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How your crawl space affects your heating bill

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How Your Crawl Space Affects Your Heating Bill

As the temperature outside drops, your energy bill gets higher. Keeping your home warm and comfortable can get a little pricey during the winter, but there is a way for you to reduce your monthly energy bill.

Properly insulate your crawl space

Crawl spaces that aren’t properly insulated allow a significant amount of heat to escape from your home. Having a properly insulated crawl space doesn’t just mean that there’s insulation under your house. 

Most older homes in the Pacific Northwest have vented crawl spaces that were meant to keep the area beneath the home dry by circulating new air. Over the years, contractors and homeowners have moved away from a vented crawl space because, during the rainy seasons and cold winters, the vents in a crawl space do more harm than good.

For some homes, the insulation in their crawl space has gotten damp, mildewy, or is infested with mold, thanks to constant water intrusion throughout the years. Just like vented crawl spaces, water-damaged insulation does more harm than good. The mold and odor produced by the damaged insulation will eventually seep into the first floor of the home.

How do I know if my crawl space is properly insulated?

Before you ask that question, you first need to ask yourself, “When was the last time I checked my crawl space?” If the answer is “never” or “when I first moved into my home,” then you might want to consider inspecting your crawl space to assess what to do next.

TerraFirma will inspect your crawl space for free, and we will also provide you with a no-hassle quote that tells you what we can do to insulate your crawl space better.

One way we insulate crawl spaces is by encapsulating them with our VaporLoc Elite lining. Along with reducing your energy bill, VaporLoc Elite also reduces the allergens in your home and eliminates excess moisture, which could lead to water damage to your wooden floor joists or posts.

We also insulate the perimeter of your crawl space with our EnerLoc Panel insulation. This 2.3”-thick insulation provides excellent performance and value when it is used to insulate your crawl space walls.

To get started with a warmer crawl space and a cheaper energy bill, contact TerraFirma for a free inspection and estimate today!