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You already know that repairing concrete is significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than replacing it. Check out some of these great before/after results of our concrete repair work across Oregon and Washington.


From cracked, sunken, and tripped-over, to lifted, leveled, and repaired.
Thank you to these Oregon and Washington homeowners who trusted us with their concrete repair challenges.

Our problem was that our front yard had settled, taking parts of our huge concrete front porch and sidewalk down with it. We watched the cracks in the porch get wider every year, and the sidewalk sloped down and away from the house.TerraFirma evaluated our situation and explained what was happening around our house. Then they gave a very detailed explanation of how they would make the repairs - even what they could and could not do - complete with a video demonstration.The young man who showed up to do the work was very courteous and professional. It was fascinating watching portions of our porch and sidewalk being raised up, leveled, and the gaps coming together.We are very pleased with the end result and have recommended TerraFirma to others.
I had an amazing crew. Brad, my job foreman, communicated throughout the process and problem solved a couple issues with me. His crew worked hard and shared their perspectives as the job progressed. We started with a 4 inch slope and we were able to lift quite a bit. Brad and his crew discussed possible impact on the roof, windows, French doors, and concrete foundation of the garage. They did a great job and addressed issues as they came up.They did additional stabilization where needed and hauled away some concrete. They were awesome. I would work with them again.I give them 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️Schylar, the foam foreman, was able to come in the next day and fill the gap created under the porch with foam, as well as bring my sidewalk up to meet the porch and level it with the sidewalk. Schyler was great to work with as well.I am disappointed in the sales technician that evaluated the job. He failed to notice that one side of the front porch was sitting on the foundation and how the porch was going to be affected by the lift. He also failed to notice or consider that I have a flat roof in the center of my home, surrounded on three sides by a peaked roof. This matters because the lift puts pressure upward that would typically carry over to the opposite foundation. This was not shared with me during the sales process. In my case, this pressure comes down where the peaked roof meets the flat roof which is on an interior wall.There is also the possibility that lifting one side of the foundation can cause the opposite side to need stabilization as well. This was not shared during the sales process. I give the sales technician one star ⭐️. When I shared these concerns with David, the field supervisor , I was left with the impression that it is just the way they do business.
Superb service! Excellent work. We asked them to lift (if possible), support and seal our driveway to stop some puddling, along with placing a new walkway to our front door. The concrete work was very nice, beyond complaint. The driveway was a question mark to start with, but they did well. Upon leaving, they invited us to call if we needed more adjustment. We did, and found them to be immediately responsive and very pleasant. Upon leaving again, they repeated their invitation to call again. All personel overall were very pleasant and responsive. (I am not financially or personally affiliated with Terra Firma in any way!)
Professional! From the initial site visit w Ryan to set up w Nikki, excavation w Giovanni and crew, concrete work w Kevin and crew… and only one more step to completion. A new retaining wall can be a scary endeavor and these folks gave me 100% confidence. Five stars ⭐️
TerraFirma repaired our deck a few years ago from settling issues. They did a great job so I called them recently to address additional settling concerns with stairs behind the deck and the utility shed. Robert was the technician assigned to the project. Before he began the repairs, he discussed both parts of the project, seeking my input on what to expect with the outcome. I observed him doing his work throughout the day- he was professional and patient with the challenges that come with repairing a 50 year old home. I couldn't be more pleased with the result, and the interactions I had with Robert throughout the day. I highly recommend TerraFirma for repairs to concrete with settling issues.
Highly recommend this company. Needed a concrete pad and they were terrific. Matt and his crew were efficient, professional and did a great job. Plus they...
