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Limiting mold exposure

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Limiting Mold Exposure

There must have been a way to prevent this. There must have been some sort of action that the apartment complex could have taken to squander this issue from the beginning. It would have saved time and money for all parties. Currently there are no federal regulations in place to guide the owners and operators of multifamily housing situations to protect their tenants from mold exposure before they move in. Within the last 5-10 years this has become an issue across all markets. A leading cause in mold and mildew formation is improper waterproofing and sub-floor protection.

The trouble is that mold is ubiquitous and inevitable. The challenge is to prepare and prevent for the “inevitable” before it comes to be an issue like in Santa Barbara. In a phrase, due diligence. Newer reports all indicate that proper waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation is the key to managing mold spore generation. 

You might have guessed that this is an increasingly growing endemic in the Portland area and the northwest at large. Seeing 9 months of the “rainy season”, or just normal Portland weather. will do that to you. All the more reason for Oregonians to be more proactive about preventative measure to sustain two very import things. 1. The long term value of your house, and 2. the long term health of your body. With 28 patent products specific to basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, air humidity regulation, temperature control, excess water management, drainage systems, insulating products to name a few, TerraFirma has the right tools, professional training and ingenuity to solve all your homes foundation, basement and crawlspace goals.