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Does the City Fix Street Creep?

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Does the City Fix Street Creep?

We understand – the term “Street Creep” may sound amusing, but its consequences can be significant. Street Creep occurs when the concrete road adjacent to your property expands, exerting pressure on your driveway. Consequently, your driveway pushes against itself and your home.

To mitigate this issue, many homebuilders incorporate expansion and control joints in driveways to alleviate the pressure.

Temperature variations cause the street to expand and contract throughout the year. During winter, control joints widen and may accumulate sand, salt, or gravel. Conversely, in warmer months, the concrete expands. If the control joint is filled with non-compressible materials, the concrete pushes against adjacent slabs.

Initially, you might not notice this movement, as it occurs gradually, often by fractions of an inch. However, over time, it can lead to several inches of displacement. This could potentially push your driveway into your home’s foundation, exacerbating the problem and increasing repair costs.

A frequently asked question among homeowners is whether their city will address Street Creep repairs. The response varies depending on your location, as some cities offer this service while others do not.

Having a concrete repair contractor to diagnose Street Creep is the crucial first step in addressing the issue. Our company can implement a solution that flexes and contracts alongside the concrete while also sealing the joint from debris.

Street Creep is a problem that worsens slowly but steadily over time. Acting promptly to address it can mitigate damage and reduce repair expenses. Schedule your free evaluation with TerraFirma today.