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Crumbling Basement Walls and other Common Foundation issues

Your home often sends clear signs when its foundation is failing. Crumbling, cracked or buckling walls is a clear sign of stress in your home’s foundation and support system. Basements in the Pacific Northwest often have cracked and crumbling basement walls and floors.

Not all signs are symptoms of serious damage, but these signs are strong signals that it is time for a professional evaluation:

  • Leaking from your basement walls
  • Spalling and rust-colored cracks indicating corroding rebar
  • Efflorescence on concrete or cinder block walls


Our team has over 20 years of experience fixing foundations across Oregon & Washington.
Check out their helpful Homeowner Tips and some great Case Studies of our Foundation Repair work.


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The Terra Firma team was wonderful! My foundation was in need of repair for quite some time. Terra Firma stabilized and repaired my foundation with the utmost care. I am extremely appreciative and will recommend Terra Firma to anyone in need of foundation work.
I was referred to John from Terra Firma when I was looking to have our foundation inspected. John was very friendly and knowledgable and came out to our house to measure and inspect everything. In the end he was able to put our mind at ease and did a great job of explaining different scenarios and what he was looking for.John even inspected the crawlspace while he was out and provided great feedback there as well. Overall we got a lot of good information and never felt as though we were being pushed into unnecessary services.I will certainly be reaching out to Terra Firma for any future needs!
I'd been putting off fixing our sunken garage for a few years. With the flooding seasons getting more and more distinct, it was time. i called a few places, and TerraFirma not only had the best resources to provide an accurate quote, they were also the best value. Both Sam during quotation and Zach during install did a great job balancing the needs of the solution with the status of the house, and in the end I couldn't be happier.I can't say I'm looking forward to having more foundation repair projects in the future. But in the event I do, I know where to go to.
As a residential broker in western WA I’m always interacting with different foundation & basement specialists. TerraFirma is the best I’ve come across. The team there, especially Seth, is top notch. I always get an accurate & reasonable solution from them regardless of the size of the job. I’m working with Seth on a project now & it’s been great. Highly recommend!
Very pleased with the work, from the beginning sales person visit to the ending follow-up chats, on the phone, about the work performed. We had a foundation...
Jake and his crew did a terrific job fixing the cracks in our foundation at a reasonable price. We would definitely use them again!
We had two companies come and provide evaluations of our foundation repair needs. TerraFirma was by far the most professional and responsive company. In the end we did not go with the lowest bid but we did go with the company that provided the most professional response and gave use the most confidence it would be done right. We were not disappointed 🙂
TerraFirma responded quickly to our call. Came out for a free evaluation of our foundation . Seth was very friendly, professional, and obviously well knowledgeable about his trade. Within 2 hours we had a very thorough assessment of our foundation. Thank you TerraFirma, and Seth.
Would highly recommend these fellas. Had two separate guys out to our place (Sam, and Tulane), and they both killed it. They gave us total peace of mind in moving into our new home. They assured us that there was a solution to our foundation problems and gave us an excellent quote on the project. Definitely planning to go with these guys for this project.
Had TerraFirma come to our home for estimate to level our drive way, which had been "leveled" 2x prior and failed, Turns out, in less than 1.5 yrs, our home fell forward 1.78 inches and cracked our foundation in 3 places... YIKES! The work got underway once permits came in, the 2 crews did an install of 4 piers indide our garage and leveled a driveway, walkway and entry steps.
Hands Down, we are beyond words Beyond expectations happy with our now Safe home!! If you need any of the services TerraFirma provides, hit me up... I will fill you in on how professional, respectful and knowledgeable their crews and staff are! In all 5 Star ratings, we wish we could give a 10+

Foundation Repair Homeowner Questions

Are cracks in a basement floor normal?

Cracks in concrete are common. However, cracks are symptoms of potentially larger issues. The size, placement, and direction of cracks in your basement floor or walls can give insghts into the nature of the issue. Schedule your free in-home inspection with TerraFirma to learn more.

When should I worry about cracks in my basement floor?

You should be concerned about foundation cracks if the cracks in your basement floor are wider than 1/8 inch, spread to and up the foundation walls, appear in a circular pattern, are wet or show signs of water intrusion, have mold around them, have a white flaky substance around them

Are foundation repairs covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Insuance policies vary from home to home and company to company. The best action is always to speak with your insurance company to understand what is covered under your specific policy. Generally, home owners insurance will cover repairs if the damage can be tied back to an event e.g. leaky water heater, tree fell on house etc.

Does foundation repair affect/increase home value?

Yes. A damaged foundation can cause significant loss in property value, as well as potentially scaring off interested buyers. Repairing a damaged foundation helps restore the lost value in a home, and can even increase value when the repairs carry a transferable and long term warranty.

How long does foundation repair take?

Scope, size, and type of repair can vary, as will the amount of time a repair can take. However, most repairs can be made within a few days.