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Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Leveling

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Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Leveling

TerraFirma’s Concrete Leveling is a one-of-a-kind technology that helps homeowners with their uneven sidewalk, driveway, or patio. Injecting polyurethane foam under a slab that’s settled is a new approach to concrete repair, so it’s understandable that a homeowner would have some questions about concrete leveling and its effects. 

To be transparent and clear up any confusion, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about concrete leveling.

Is TerraFirma Concrete Leveling environmentally friendly?

Yes. The polyurethane foam within our concrete leveling system uses recycled material that is waterproof and won’t deteriorate over time. No harmful chemicals disperse during installation, and the foam doesn’t hurt your soil at all.

How expensive is TerraFirma Concrete Leveling?

Because TerraFirma provides custom solutions, there is no set price on how much our concrete leveling will cost. It is cheaper than completely replacing your concrete, and it is free to have a TerraFirma System Design Specialist come out to your home and inspect your uneven driveway, sidewalk, or patio.

How long does it take for TerraFirma Concrete Leveling to work? 

Our concrete leveling system cures quickly, and in most cases, you can drive your car over a driveway slab just 15 minutes after it is lifted with concrete leveling.

How strong is TerraFirma Concrete Leveling? 

Along with being waterproof, our concrete lifting force can go up to 6,000 pounds per square foot. Recently, TerraFirma used this foam to repair a part of the I-5 highway near Medford, OR. If it’s strong enough to repair your highway, it’s strong enough to repair your driveway.

How is TerraFirma Concrete Leveling compared to mudjacking?

We want our homeowners to be informed, so we recommend that you research both products and make your own informed decision.

From our experience, TerraFirma Concrete Leveling is the superior choice for many reasons:

  • Multiple one to two-inch holes are drilled into your concrete in mudjacking. Our concrete leveling drills fewer holes in your concrete, and the holes are about 1/8 an inch in diameter.
  • Over time, mudjacking will deteriorate, wash away, and start to settle from constant rainfall. Our concrete leveling system is water-resistant and won’t wash away.
  • The thickness of the “mud” mix in mudjacking means that the material can’t seep into every gap in your soil and stabilize your slab. Our concrete leveling system expands into loose soil under your slab and strengthens the ground to support your concrete.