on different factors with your home. We also install piers to support decks, retaining walls, and other structures. All of our foundation piering systems are backed by a long-term, 75-year transferable warranty.

Call us today at 1-866-486-7196 or click below to learn more about how we can help you with foundation pier installation. We offer free estimates in Portland, Eugene, Medford and throughout the nearby areas.

Expertly designed and manufactured foundation piers

As part of the international Supportworks network, TerraFirma has access to the highest quality foundation products available, and, they are manufactured right here in the United States. Our foundation piers have been engineered for minimal disturbance to your home and a fast, effective installation. All of our foundation pier systems are hot dipped galvanized steel, which allows for long-term strength and corrosion resistance. Our foundation piers are installed by our in-house crews of foundation professionals.

Our Foundation Piers

TerraFirma helical Pier

TerraFirma Helical Pier

Our helical pier system prevents your foundation from further settlement, helps close foundation cracks and improves the function of windows and doors. Helical piers also have the potential to lift your home back to its original level. The main purpose of a helical pier is to transfer structural loads to the surrounding soil. Helical piers are used for a variety of applications in tension, compression and lateral. They can be installed with handheld equipment making then ideal for repairs with challenging access.

TerraFirma Push Pier

TerraFirma Push Pier

Our push pier system prevents your foundation from further settlement, helps close foundation cracks and improves the function of windows and doors. Push piers also have the potential to lift your home back to its original level. Push piers are tubular shafts made of hot dipped, galvanized steel tubing. Each pier is pushed into the soil until it reaches a solid bearing stratum, effectively transfering the load from the surface foundation to a deeper competent soil or bedrock. Push piers can be installed in interior or exterior locations, and require only minimal excavation and operating space. The installation process allows our expert installers to constantly monitor the pier capacity, ensuring the required specifications are met or exceeded on every pier without additional, costly testing.

TerraFirma Pre-Construction Pier

TerraFirma Pre-Construction Pier

TerraFirma's pre-construction piering solutions help ensure strong foundations in all soil conditions. Pre-construction piering uses helical piles that are designed to be installed prior to a concrete footing, grade beam, or other load. Because they do not require cure time and excavation can be minimal, they can be swiftly installed and immediately bear weight. This kind of piering is intended provide the most reliable foundation. A typical application might include replacing deck footings that are sinking and failing. In cases that the existing foundation has failed and needs to be replaced or you're going to pour a new foundation, the pre-construction pier is the solution that will last a lifetime.

TerraFirma Grouted MicroPile

TerraFirma Grouted MicroPile Pier

TerraFima's grouted MicroPile piers are typically used when challending conditions-such as steep slopes, deep sand, rocky or wet soil, or complex geology-impede the function of other foundation piers. Drilled and grouted MicroPiles provide a deep foundation option capable of penetrating obstructions to bear within competent bedrock as well as increase the stability and load-bearing capacity of the surrounding soils.

Restore your foundation with quality foundation piers

If you know there's something wrong with your foundation but aren't sure where to start, the experts at TerraFirma have got you covered. We can diagnose the problem and decide if a foundation pier system is right for you!

Call us at 1-866-486-7196 or contact us online to get started on your foundation repair needs. We offer free estimates on all our foundation repair products in Portland, Eugene, Medford, Seattle, Tacoma, Salem, Renton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Roseburg and throughout the surrounding areas.

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