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What To Do if You See Your Concrete Sinking

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What To Do if You See Your Concrete Sinking

Concrete often fades into the background of our daily lives, a sturdy presence in our driveways, sidewalks, patios, or garage slabs. But when it begins to shift, becoming uneven or cracked, it suddenly demands attention as an eyesore that diminishes your home’s appeal and poses a safety risk. So, why does the concrete around your home lose its level?

In most cases, the culprit lies beneath the surface, within the soil:

  • Unstable fill soil, often used during construction, settles differently than the native soil, leading to voids beneath the concrete.
  • Drought conditions cause the soil to shrink, leaving gaps for the concrete to sink into.
  • Excessive moisture from rain or snow can saturate the soil, weakening its support for the concrete above.

How can you address sinking concrete? Here’s the good news: It’s possible to lift, level, and protect your concrete against future issues, often with a permanent solution. But before exploring these solutions, let’s dismiss two less effective options:

  1. Concrete replacement may seem appealing but involves disruptive demolition and curing time, leading to mismatched patches and environmental concerns.
  2. Mudjacking, while messy and temporary, fails to address underlying soil issues and adds further weight to unstable ground.

Here’s why PolyLevel foam injection stands out:

PolyLevel Foam is an expanding polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete, quickly filling voids and lifting slabs back to level. Unlike heavy alternatives, PolyLevel exerts minimal pressure on the soil and stabilizes it as it cures. Moreover, its environmentally friendly composition ensures long-term durability without attracting pests.

PolyLevel’s quick curing time means minimal disruption, allowing you to resume using your surfaces soon after installation. While only available through select contractors, including us, PolyLevel offers a permanent, eco-friendly solution to sunken concrete. If you’re ready to restore your concrete, schedule a free consultation with TerraFirma today.