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TerraFirma offers the repair options you need to permanently lift, stabilize and protect the look of your concrete-eliminating trip hazards, spalling, pooling water problems and cosmetic eyesores.


PolyLevel uses a high-density polyurethane foam to fill voids and stabilize sinking concrete slabs. The expanding properties of the two-part urethane formula allows for the lifting of the slab resulting in a permanent waterproof repair.

Using our high-density polyurethane formula, PolyLevel®, we instantly lift and stabilize concrete driveways, walkways, garage slabs, basement slabs, and more.

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THE BEST Concrete Lifting SOLUTION?

With PolyLevel®, we can quickly restore the appearance and safety of your concrete without the mess or cost of replacement or traditional mud jacking. Other benefits of PolyLevel® include:

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Non-invasive installation – PolyLevel® injection equipment isn’t bulky, enabling applicators to access confined areas. When properly injected, PolyLevel® is not as messy or disruptive as other slab lifting techniques.

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Quick installation and cure time – Downtime is minimized with our concrete leveling solutions. Full loading of the area, roadway, or other structural element can usually happen about 15 minutes after the material is injected.

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Adjustable – Lifting force can be adjusted by fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand. An experienced applicator can factor not only the weight of the structural element but also soil characteristics and temperature and weather conditions.

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Strong and light: PolyLevel® weighs only about 4 lbs. per cubic ft (120 lbs. per cubic ft. for standard fill material). Our concrete leveling solution’s light weight makes it ideal on weak soils and can support substantial loads typically providing greater lifting power than mud jacking.