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Why TerraFirma Concrete Leveling is a better alternative to mudjacking

why concrete leveling is better than mudjacking (portland oregon)

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Why TerraFirma Concrete Leveling is a better alternative to mudjacking

From poor installation to soil erosion, there are plenty of reasons why your concrete is damaged, but there aren’t too many ways to fix it.

My concrete is uneven. How do I fix it?

You can always replace your concrete, but the time, cost, and energy involved is sometimes too much for homeowners. For years, mudjacking was the only alternative to replacing your uneven sidewalk, patio, or porch. Mudjacking repairs your cracked concrete by injecting a slurry of sand, water, and some cement into your broken slab and pumping the mixture underneath until its lifted back up to its original place.

Mudjacking has been around for years, but it’s not an ideal repair. The materials injected are too thick to fill every part of the void underneath your slab, and although the mixed substance is heavy (100 lbs per square foot), it’s vulnerable to washing out during heavy rainfall.

The better alternative to mudjacking – TerraFirma Concrete Leveling

Fortunately, there’s now more than one way to repair your uneven concrete. TerraFirma uses a special concrete leveling foam technology that permanently restores your pavement within a few hours. It’s similar to mudjacking in the sense that we inject the foam into your concrete, but the holes we drill into your concrete are the size of a dime (we seal the holes up afterward), and our Polyeurethene-based foam is durable, lightweight, and it won’t wash away during the rain.

But along with its lightness and strength, our concrete leveling system distinguishes itself in a variety of ways. The environmentally-friendly foam means that it won’t release any harmful chemicals into the ground. Our concrete leveling solution strengthens your soil by finding the tiny voids in your soil and stabilizing them. The cure time is also quick. After just 30 minutes, the foam is hardened and ready to take on up to 6,000 lbs per square foot.

TerraFirma Concrete Leveling is the right choice

For homeowners in Oregon and Southwest Washington, TerraFirma Foundation Systems is your local and preferred concrete leveling specialist. Start gaining peace of mind over your dangerous concrete today by scheduling a free inspection from one of our experienced System Design Specialists.