Support Posts & Floor Joists | TerraFirma Crawl Space


The crawl space support system helps distribute the weight of your house evenly across the foundation, preventing settlement and uneven settling of the structure. This is especially important in areas with expansive soils or unstable ground conditions.


The SmartJackĀ® operates as a crawl space stabilizer. It’s an adjustable supplemental support system used for sagging crawl spaces. It not only provides supplemental support to your failing structure, it can also often lift failing floor joists or beams, restoring them to their original position.


  • Made with strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel
  • The system will remain adjustable for years, should you need to perform future adjustments.
  • Can be installed year-round, with installations completing in about a day. No waiting time for concrete to cure.
  • Supports vertical loads exceeding 8,300 pounds, far stronger than conventional concrete repairs.
  • Portable size allowing it to be installed in even the tightest of crawl spaces.