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The importance of scheduling your annual sump pump maintenance



The Importance of Scheduling your Annual Sump Pump Maintenance

TerraFirma’s sump pumps are built to last, but to keep your sump pump running perfectly for the many years to come, it’s important to schedule annual maintenance for your sump pump!

It can be difficult to remember, but there are there’s a number of reasons why you should schedule an appointment for one of our certified technicians to come out to your home and provide some maintenance on your sump pump.

If your sump pump is neglected for too long, the dirt and sediment build-up can build up within your pump and cause failure. 

What TerraFirma checks during a Sump Pump Maintenance 

  • Check pump operation – float switch, intake, check valve, and impeller
  • Clean sump liner of silt and sediment
  • Check the discharge line for potential problems
  • Inspect basement or crawl space for signs of problems and suggest/implement solutions
  • Check the VaporLoc Elite liner, if applicable
  • Provide any recommendations as needed

If it’s your time to get your product serviced, then schedule your appointment with TerraFirma!