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Foundation Repair is Absolutely NOT a DIY Job and Here’s Why

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Foundation Repair is Absolutely NOT a DIY Job and Here’s Why

Every day, TerraFirma assists homeowners in diagnosing and permanently resolving their foundation issues. However, we occasionally encounter situations where homeowners have attempted DIY fixes before calling us. This is never advisable because foundation problems can compromise safety and property value.

Foundation issues are intricate and can vary greatly. Even seemingly similar cracks may have distinct underlying causes, necessitating different solutions. Here’s a glimpse into the factors our trained foundation repair contractors consider during diagnosis:

  1. Duration of the Problem: The length of time the issue has persisted can provide valuable clues about its cause and severity.
  2. Soil Composition: The type of soil on which your home is built plays a crucial role in foundation health. Different soil types react differently to environmental factors and may affect the stability of your foundation.
  3. Regional Climate: Climate conditions in your area can impact soil moisture levels and, consequently, the behavior of your foundation.

Moreover, the foundation’s structure, whether it’s a slab, crawlspace, or basement, influences the repair approach.

Foundation repairs demand specialized equipment and a skilled crew. Are you prepared to excavate under your foundation footing or install helical piers? If not, it’s best to seek professional assistance. Wall anchors may be necessary to prevent wall collapse, requiring precise drilling techniques best left to trained professionals.

DIY fixes lack warranties, leaving homeowners vulnerable to recurring issues. Conversely, reputable foundation repair companies offer long-term solutions backed by warranties on both parts and labor.

Attempting DIY fixes may seem cost-effective initially, but if the problem worsens, expenses could escalate. It’s wiser to invest in professional diagnosis and repair from the outset to avoid costly complications.

A trusted foundation repair contractor possesses the expertise and tools to accurately diagnose issues and implement effective solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a FREE consultation today.