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Air Purifiers

The air in your home can contain pollutants that cause allergies, asthma, and an increased risk of long-term illness. A professional Air Purifier is great for cleaning your air and battling against allergies, smoke, pet dander, mold, viruses, and more.

Aspen Air Purifier

Aspen is a professional-grade air purifier that covers 1,500 square feet using 100% safe purification methods. Other air purifiers use technology that can be harmful or have adverse effects on your health, such as UV lights, ionizers, or ozone generators.


  • Removes more than 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns.
  • Reduces allergies, asthma, and risk of long-term illness.
  • Uses up to 85% less electricity than your traditional AC fan.
  • 3-stage air filtration process for maximum air purification.
  • 10-year warranty with filter subscription and a 2-year standard warranty.
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Inventor Tanner Janesky describes Aspen’s journey from start to finish, and his determination to address a broad range of allergens with a compact, efficient, easy-to-install purification system.

Unique 3-Stage Air Filtration Process

Aspen’s three custom-designed filters allow maximum airflow and filtration effectiveness. Each stage of the purification process uses a different filter to remove different pollutants from your air. The rest of the unit is designed around the filters. The filters include:

  • Allergy Filter: Removes mold, pet dander, pollen, dust mite droppings, asbestos, & more!
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Removes VOCs, odors, formaldehyde, chemicals, tobacco smoke, & more!
  • Microparticle HEPA Filter: Removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns, including smoke, soot, bacteria, smog, viruses, & more!

Efficiency And Safety

Other air purifiers use technology that can be harmful or have adverse effects on your health, such as UV lights, ionizers, or ozone generators. Our unit keeps your health in mind and is safe to use. Aspen Air Purifiers use 100% safe purification methods and are guaranteed not to produce ozone.

TerraFirma takes efficiency seriously, just like your health and safety. Aspen Air Purifiers are built with EC fan technology and use up to 85% less electricity than your traditional AC fan. The efficiency gains are even more pronounced at lower fan speeds, which are used most frequently. An efficient air purifier will save you money on electricity while effectively cleaning your air.

Our unit is safe, easy to use, and includes easy-to-change filters, making it a great option for use anywhere in your home where you want clean air. They cover up to 1,500 square feet. Our Aspen Units also include a 10-year warranty with filter subscription and a 2-year standard warranty.

Ducts distributing the air into and out of the room means the Aspen will positively impact the entire house.

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The Ultimate Indoor Air Quality Solution: Aspen & Sedona

Undoubtedly, the Aspen Air Purifier offers a wide variety of benefits, including its ability to remove over 99.97% of particles from the air and its easy-to-use design. However, with the help of the SaniDry Sedona, a highly effective dehumidifier that keeps the relative humidity down all year round, you can achieve the absolute healthiest indoor air quality available. Each of these two systems has been deemed a “Miracle Machine” for the unbeatable results they provide to homeowners, and for good reason!

When the Aspen Air Purifier is paired with the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, the results are astounding. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier is the world’s most efficient high-performance dehumidifier, eliminating water from the air using less electricity. While the Sedona keeps air dry, the Aspen Air Purifier uses three-stage custom designed filters to remove even the smallest particles from the air in your home. The combination of the Aspen Air Purifier and the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier offers an uncompromising way to get extraordinary results, allowing you to reap the benefits of clean, healthy air.

The Aspen Air Purifier pairs with the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to provide optimum indoor air quality throughout your entire home.

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Leaky basement? Moldy odors? You’re not alone. We’ve helped families across Oregon & Washington breathe easier with our Basement Waterproofing Systems.
Check out some tips and examples of our waterproofing work here.


We take pride in our years of experience making homes dry, safe, and stable. From Ashland to Corvallis, Beaverton to Olympia, our Basement Waterproofing clients have given us great feedback.

Seth has been really awesome. He is professional and very patient. We had many questions. He took time to answer them all and come over twice to make sure the detail were accurate. I'm happy to have met him and look forward to our basement being fixed!
Fair quote and strong workmanship. They came in and got the job done quickly. Our basement issue seems to be resolved. I'd recommend TerraFirma!
As a residential broker in western WA I’m always interacting with different foundation & basement specialists. TerraFirma is the best I’ve come across. The team there, especially Seth, is top notch. I always get an accurate & reasonable solution from them regardless of the size of the job. I’m working with Seth on a project now & it’s been great. Highly recommend!
Our house is built in the SW hills of Portland originally in 1938, with a 2003 addition. TerraFirma waterproofing product has been a significant update to a...
Terra Firma was really great to work with from our first meeting to the completion of the project. Hannah was our project designer, Kevin G. was our foreman, and Zach F. and Dorian assisted and all did a great job! Due to the cost of the project, we had to make a number of modifications along the way. And once they completed the demolition, they had to make another modification. However, their communication was great and they finished the project right on time and they did great, high quality work. I would definitely recommend Terra Firma for your basement issues.
TerraFirma has been great to work with overall on a big basement water problem I've been dealing with. Big thanks to Antonio R. and Gael O. for their work today - they were great!
Robert Carmona and his team were professional, thorough, and pleasant to work with. They did an excellent job leak proofing our basement - we're thrilled with the result! They also left the place better than they found it. I so appreciate their hard work. Thank you Robert et al!
I had a positive experience with vapor barrier application to my basement walls, a draining system install that wraps around the basement walls, installation of a sump pump, foundation crack repair, sealing/ vapor barrier install in a crawlspace.
Terra Firma did an excellent job waterproofing our basement. Their team was professional, efficient, and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend Terra Firma for any basement waterproofing needs! Jonah did an amazing job during the sales consultation providing answers to all questions and for only what we needed. The crew of Rocky and Harley are awesome. They did such an excellent job and made sure to explain everything to me along the way. Thank you! 🙏🏻
With a water floored basement, we contacted Terra Firma to locate the water source which they did in no time. They explained, in detail, what would be done to fix the problem and went to work. They were respectful of our furnishings covering to protect them from limited dust. They were professional and the project was completed on time. We are very satisfied with the end result, quality of workmanship, and price. We would recommend them for foundation work of any type.

basement waterproofing Homeowner Questions

Which vapor barrier is best for weeping walls?

The VaporLoc Elite Wall System is better for weeping walls than other commonly used vapor barriers. The VLE system has double sealed seams, waterproof material (not water-resistant), and is much thicker than vapor barriers available at retail stores.

Basement waterproofing: interior vs exterior – which is better?

Interior waterproofing generally provides the most serviceable, comprehensive, and longest lasting solution.

Will a wet basement pass inspection?

Home inspectors cannot pass or fail a home, but only call out defects and make suggestions to consult a qualified contractor.

How long does basement waterproofing last?

TerraFirma-installed waterproofing systems are expected to last decades with regular care & maintenance. We also warranty our installations, our WaterGuard and DryTrak drainage systems come with a transferrable lifetime warranty. Terms apply, view the details here. We stand by our work and the quality of the systems we install.

Should I consider a vapor barrier if I’m not planning to finish my basement?

Even if you’re not planning on finishing your basement at this time, our wall panels can create a cleaner, brighter appearance while insulating and waterproofing your basement walls.