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Need Urgent Service?

Protect Your Investment with Annual Maintenance

Benefits of Maintenance

You’ve invested in protecting your home. Protect that investment. TerraFirma’s technicians will schedule on-site maintenance services for all systems installed by TerraFirma. 

Preventative equipment maintenance is key to extending equipment life.  While a common perception may be that paying for preventative maintenance is unnecessary spending, the reality is that without it, you’re often left with more expensive repairs. 
Homeowners across Roseburg, Eugene, Portland, and Seattle, know that annual maintenance is essential in making sure your system remains functional when the big rains come.

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Keep equipment running Efficiently

When TerraFirma installs your equipment, it is in optimal shape. New equipment runs like a well-oiled machine — and that’s good for your home. When equipment runs efficiently, water stays out, your home remains stable, and the air in your home remains safe.

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Prevent Small Problems From Growing Over Time

Over time, the soil under your home may shift, debris may clog pump systems, and weather events will affect your foundation, crawl space, or basement equipment. Annual maintenance is key to preventing these small changes over time from becoming big, expensive problems.

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Boost Your Resale Value

Should you decide to sell your home in the future, detailed maintenance records will contribute to a higher home value. Service records and documentation are a great way to help potential buyers be as confident in your TerraFirma systems as you are. 

Schedule your
Annual Maintenance

Schedule your
Annual Maintenance

What We Service

So it’s time for your annual maintenance. What exactly will we be doing in your home? Here are some of the services our skilled technicians will be doing at your appointment: 

Basement Waterproofing
& Sump Pumps

Crawl space Dehumidifiers

Foundation Piering Systems

Wall Stabilization Systems

Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Crawl Space Support Posts 

urgent service

Urgent or emergency service for existing
TerraFirma waterproofing customers.

Urgent or emergency service is only available for existing TerraFirma waterproofing customers.

If you are experiencing property damage or flooding as a result of a failing pump or battery backup, please call 866-486-7196 and select option 2 to be connected with our Service department.

If you are calling outside of working hours, know that we monitor this line during rain events. 

Please note: Reactive and/or Emergency service fees apply and may vary. Fees start at $89.99 for visits during business hours.

Many urgent issues, including a tripped GFI, can be resolved by making sure your items are properly powered. Prior to calling, please verify that your sump pump and/or dehumidifier is PLUGGED IN to its own dedicated electrical outlet as agreed upon in your warranty. Use of extension cords for sump pumps and /or dehumidifiers is not recommended or within your warranty.

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Signs of an emergency include,
but are not limited to:

tf alert circle serviceWaterWatch® Alarm sounding continuously
tf alert circle servicePump running continuously during dry weather
tf alert circle serviceFlooding in basement or crawl space
tf alert circle serviceUltraSump® Battery backup alarm notification beep (without loss of power to the home)
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Emergency Services provided include:

tf alert circle servicePrimary and secondary pump replacement
tf alert circle serviceUltraSump® charger, DC pump, and powerpack backup replacement
Terrafirma Maintenance Service pump service

If you have a problem with your sump pump or another basement water issue, we can help!
Dirt & sediment build-up in a sump pump liner can cause pump failure. Of course, if your pump(s) fails – YOU GET FLOODED.

If you are experiencing property damage or flooding
as a result of a failing pump or battery backup,

Fees start at $89.99 for visits during business hours.

The emergency service is only available for TerraFirma waterproofing customers. All warranty work must be scheduled and performed during regular business hours. Emergency rates may apply for all service performed after business hours if such service is needed.


Check out some of our team’s top tips for keeping your home safe, dry, and healthy. For over 25 years our award-winning team has worked across Oregon and Washington from Medford to Corvallis, Vancouver to Olympia. We’ve got some great insider info to keep your family safe and healthy.


Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.
From Roseburg to Eugene, Portland to Seattle, our customers’ basements, crawl spaces, and foundations are safer, cleaner, and healthier.

