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TerraFirma offers some of the longest, most competitive warranties in the industry. We stand by our work and have for over 20 years. 

Fully Transferable Warranties

 If you sell or transfer ownership of your home, rest assured that TerraFirma’s warranties are fully transferable at no cost.

Badges 75Y Warranties

Foundation Repair & Stabilization

We guarantee that our work and the products we install will stabilize the affected area against further settlement for 75 years from the installation date. If not, TerraFirma will provide the necessary labor and materials to correct the problem at no cost to you. Our 75-year warranty covers these installations:

  • Foundation Piers
  • GeoLock Wall Anchor
  • PowerBraces
  • CarbonArmor
  • SmartJacks*

SmartJacks: 75-year manufacturer’s warranty against material defects in the product, 5 years against further settlement.

Badges 5Y Warranties

PolyLevel Concrete Lifting & Leveling

For concrete slabs raised with TerraFirma Concrete Leveling, we guarantee that the area where the slab was lifted will not settle more than a ΒΌ inch for a period of 5 years from the installation date. If it does, we will provide the necessary labor and materials to re-level the area at no additional charge.

Badges 25Y Warranties

VaporLoc Elite Encapsulation System

Our crawl space encapsulation system will isolate your home from the earth, lowering the humidity levels and reducing the moisture needed for mold growth. The VaporLoc Elite system comes with a transferable 25-year warranty, guaranteeing a 100% seal against soil odors and gases. Additionally, if any tears or holes occur in the VaporLoc Elite liner, we will service it at no extra charge.

For wet crawl spaces, a drainage system is required, along with a Triple Safe or SmartSump system, to manage water below the VaporLoc Elite liner.

Badges Warranty Lifetime Warranties

WaterGuard & DryTrak Drainage Systems

Lifetime transferable warranty. If water from the walls or floor wall joint bypasses the perimeter water control system, where installed and reaches the basement floor, we will provide the necessary labor and materials to fix the leak at no additional charge for the lifetime of the structure.  This is a transferable warranty. Some conditions apply, See full warranty for details.*

Water intrusion from internal cracks in the floor not covered by WaterGuard/DryTrak installation. Additional feed lines may be required at the owner’s expense. Said warranty will be in effect for the LIFETIME of the structure. Some conditions may apply. See full warranty for details.

This is a transferable warranty if notified within 30 days of the real estate transfer.

*WaterGuard/DryTrak conditions:  The water control system shall not rust, rot, or corrode. Water intrusion from interior cracks in the floor i.e. areas not included in the WaterGuard/DryTrak installation, are not covered. Additional feed lines may be required at the owner’s expense. If the entire perimeter of the basement was not treated during the original installation and an issue arises in a new area, additional work at additional expense could be necessary to extend the system or treat other areas or other problems not addressed by the original work. In addition, a pump or power failure is possible, therefore this warranty is not a guarantee of a dry basement, as the scope of this work cannot guarantee that in all circumstances.

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