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Problem Signs

what are the most common FOUNDATION problems IN OREGON & WASHINGTON?

If you’ve noticed cracks in your basement walls, or floor, you may have foundation issues. Cracks, leaky walls, and tilting chimneys are some of the early signs of a settling or shifting foundation, or an indication of more serious foundation problems.

These are some common signs homeowners in Portland, Roseburg, and up through the Seattle & Tacoma areas have asked TerraFirma to diagnose and fix:

Foundation Repair Signs of Issues small foundation problems
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When the soil beneath a building’s foundation compresses or shifts unequally, it causes parts of the foundation to sink or settle more than others. This uneven settling commonly results in noticeable sloping or uneven floors.
Foundation Settlement
cracked wall in basement foundation small foundation problems
Common symptoms of this problem include horizontal or stair step cracking along the foundation wall, diagonal cracks in the corners, crumbling walls and inward bulges.
Look for spalling cracks or delamination which can impact structural integrity.
Cracks in Foundation and Basement Walls
window door stuck jammed small foundation problems
If your windows and/or doors are sticking, jamming, or your doors have non-functioning locks, you could have a foundation problem. Other common signs include door openings that aren’t square and diagonal cracks at top corners of window and door openings.
Jammed Windows and Sticking Doors
tilting chimney small foundation problems
A leaning or tilting chimney, generally accompanied by cracks where the chimney foundation meets the home foundation. Damage to the roof where flashing meets the chimney, or gaps between the chimney and home walls that have been filled in with mortar, foam, or caulk.
Tilting Chimneys
cracked sidewalk uneven small foundation problems
Driveways in our region can often become cracked and sunken. Issues with the soil underneath those concrete driveway slabs are usually accompanied by concrete sidewalk cracks and raised sidewalks.
Cracked and Uneven Sidewalks & Driveways
efflorescence small foundation problems
Water stains on concrete walls are caused by mineral deposits from the water drying on the concrete. Efflorescence stains appear as a white or grayish ash on the wall.
Keep an eye on basement walls getting yellow, orange or black stains as these are all symptoms related to moisture getting in.
These are also signs that soil or hydrostatic pressure outside the foundation walls could lead to foundation failure.
Stained Basement Walls + Efflorescence
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