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What Your Sticking Windows and Doors Are Telling You

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What Your Sticking Windows and Doors Are Telling You

Your home’s windows might just provide valuable insight into its foundation health. When doors and windows start sticking in their frames, it’s tempting to dismiss it as a minor inconvenience or a charming quirk of an older home. However, these issues can signal a deeper problem related to foundation settling.

Foundation settling occurs unevenly over time, causing one part of the foundation to sink deeper than another. This disrupts the structural integrity of the home, including its window and door frames, which may no longer be square and true. As a result, doors and windows that once operated smoothly now stick or jam.

But what exactly does “settling” entail? Your home likely sits on soil layers with varying properties, moisture levels, and compaction. Factors like heavy precipitation, drought, and poorly compacted fill soil can cause these layers to compact, leading to foundation sinking.

Fortunately, there are permanent solutions to address settling foundations, such as using steel piers to connect the foundation to solid bedrock or load-bearing strata below. This stabilizes the structure and can even lift it back to its original level.

Ignoring foundation issues can lead to more than just sticking doors and windows. Floor and ceiling gaps, separating chimneys, and even structural failure are possible consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to address foundation problems promptly to protect your home and its occupants.

While foundation repair may seem daunting, consulting a reputable foundation repair company is essential. At TerraFirma, we can provide expert inspection and recommend the most appropriate solutions to safeguard your home—a valuable investment worth preserving. Schedule your FREE consultation with TerraFirma today.