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Driveway Repairs: PolyLevel vs. Re-Pouring New Concrete

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Driveway Repairs: PolyLevel vs. Re-Pouring New Concrete

If you own a home, chances are you have a driveway. In our region, driveways often suffer from cracks and sinking due to the soil beneath the concrete slabs.

During periods of rain or moisture, the soil softens, causing the weight of the concrete to make the slab sink. Conversely, when the soil dries out, it shrinks and may no longer support the concrete slab. Additionally, improper soil compaction by the homebuilder can lead to soil erosion, leaving voids under the concrete.

TerraFirma offers a solution by injecting an environmentally safe foam called PolyLevel┬« under the concrete to support and level it with the rest of your driveway. While other methods like mudjacking may claim to raise concrete slabs, they often leave large holes from drilling and provide only temporary fixes.

Deciding how to fix your concrete driveway might not be an everyday occurrence. You might be inclined to completely replace the driveway, but this is costly and inconvenient. Pouring new concrete requires several days for curing, rendering your driveway unusable during this time. Instead of parking in your garage, you’ll be relegated to street parking or your lawn.

For a more cost-effective and sustainable option, professional injection of PolyLevel under your driveway is the ideal choice. The foam quickly lifts and hardens the concrete, allowing you to drive on your driveway within 30 minutes. Schedule your FREE consultation with TerraFirma today.