6/25/2024Seeing I did a review 2 months ago.. I am unable to make a new one- here is the update for the work we did!6/21-6/24/2024 Work started and completed by TerraFirma!We do not even know what to say, THANK YOU WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH, You all went Way above and beyond expectations. I added pictures.To the Friday crew, to install a piering system, Jake, Aden, Steven (sorry if I spelled it wrong) what can we say, from start to finish this team was a well oiled machine, worked really really well together, put up with my husband Mark and I and all our questions and chit chat. The time that was taken to ensure EVERYTHING was going right, was explained and to ensure the safety of our home was just awesome. We had a lot of fun with these guys in conversation and jokes. When all the work was done, you could not even tell anyone was at the house working all day. These 3 great guys were some of the most fun and charismatic group we have had at the house in years. 🙂 Last but not least.... Jake you are a wonderful teacher to the crew, you have great leadership and a pretty awesome work ethic.Monday with Robert for the leveling of the driveway, walkway and stairs to front door. Working for TerraFirma for 2.5 years, Robert showed much skill and patience, as he worked alone and took his time to ensure that the proper amounts of polyfill was being pushed into all the tiny little holes he drilled all over the place. A tedious process and Robert defiantly has the patience for this part. I asked lots of questions and was pleased with all the knowledge. Again, a crew member that went above and beyond to ensure that what we expected was completed.Robert's ability to close the gaps, level a drive way that had repairs 2 times prior and failed and seeing the garage door with no gapping really blew our minds! We truly could not be happier with the outcome. Towards the end of the day, Jon, a field Supervisor came by to help with the concrete work to fill in the pier holes in the garage. Jon was just the nicest and in the short amount of time he was at our home helping, he was knowledgeable and we had great conversation while he helped with the perfect concreate work! Looks good Jon, Thank you!My family and I would like to say, the longest part was waiting for permits once the work started, it went quick, it was done RIGHT, we are truly 100% satisfied with the outcome. Hands down will recommend TerraFirma to anyone that we know needs this kind of work done on their home.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!******************************************************************original post:My family and I are just getting started and can not wait to see what the end results are. For now I am rating what I KNOW with 5 stars and wish I could give more. If the work, the work ethic, the understanding and the compassion towards customers follows through this entire project the way it has just begun, I will tell you, I will brag on this company all day long!!I came across TerraFirma at the Tacoma Trade show March 2024. I spoke with both Samuel and Tulane regarding the issues at our home in South Hill Puyallup. I filled out a form, was contacted later the following week to schedule a FREE Estimate and had Samuel come to our home. Thinking we would just show him a couple things and Sam would be in and out in 30 mins, my husband and I were almost confused and very IMPRESSED with the 2.5 hour inspection, overview, breakdown of cost and mapping per say of the work area for our home. We found out and were educated on the scale of " oh S**t that is going on and that there was more to our project than a sinking driveway. Sam was beyond respectable and patient 😉 especially when listening to my concerns and questions on the what is next... and the cost of the what's next.We have now put down our deposit for work to be completed, due to permits that are needed, work can be up to 4 months out now, so Pierce county, please hurry... ;-)From our family to TerraFirma.... we look forward to working with you all soon.
Our basement waterproofing job was completed on schedule the crew was professional and easy to work with. When we have other foundation or concrete work to be done TerraFirma will be our first choice. Jonah was a good coordinator and everything went smoothly,
Had Seth Cunningham out this week for an estimate in Thurston County. We appreciated how thorough he was during the inspection and in creating the proposal.Seth was prompt, easy to work with and very professional! Unfortunately, full encapsulation of our crawl space was a little out of our budget as new homeowners, but if you are looking for any foundation or crawl space work done on your house we would definitely recommend having TerraFirma out to look at your place! I got the impression they are a top-of-the-line company that would take care of the homeowners they do business with. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family... Also plan to call them out if I have any concrete or foundation issues in the future.
I’ve always heard Terra Firma could repair sagging concrete on porches and they do. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Jonah our project manager was informative and although I might not like today’s prices it was less expensive than building a new deck. Ken and Dorian showed up on time, very professional, did a great job. After talking with Ken you could tell he had a lot of experience and it showed. I would Highly recommend using Terra Firma.