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Since 2006, TerraFirma provides micropile services and solutions for new construction projects, commercial renovations, building additions or newly identified foundation problems requiring remediation or repair. The unique capabilities of micropiles allow for a wide variety of repairs across a spectrum of commercial spaces, widening the TerraFirma portfolio of services.

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What Are Micropiles?

Micropiles utilize percussion-driven technology that combines hammering, rotation, and simultaneous grout injection. Unlike end-bearing piles, micropiles rely on the interaction between soil and grout to provide both tension and compression capacities. They are particularly advantageous for drilling through challenging soils and boulders to achieve precise depths as required.

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Why TerraFirma?

TerraFirma has consistently invested in equipment, personnel, and systems, along with our partners and suppliers, to ensure a top-quality finished product.

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Micropile Applications

When Do You Need Micropiles?

Micropiles are invaluable in various commercial foundation applications aimed at enhancing ground improvement, ensuring soil stability, and supporting foundation underpinning. Similar in function to helical piles, another expertise of TerraFirma, micropiles offer versatility, ease of installation in confined spaces, and a range of design loads tailored to different requirements.

Micropiles are particularly applicable in the following scenarios:

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How Micropile

Micropiles operate by penetrating through tough soils and cobbles using simultaneous percussion, rotary action, and grout injection. As the pile progresses, high-pressure grout is injected into the surrounding soil, forming irregularities that enhance bonding between the soil and the grout.

TerraFirma has pioneered innovative approaches in micropile applications, including the integration of brackets to lift structures after pile installation and unique push pile techniques. This method involves pre-drilling with a down-in-the-hole hammer, filling the hole with grout, and then driving push piles through the softened grout until refusal. This process ensures a solid soil interface, confirms end-bearing capacity, and achieves drive to refusal.

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Delivering top-tier commercial foundation solutions requires seasoned engineers and proven results. TerraFirma’s extensive portfolio
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