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Leaking in basements and crawl spaces in Seattle and Renton, WA

One of the primary concerns associated with rain in Seattle and
Renton is water leaking into homes. Rainwater can seep through
roofs, windows, and foundations, leading to leaks, moisture damage,
and mold growth if not properly addressed. Homes with older or
poorly maintained drainage systems may be particularly susceptible
to leaks during heavy rainfall.
Seattle’s hilly terrain can exacerbate drainage issues, leading to
pooling water around homes and potential leaking in basements
or crawl spaces.

Foundation and terrain challenges in Bellevue,
Kirkland and Auburn

One challenge posed by Bellevue, Kirkland and Seattle’s hills is
the potential for soil movement and instability. Gravity,
combined with the weight of the building and the presence of
water can result in wall and floor cracks. Stay alert for the
most common signs of foundation problems in your home.

TerraFirma protects homes from damp, wet basements and foundations around Seattle

SEATTLE Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cracks in my foundation or basement should I be concerned with?

What’s the cost of foundation repair in Seattle and Bellevue?

How to fix a leaking basement floor?

How to repair a sagging crawl space in Seattle and Bellevue?

How to stop water from leaking through my basement windows?

What type of pier to use for foundation repair in Seattle?

Are you noticing damp drywall and carpet in your basement?

How to repair damaged concrete in Seattle?

What’s the best way to repair concrete?

How to fix moisture issues in your crawl space?

How to protect my basement from leaking and flooding in Seattle?

What are the soil conditions in Seattle and Bellevue?


We offer free inspections to homeowners throughout King County. Contact us today and make sure your
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At TerraFirma we take pride in our work! We are trusted and referred by homeowners since 2005, to provide solutions for home foundations, basement and crawl space moisture, concrete leveling, and earthquake retrofitting.

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Google Rating
Based on 256 reviews
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Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.
Throughout the greater Seattle area, including Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland, Auburn, and beyond, our work speaks for itself

For Seth Cunningham: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Terrafirma should be very proud to have Seth Cunnigham as their first impression. Punctual, professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. Seth assessed our crawl space and provided us with a thorough explanation (photos) of the situation, options (videos) and itemization (documentation) of each potential solution. He is a delightful young man who I would recommend without hesitation.
Seth has been really awesome. He is professional and very patient. We had many questions. He took time to answer them all and come over twice to make sure the detail were accurate. I'm happy to have met him and look forward to our basement being fixed!
I recently purchased a home that I knew had water encroachment in the basement. Terra Firma came and presented what can be done and I knew it had to be done. Tieran and his crew came in and did exactly what was explained to me. They answered all my questions and I feel very confident it will be a dry basement going forward. I highly recommend this company for any work that needs to be done to foundation, water issues, crawl space etc. Fantastic company!
We had a very good experience with Seth Cunningham. He actually did go into the crawl space and really inspected the whole space; 5 starts for Seth.
I should have posted a review years ago when Terra Firm lifted up our sinking home in Olympia (the floor was an inch below the baseboards) and encapsulated...
Thank you Seth for your help in obtaining a fair and complete estimate on the project to stabilize our cracked driveway ! I appreciate your approach and your awesome personality!! A+++ job😁
From the estimate to the finish Terra Firma personnel were top notch. We are pleased with their work. They used high quality materials, and the crew were hard workers.We had a small glitch, but they took care of it right away.
Seth came out and did a very thorough evaluation. Recommended how to proceed going forward and was extremely professional. Really looking forward to working with them.
Had TerraFirma come to our home for estimate to level our drive way, which had been "leveled" 2x prior and failed, Turns out, in less than 1.5 yrs, our home fell forward 1.78 inches and cracked our foundation in 3 places... YIKES! The work got underway once permits came in, the 2 crews did an install of 4 piers indide our garage and leveled a driveway, walkway and entry steps.
Hands Down, we are beyond words Beyond expectations happy with our now Safe home!! If you need any of the services TerraFirma provides, hit me up... I will fill you in on how professional, respectful and knowledgeable their crews and staff are! In all 5 Star ratings, we wish we could give a 10+
I met with Seth and he represented the company very well.


With over 20 years of experience fixing foundations, basements, and crawlspaces, we know Seattle.
Maybe a little too well. Read on to find helpful homeowner tips, case studies, and before & after galleries
from our worlk in Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, and beyond.

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