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Foundation Repair In Oregon and Washington

EverBrace provides a durable & lightweight structural system

Whether your home has bowing basement walls, a deteriorating foundation, or needs reliable seismic retrofitting services, TerraFirma installs a lightweight, durable, and affordable solution with EverBrace. EverBrace is an innovative structural system that reinforces weak foundation walls, providing vertical support and additional strength for homes.

TerraFirma is an exclusive installer of EverBrace system

This video will show you how we install the EverBrace system!

EverBrace Solves:

  • Bowed Basement Walls
  • Failing/Deteriorating Walls
  • Cracked/Settled Walls
  • Seismic Retrofitting for Walls

Schedule a free foundation repair estimate to see if EverBrace is right for your home. We service Oregon and Washington homeowners in Vancouver, Portland, Tacoma, and areas nearby.

Why choose EverBrace foundation repair

At TerraFirma, we only offer the most innovative and durable foundation repair solutions in the industry. That is why we install EverBrace, which provides long-lasting and cost-effective structural support for your home.

EverBrace can also address a variety of applications, including:

  • Seismic Retrofitting
    EverBrace Seismic Retrofitting in Salem

    EverBrace offers lightweight and durable protection against vertical pressure caused by earthquakes.

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    While many seismic retrofitting contractors install clips to secure your home to the foundation, they often don't consider strengthening the walls. If your home has basement wall issues such as bowing, cracks, or deterioration, then this stabilization will be useless if your home collapses.

    In an earthquake, EverBrace will protect your home by connecting floor joists to galvanized steel beams encased in concrete footings, which run along basement walls. This means that your cracked, bowing, or deteriorating foundation walls will be stabilized by chevron and x-style lateral bracing vertical beams, creating a strong seismic retrofitting system overall.

  • Bowing Foundation Walls
    EverBrace Bowing Foundation Wall Repair in Eugene

    EverBrace protects bowing foundation walls with an innovative stabilization system.

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    If your home has tilting and bowing basement walls, then that is a clear sign of foundation damage. While we provide wall anchors, wall braces, and other foundation repair solutions for bowing walls, we also offer EverBrace.

    EverBrace is an affordable bowing foundation wall repair solution that includes a patented engineering system that connects floor joists to galvanized steel beams encased in concrete footings. With chevron and x-style lateral bracing between vertical beams, this system will not only protect the structure from soil pressure, but it also addresses vertical pressure.

    Also, because EverBrace has an I-beam system composed of lightweight sheet metal, our system weighs half as much as traditional support systems but provides just as much stabilization.

  • Deteriorating & Failing Foundation Walls
    EverBrace Failing Foundation Wall Repair in Eugene

    EverBrace is an affordable, durable structural repair solution.

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    While we offer a number of solutions for failing foundation walls and soil pressure, including wall braces and anchors, we also install EverBrace for cracked, deteriorating, and failing basement walls.

    EverBrace has a patented engineering system that connects floor joists to durable steel beams that are encased in concrete footings. With lateral bracing, which includes chevron and x-style supports, this system will address soil pressure and vertical pressure.

    It's sheet metal I-beam system also provides the strength of traditional hot-rolled steel support systems but is half the weight.

Schedule a free EverBrace installation estimate today

The EverBrace foundation repair system addresses a number of structural issues, including seismic retrofitting as well as failing and bowing basement walls. Schedule a free estimate to see if EverBrace is right for your home.

TerraFirma proudly service Oregon and Washington homeowners, including Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Renton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Kent, and areas nearby.

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