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Homeowners in Washington and Oregon – a seismically active region – face the very real threat of an earthquake. Many of the homes in the Pacific Northwest were not built to current seismic codes. Even a minor seismic event could cause your home to shift off the foundation leaving the structure severely damaged and unsafe.

Reasons to
retrofit your home

  • You reside in a high-risk, active seismic zone.
  • Improve your home’s ability to act as a shelter after an earthquake.
  • Can potentially reduce earthquake repair costs, insurance premiums, and deductibles.
  • Could qualify you for earthquake insurance if your home isn’t currently eligible.
  • Retrofitting your home can potentially reduce earthquake insurance premiums and deductibles-or qualify you for earthquake insurance if your home isn’t currently eligible.
tf seismic zone 1 retrofit
tf earthquake common signs retrofit

What are common signs of earthquake vulnerabilities?

The following are the most common home issues to look out for in Portland, Salem, Roseburg, and the Seattle-Tacoma areas:

tf unreinforced brick retrofit
Masonry like brick, tile, adobe, or decorative rock must be reinforced with bracings like rebar to withstand an earthquake. Unsupported load-bearing walls, exteriors, and other structures like chimneys are especially vulnerable to collapse.
Unreinforced Brick or Concrete Block
tf cripple walls retrofit
Cripple walls are short, vertical wooden boards that support the floor. In an earthquake, unreinforced cripple walls can sway from side to side or cause the house to fall. Expansion bolts, framing anchors, and foundation bolting can prevent a cripple wall from collapsing.
Cripple Walls
tf lack of sheathing retrofit
Sheathing is a layer of plywood that is nailed over the studs of your home, providing a solid surface upon which to nail tar paper, shingles, and siding. In addition to providing much-needed insulation, sheathing keeps the building from shifting in an earthquake.
Lack of Sheathing
tf unsecured foundation retrofit
When a home is not secured, an earthquake can cause it to slide off its foundation, rupturing gas lines, causing fires and other structural damages. A quick visual inspection can often reveal whether your home is secure: Look out for thick bolts and anchor plates that connect the frame to the concrete foundation in your crawl space or basement.
Unsecured Foundation
tf unsecured appliances retrofit
Appliance feed lines are particularly susceptible to breakage when unsecured equipment moves during a quake. Strapping your water heater to the wall or floor, and installing seismic protection for your gas meter can go a long way toward minimizing damage.
Unsecured Appliances
efflorescence small retrofit
Do you think something could be wrong with your foundation? Take a walk around the perimeter of your home. Do you see numerous small cracks in the foundation, or maybe even large ones? Is the concrete flaking off or crumbling in certain places?
Foundation Problems

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Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest know we live in an active seismic zone.
A little preparedness will go a long way to protecting your home and your family in the event of an earthquake.


Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.
From Roseburg to Eugene, Portland to Seattle, our earthquake retrofitting work speaks for itself

Fast response. Courteous, professional employees in all areas of the company. Clear explanations of what needs to be done to fix the problem.
Terra Firma did an excellent job waterproofing our basement. Their team was professional, efficient, and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend Terra Firma for any basement waterproofing needs! Jonah did an amazing job during the sales consultation providing answers to all questions and for only what we needed. The crew of Rocky and Harley are awesome. They did such an excellent job and made sure to explain everything to me along the way. Thank you! 🙏🏻
I had a difficult project to install an egress window in my finished basement. Great communication from the team and positive attitude from the crew (despite significant challenges!) from initial estimate through completion. Terrific work. Would highly recommend Terra Firma.
I was referred to John from Terra Firma when I was looking to have our foundation inspected. John was very friendly and knowledgable and came out to our house to measure and inspect everything. In the end he was able to put our mind at ease and did a great job of explaining different scenarios and what he was looking for.John even inspected the crawlspace while he was out and provided great feedback there as well. Overall we got a lot of good information and never felt as though we were being pushed into unnecessary services.I will certainly be reaching out to Terra Firma for any future needs!
Work was done professionally, quality technicians.My complaint is with modifications that were made that should have reduced the labor, materials cost but no consideration was given for that.Full payment no negotiation.The amount of prep work that had to be done, the rebuilding that will be needed, the lack of resources to complete these tasks…I’m happy with the product, not so much the experience.
I've had multiple interactions and services (including sump pump installation) done by TerraFirma, all good experiences. However our last service which was an inspection of our foundation was exceptional and warranted me to write a review. Our systems design specialist Tanner Heinz who came out was courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful to our home. We felt like he wasn't trying to oversell, just telling us straight facts and honest opinion. We trust our home is in good hands and came up with a game plan. If I owned a business we'd be lucky to have Tanner as an employee. Highly recommend this company.
I had several companies to choose from to do this very big project on my crawl space. I’m very happy I went with Terra Firma. The team who came out were so respectful and clean. They were there on time every day and had all the needed materials for the day lined up. They worked very well together and cleaned up after such that It was hard to tell they had been around! Jorge was the leader and let me know when they were arriving each day and what to expect each day. The other team members Jose V and Juan were so good with my small niece who would watch them go in and out the door with all of the buckets of sand and gravel and were extra careful to make sure she didn’t run out. The work done is excellent!! This work was done well and done right so the expense was well placed and will improve the life of this home. This team of hard dedicated workers is the foundation of your company. I really hope you treat the very well!Polly Howell
Exceeded expectations in quality and time frame
I don’t usually do reviews but in this case people should know this is a first class company. Great communications and no selling you on something you don’t need. John was very professional, he spent time with us expanding what issues he did find, measured the level of the floors, inspected under the house and checked wall and foundation cracks. He also placed a blanket down to collect any dirt from entering and exiting the crawl space inside the house. I highly recommend John from the Eugene office and TerraFirma.
We have had thoroughly excellent service from TerraFirma since October, 2017, for a variety of issues involving flooding and foundations. TerraFirma seems to us completely competent and reliable. We would recommend this company to one and all.


How can I assure my home IS ready for an earthquake?