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A Dream Solution to the Nightmare Scenario of Foundation Wall Failure

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A Dream Solution to the Nightmare Scenario of Foundation Wall Failure

Since their construction, foundation walls have endured immense pressure from the surrounding soil. Over time, factors like moisture fluctuations in the soil can lead these walls to crack, bow, or even fail.

Given that your entire home relies on these foundation walls for support, it’s imperative to address any potential failure promptly.

Traditional Approach: Foundation Replacement

When homeowners encounter foundation wall failure, the traditional remedy often involves complete foundation removal and replacement—a process both exorbitantly expensive and highly disruptive.

This entails excavating the soil around the foundation walls, lifting the house, removing the slab floor and foundation walls, pouring a new foundation, lowering the home, and reinstating the soil. This ordeal can stretch over a month or more, necessitating alternative living arrangements. Moreover, there’s the uncertainty of whether the new foundation will adequately withstand lateral soil pressure, potentially leading to a recurrence of the issue.

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A Modern Alternative: EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System

Thankfully, a superior alternative exists—the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System. This solution not only tends to be more cost-effective and less disruptive than total foundation replacement but also effectively addresses excessive soil pressure.

The EverBrace system preserves existing foundation walls by permanently bracing them against soil pressure, providing the safety and security of a new foundation without the upheaval of replacement. Each installation is tailored to your home’s specifications, ensuring existing windows and doors remain accessible. Furthermore, the zinc-coated components offer protection against rust and corrosion.

Installation Process

Our skilled production crew prepares the area, reinforces existing wood framing, and secures the top track. Heavy-duty steel panels are custom-cut and hung along the failing foundation wall. Specifically engineered I-beams are then secured to the top track and floor. Once installed, a specialized rigid foam is injected behind the steel panels to transfer the load from the failing wall to the new system. Finally, steel trim is added for a polished finish. The EverBrace system can be concealed with drywall, seamlessly integrating into your home’s interior.

Advantages of the EverBrace System

  • Provides a permanent solution for foundation wall failure
  • Costs less and causes minimal disruption compared to total replacement
  • Can be completed in a matter of days instead of months
  • Components are zinc-coated to resist corrosion
  • Customized panels accommodate windows, doors, and other obstacles
  • Concealable by drywall

Don’t wait for foundation problems to escalateSchedule a FREE consultation with TerraFirma to determine if the EverBrace Wall Restoration System is suitable for your home.