My pest inspector found a lot of water in my crawl space after a routine inspection. A plumber found no leaks and believed it to be ground water. TerraFirma responded to my needs promptly and ended up digging a ditch around the inside perimeter of my crawl space, inserted pipe and covered with river rock for drainage. A sump pump was installed inside to drain outside. They took such care with the drain they dug outside that when they were finished you could hardly tell where they had dug the ditch. They took such care to protect my home - especially since the crawl space access was inside my home. They protected my floors and walls very carefully and completely - even with having to bring in numerous wheelbarrows of rock. They also cleaned up both inside and outside my home so you couldn't tell anyone had worked all day to completed this large job. They did an amazing job!!! Thank you TerraFirma for your great work ethic and service.
My 50 yr old house was beginning to slide down and sideways off the hill. Terra Firma fixed it! The warranty is for 75 years, and goes with the house, so future owners are protected. Professional hard working people. Recommend them 100%.
Terra Firma does annual maintenance on our crawlspace drainage system. This year, Marcus did an especially thorough job, spent extra time inspecting and cleaning all the vital parts of our system. Highly recommended.
I am so pleased with the professionalism of this company and I cannot say enough about all the individuals I worked with on this project. They were very attentive to my concerns, answered all my questions and made sure at the end of the project I was completely happy and satisfied with their work which I am extremely pleased with. With how much they had to do I was amazed they said it would take two days and they made that happen. It will be of great comfort to me when the rains begin and I will no longer have to fret and stew about how much water was sitting under my home, even though I had two sump pumps going. I now have six, so am sure and they guaranteed me I would no longer have to worry or fret over my water issue. I am so happy I chose TerraFirma and would highly recommend this company to anyone who is having issues with their home.Thank you to all at TerraFirma.Cheryl J
We lost power for 7 days & our battery backup for the sump pump didn't miss a beat!
Great experience, highly recommend! Replaced a faulty sump with a much better setup. Thank you, Terra Firma ❤️
I've had multiple interactions and services (including sump pump installation) done by TerraFirma, all good experiences. However our last service which was an inspection of our foundation was exceptional and warranted me to write a review. Our systems design specialist Tanner Heinz who came out was courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful to our home. We felt like he wasn't trying to oversell, just telling us straight facts and honest opinion. We trust our home is in good hands and came up with a game plan. If I owned a business we'd be lucky to have Tanner as an employee. Highly recommend this company.
Our 50's ranch sits on solid sandstone, and we've always had ground water running underneath and puddling, making the house damp and keeping us chasing mold and mildew. We figured there wasn't much we could do. But last spring during heavy rains, the old positive flow drain at the bottom of our large crawlspace collapsed and allowed three feet of water to accumulate, destroying the water heater and missing the suspended furnace by a half an inch. We stuck a temporary sump pump down there but it ran constantly and we were afraid to go away even for a few days. A brief power outage would have us biting our nails wondering if the crawlspace would fill up again. Finally we called TerraFirma. The house has a weird layout with odd additions here and there, but they came up with a plan to capture as much ground water as possible and route it to a three-way backup sump pump system. The team arrived and in one day had the drains and sump pit dug (out of solid sandstone, yet!) and the pump system installed. The crew was fast, polite and efficient. They even pointed out a plumbing leak I didn't know about that wasn't helping the situation at all! Now, for the first time in thirteen years, the crawlspace is dry--really dry, no more puddles, no more mold, the house is so much more pleasant, and we don't have to worry about going away or power outs. And if and when we decide to sell the house, we can assure potential buyers that they won't have to worry about dampness or flooding. The service plan is transferrable, which is even better. We were very impressed with TerraFirma and would recommend them for hard-to-solve water issues.Update September 2020: Went to refi the house and the TerraFirma treatment was a big plus for us!
Marcus was prompt, professional and very thorough! He did a very good job on the maintenance of our water pump system. He is definitly an asset to your company!
Terra Firma's Mickey came today for the annual "check-up" on our vapor-lock and pump system. From images taken before and after, plus warranteeing a changed...

Maintenance & Service

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