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How Drought Affects Your Home’s Foundation

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How Drought Affects Your Home’s Foundation

In many regions, summer signifies more than just warm temperatures. As the vibrant showers of spring yield to the scorching, arid spells of late July and August, the clay soils beneath our fading lawns start to dry and contract.

Yet, it’s not just the soil beneath our lawns that undergoes this shrinkage; the soil beneath our homes does too, especially during prolonged dry periods. As the soil shrinks, it forms voids—empty spaces where a home’s foundation can settle.

Indicators of Foundation Settlement

While one might expect a sinking foundation to be glaringly obvious, it’s often a subtle process. The settling typically occurs gradually, making it hard to discern with a cursory glance from across the street.

However, when a foundation does settle, it seldom does so uniformly. Certain corners of a home may sink deeper and faster than others, leading to an imbalance in its structure. Consequently, various symptoms may manifest, including:

  • Difficulty in opening windows and doors
  • Floors that appear to sag
  • Gaps in floors or ceilings
  • Cracks in drywall or near window and door frames
  • Separation in chimneys
  • Step-like cracks in brick or block walls

Thus, the next time you struggle with a stiff window, the issue might lie several feet below.

Ignoring foundation problems is tempting, particularly as they develop slowly. Yet, as previously mentioned, these issues worsen over time. Neglecting them could eventually result in foundation failure, necessitating costly and disruptive repairs.

Why Address Foundation Issues?

Your home isn’t just a structure—it’s where your family resides and where cherished memories are made. Moreover, it likely represents a significant financial investment. Protecting it is paramount. Additionally, if you decide to sell your home, you’re obligated to disclose any foundation issues. Addressing these problems upfront is often more cost-effective than dealing with the consequences later.

Thankfully, modern piering technology offers permanent solutions for settling foundations. However, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a reputable company with specialized expertise in this field—avoid relying on general contractors.

Once your home’s foundation is stabilized and restored to its original level, you can enjoy peace of mind, regardless of the weather outside. Schedule a FREE consultation with TerraFirma today.