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What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Foundation Crack?

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What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Foundation Crack?

Discovering a crack in your home’s foundation can evoke a sense of dread. After all, it’s the bedrock on which your home and everything within it rely. Questions immediately arise: “Is this a major concern? Do I need to act urgently?”

Then, the bargaining begins: “What will the repair cost?” followed by, “Can I postpone it?”

What Causes Foundation Cracks to Form?

A foundation crack indicates stress exerted on it, often from factors like the soil surrounding or beneath your home. This soil may shrink due to drought, soften from excessive moisture, or compress over time due to inadequate compaction during construction. In any case, the foundation settles and sinks, increasing stress.

Hydrostatic pressure from saturated soil due to heavy rainfall or snowfall can also cause foundation walls to bow inward and crack.

The bottom line: a foundation crack signals a problem that needs to be addressed by a foundation expert. 

Why Fix a Foundation Now?

Foundation cracks can expand slowly—sometimes less than an inch annually—tempting homeowners to delay action.

However, foundation issues worsen with time, becoming more challenging and costly to resolve. Addressing them promptly is crucial, as delaying repairs may affect home resale value and legal obligations.

Furthermore, ignoring foundation problems risks compromising home safety. While the timeline for failure is uncertain, jeopardizing your family’s safety isn’t worth the gamble.

The good news: most foundation issues are fixable. Solutions may involve stabilizing or even raising the foundation using specialized piers driven into the soil.

Choosing a reputable foundation repair company is paramount. Avoid DIY fixes or hiring unqualified individuals. Seek multiple estimates, check references, and scrutinize reviews to ensure quality workmanship.

Remember, your home is a significant investment and your family’s sanctuary. Don’t cut corners on critical repairs like foundation issues.

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