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6 Structural Issues Your Home Inspector May Not Catch

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6 Structural Issues Your Home Inspector May Not Catch

You’re on the brink of purchasing a home, perhaps your first or your forever home. It’s a big investment, likely the largest you’ve ever made, so you hire a home inspector to ensure the property is safe, secure, and ready for you to move in. But what if the inspector overlooks something crucial? What if, six months later, you uncover an issue that might have deterred your purchase or warranted a lower price?

While home inspectors excel at identifying plumbing and wiring issues, they may occasionally miss structural concerns like those affecting foundations or concrete. Thus, it’s vital to ensure your prospective home isn’t plagued by structural concerns that could impact its resale value.

Here are some structural red flags a home inspector might miss or misinterpret:

  1. Sticking windows and doors: Often attributed to the home’s age or settling, sticking windows or doors might signal a more significant issue—such as structural shifts due to the foundation sinking into the soil beneath, caused by poorly compacted fill soil, or extreme weather events like flooding and drought.
  2. Gapping floors and ceilings: Often dismissed as settling in older homes, these gaps may indicate foundation settlement issues, warranting examination by a foundation expert.
  3. Bouncing or uneven floors: Warped joists, usually due to moisture fluctuations, can cause floors to bounce or become uneven. However, foundation settlement can also contribute to this problem, warranting a thorough inspection by an expert.
  4. Drywall or plaster cracks: Foundation settlement can lead to uneven settling of the house, resulting in cracks in interior walls. These cracks, often overlooked during inspections, may hint at deeper structural issues.
  5. Separating chimney: Though conspicuous, a chimney separated from the main structure might escape an inspector’s notice. Poor soil conditions, coupled with a detached chimney foundation, could lead to this issue.
  6. Cracks in driveway, pool deck, patio, and sidewalk: While commonplace, cracked concrete affects a home’s value and can pose tripping hazards. These issues, stemming from poor soil conditions, require attention to prevent further deterioration and liability concerns.

If you’re buying or selling a home and suspect foundation, crawl space, or concrete issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to TerraFirma. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can accurately assess and permanently resolve most foundation, basement waterproofing, concrete, and crawl space problemsSchedule a free consultation with TerraFirma today.